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Monday, 10 January 2011 11:47
Dear Mr. Tobar: I am one of the avid readers of your column. I want to let you know that I took the literary license of quoting several paragraphs from your article about Marisela Norte, as per this hyperlink, Yes, the Unemployed Can Actually Live Better With More Love in their Lives URL: As Internet protocol requires, I placed a hyperlink in my article to your column, so that our readers can read in its entirety your opus. Please inform also Ms. Marisela that in two to three years' time, if she is not yet gainfully employed (to her liking) in Southern California, we will invite her to teach poetry and other literary subjects in a School of Journalism and Mass Communications that we will set up as part of our cultural-and-gaming resort in my home province in the Philippines. Our project is dubbed the "Las Vegas and Caribbean of the Orient" Resort Project, which will have several educational institutions that will go with it. We will invite you to be one of distinguished guests during the inaugural ceremonies in the said cultural-and-gaming resort in the Philippines. Thank you for "allowing" us to quote from your column. Mabuhay (Filipino equivalent of Aloha, Viva and Shalom), Bobby M. Reyes Editor

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