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Sunday, 02 January 2011 12:11
Thank you Bobby for forwarding Mr. Lariosa's email. There are concrete actions that need to be taken to fight this mining activities in Matnog. We all agree their are violations being committed by this mining company in Matnog, thanks to the support being given by Gov.Lee to this company. It makes me wonder why this governor have so much commitment to this company? Now I hear people that live near the area where mining is happening is allegedly being paid P800 a day to do some task. Is this the job that this governor is supposedly giving the people?, it's more like suhol for them to be complacent. Nag aaprobetsar san pagtios san mga tawo. This governow makes me sick! He has no business being a governor!. All Sorsoganons with conscience should not tolerate this kind of government officials who suck the blood out of the people in the guise of helping. Mautak ini si Raul Lee. The people who are receiving this so called "jpb" will be fighting against those people working to remove mining out of Matnog because they will now think that this money is helping them without realizing that they are really digging their own grave. This governor is doing what is called, divide and conquer. How typical!!! Get out of Sorsogon Raul Lee, yo have made out enough from the blood of the people of Matnog!!

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