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Written by Bobby Reyes   
Thursday, 12 December 2013 07:21
Nigel Pope You guys should be pushing the CoRRECT three point advocacy: 1. Parliamentary system. 2. Economic liberalisation (no FDI means no real economic growth which means no real jobs just OFWs). 3. Federalism. I would also encourage you all to check out the Australian system. Like the USA, we have a federation of states with a Constitution that stipulates the powers of the federal government and the state governments. Local governments are subordinate to the state government and can be removed by the state government at any time if they are corrupt and/or incompetent. It makes the states particularly strong which is as it should be. The states also control the police and emergency services. All-in-all, you will find it a highly functional system that, unlike the contrasting US system (or the US system's bastard child, the Philippine failed state) actually handles crises very well. Bobby M. Reyes replied to Nigel Pope: @ Nigel Pope Most of your suggestions are incorporated in the proposed re-adoption of the 1935 Constitution as may be amended, including the Federal-Government amendment: Pls join the Online Constitutional Forum that may lead to an actual convention in the PH or a foreign venue.

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