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Friday, 10 June 2011 17:10
Hi! I am an Italian-Canadian woman who came upon this article when I was searching under 'Reyes,' which happens to be one of my husband's names. He is from Nicaragua, so he uses the Spanish style of naming: first name + second name + father's last name + mother's last name. So his name is Juan Carlos Alvarez Reyes. Our daughter is Cecilia Luisa Alvarez Pavone, so unfortunately she has lost the Reyes name. A humorous anecdote about Filipino naming. I once babysat a little Filipino boy named James Brandon Acebedo. Because his mother was a single mother who had been estranged from the boy's father, he only had his mother's last name. So he felt a little out of place among his friends. Anyway, I had a cat at the time named Miss Escobar, because her brother had been named Pablo Escobar (after you-know-who). So this boy decided to adopt Escobar as one of his last names. So he was James Brandon Escobar Acebedo. I had a huge laugh (he didn't know who the real Pablo Escobar was). So I joked that my cat had helped perpetuate a national tradition!

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