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Monday, 07 March 2011 20:41
I have been wondering about this individual R. Lee. how he was able to acquired his wealth, through his salary? Why there has no one question where all this money he got came from..He can't be only him, no wonder the towns in Sorsogon can get anywhere..I also heard about this ticling Island he own, in his Gov. salary?? come on..This husband and wife tandem has no mercy.There must be some sort of investigation that can be put forward in regards to his very questionable wealth and his conduct as a public servant..There is something very wrong here!!!This mining in Balocawe is another one of his project so I heard. The picture I saw was just dispecable, environmental disaster is on the making. Just unbelievable anyone can do such a thing.This has to be stop ASAP...He is harassing and punishing Mr. Vladi Frivaldo for his stand against his policies in regards to his 350 million loan application and this mining in Balocawe..R. Lee really thinks he is above the law?..

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