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T hey dispense with convention like they toss their stinky socks. Journalism is not like that. Advocacy journalism is fighting for principles, standing firm and uncompromising despite adversities, not selling out to favor friends and supporters. Because they would rather be on stage to bask in fleeting moments of false glory, a couple thought they could lead the community blind to their leftist cause. Ideology is a handy mask to hide their true intent. They are no more than agitprop agents out to cash in on the unsuspecting Filipino community.


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Leftist Ideologues Are No More Than Agitprop Agents



Member, Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE), Asian-American Journalists Association (AAJA) and National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada (NEPMCC)


We are so accustomed to disguise ourselves to others, that in the end, we become disguised to ourselves.” ― François de La Rochefoucauld



T ORONTO – On the outside they look benign, a seemingly loving couple perpetually tethered to each other - at least that's how they appear in public.


More than newspapering, they share a passion for being photographed with the high and mighty and with those who have a potential to shine.


They appear in their own paper, stiff but smiling broadly and looking directly at the camera, and in other publications where space, for lack of advertisements, needs constant filling with irrelevant stories and photos.


They dispense with convention for the fleeting glory of the moment. They seem to have no qualms in being seen anywhere and everywhere despite protocol enjoining the observance of a code of ethics and conduct. In journalism, after all, appearances are critical to the performance of one's job.


It is unethical, for example, to be constantly rubbing elbows, and photographed at that, with people who are potentially subjects of adverse stories because public perception, real or imagined, would impact a journalist's independent disposition.


The reason is that in most, if not in all cases, journalists take on an adversarial role. They pose challenges to draw out the truth. (Video:  href="/">). 


An impassioned, free-wheeling discussion of issues would result only from such professional non-partisan behaviour. On the other hand, an over-friendly journalist would not have this ability if public perception about him is already muddled with instances of impropriety.


So journalism, not the kind practiced by the lamestream Filipino newspapers in Toronto, is impaired by extreme familiarity with news sources and with people who happen to be in the news for their undoing, for example, the fundraising duo, Toronto's gasbag and the tarsiers.


The nature of a journalist's work entails conviction, neutrality and impartiality.


But the couple here must establish a wide media presence, perhaps to sustain the notion of active community involvement when in fact such involvement is projected only by constantly being filmed.


This strategy very much mimics the tact used to advantage by another fun-loving, fund-raising couple now enmeshed in a scandal never before seen in the Filipino community.


Even as the iconic Reds are all dead - Marx, Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Chou, Che - and the Philippine version that they inspired now comfortably settled in Europe, some capitalistic journalists in Toronto still hanker for the idea that evaded them in their youth.


Thus we have the Red Couple, their relationship sealed forever by fate and faith, and by a common hatred for something that exists only in their minds. It could be professional and business envy, distrust of others who outshine them, their awful lack of self-esteem and failure to advance commercially.


It's hard to pin blame on them, harder still to understand why they would engage in underground warfare in such an open society as Canada. They carry a double face - one that radiates an image of peace and contentment, and the other, a grinning, back-biting snake hiding in trenches.


I suspect the ideology they purport to hold and advance is just a cover to pursue private deals, thus financial support, not just from Canada but also from what's called cause-oriented groups in the Philippines. Otherwise, their paper would not be a propaganda sheet for the Left as it appears now.


Toronto's Filipino community has barely time for such ideologues due mainly to the fact that the economy is able to feed the demand for jobs which in many cases are well-paying. Who would instigate changing the status quo than the professional "agitprop" agents?


For example, if the personal and health care providers are an aggrieved lot, it is not because no one is advocating for them. The problem is systemic that needs constant refining by whatever political party in power.


Our Red Couple are opportunistic agitpropists of convenience who feign their social advocacies for their own personal comfort. Like the humbug they openly support, they are a sham. # # #


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