"Baby Bloomers for Bloomberg" Spearheaded by Filipinos Print
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Written by Bobby M. Reyes   
Saturday, 11 January 2020 08:45

Yes, the volunteer group called the "Baby Bloomers for Bloomberg" has been launched by a group of OFWs, Overseas Filipinos and Americans of Filipino descent. And their non-Filipino friends.

You guessed it right. "Baby Bloomer" is a pun adopted from the term, "Baby Boomers."

Here is the design by a printer of this editor's calling card as a Bloomberg for President volunteer. Candidates appreciate more the efforts of volunteers than their paid staff. 

Volunteers can only do so little for their chosen candidate — because of their limited resources. But the little things they do mean so much for the candidate in reaching out to the community and neighborhoods.

BTW it is a 2-sided card. The back is for Mr. Bloomberg. It is our way of covering his back.

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