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Tuesday, 15 March 2011 07:38
We have more than 30 hydro power plants with their associated dams that supply most of our electricity in combination with some geothermal plants and fossil-powered plants. Can these dams withstand a Japan 3-11 earthquake and not crumble down and flood the communities downstream like a tsunami? Two years ago, during a storm, when San Roque dam had to suddenly release some water, the devastation and deaths in the Pangasinan was record high. The warning system did not work well, too, resulting in more deaths. Maybe today is the best time for the government and engineers and scientists to take a truly hard look at these dams and review contingencies if there are any in place. So far we have been quite lucky with just those minor earthquakes. Imagine what would happen if a really strong earthquake strikes and they let loose billions of cubic meter of water upon the towns and cities. Mon Ramirez

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