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C HICAGO (jGLi) – Representatives of the U.S. Pinoys For Good Governance (USP4GG) were barred from handing their petition over to the staff of the China Consulate in Chicago, Illinois, shortly after holding a two-hour long rally across the consulate Friday, May 11.


Ms. Yoly Tubalinal, editor-publisher of Fil Am Megascene, and community organizer Marlon L. Pecson, were turned away as shown in this

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by a Chicago woman police officer and a security officer of the U.S. State Department assigned at its Chicago Field Office when they tried to hand-carry a petition against China’s aggression at the Scarborough Shaol (Panatag or Huangyan) that is part of the Philippine territory.


The officers told Ms. Tubalinal and Mr. Pecson that they would need to make an appointment before they can get in the Consulate located at 100 West Erie St. in Chicago’s near north downtown.


When told that the Consulate’s listed phone number is always busy, the officers just shrugged their shoulders.


This reporter tried to call the phone number listed on the website of Consul General Yang Guoqiang’s phone number, 312-803-0095 and Fax: 312-803-0110, but they were always busy even as the listed email address,, returned as “failure delivery.”




M r. Pecson is studying his options if he will file a complaint against the Chicago police and the U.S. State Department for violating his free speech right for stopping him from gaining access to a public place, like the China Consulate.


Only around 30 Filipino Americans turned up at the rally due to the uncertainties if the City of Chicago was going to give them permit to hold a rally.


It was only on May 7th that Mr. Pecson was able to secure a permit to hold a rally from the Chicago Department of Transportation after arguing his case in a hearing before a panel.


A bigger group – the National Nurses United -- that planned the demonstration and other protest in the heart of downtown was denied a permit for May 18 at Daley Plaza barely a week before world leaders are going to arrive in Chicago for the May 20-21 meeting of NATO.


Pecson argued that there was urgent reason for the City of Chicago to grant him permit because the USP4GG would like to inform the public over the aggressive stance of China towards the Filipinos defending the Scarborough Shaol, which is closer to the Philippines or within the Philippines 200 nautical miles economic exclusive zone and is very much farther away from China at more than 500 nautical miles.


At the rally, Mr. Pecson described the Chicago rally as part of the “Global People Power” that should shock and awe China from preventing Filipino fishermen from fishing at the Scarborough Shaol. “By depriving the Filipinos to fish at the Scarborough Shaol, China is violating the Filipino fishermen’s right to fish and eke out a living.”




In its manifesto read during the rally, “On this day, Filipinos spread out all over the world are holding peaceful demonstrations to protest the continuing acts of aggression by China in Scarborough Shoal that is part of Philippine territory.


“Since the stand-off at Scarborough Shoal began over a month ago, the Chinese government has kept insisting on its ‘historic rights’ to Scarborough and other areas that are within the exclusive economic zone of the Philippines, while refusing the Philippine government’s offer to raise the issue for mediation in the proper international tribunals, as provided for by several global conventions and agreements, mainly, the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea or UNCLOS.


“At the same time, China has repeatedly warned the Philippine government against moves that could ‘escalate’ the tension or ‘internationalize’ the conflict—a classic case of speaking from both sides of the mouth because it has no qualms about flaunting its military superiority and has, of last count, kept maritime surveillance vessels CMS 75 and 81, and the fisheries patrol vessel FLEC 310, alongside 30 Chinese fishing boats at Scarborough.”


A number of representatives from the Chinese media turned up to cover the Chicago rally. Among were Jessica Hui-Lin Huang, reporter of Chicago-based World Journal, Ethan Zang of, and Liang Yan of Xinhua News Agency based in Chicago.


The Chicago rally was second staged by USP4GG after it held its first last July 8th. # # #


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