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Tuesday, 24 April 2012 17:29


By Jesse Jose

A Cup O' Kapeng Barako


I am a Knight.  No, not that "Knight in Shining Armor."  I am done with that role.  I've saved enough damsels in distress in my lifetime. 


I am a member of the Knights of Columbus of our Holy Family Catholic Church here in Auburn, Washington. And a heated debate rages between my fellow Knights and myself. I am being ganged-up, in fact, like it's me against the world kind of thing, within this "brotherhood of knights" that I belonged to. 


And that anytime now, I'll be captured, tied to a stake and BURNED as a witch and a heretic!


Here in my beautiful state of Washington, known throughout the United States of America and world-wide as the "Evergreen" state, our Legislature passed a bill and our governor, Gov. Chris Gregoire had signed into a law that would allow same-sex couples to marry.


This law becomes effective this month of June, UNLESS more than 120,557 signatures can be collected to put a referendum, called Referendum 74, on the ballot this coming November elections.


Our Seattle archbishop, the Most Reverend J. Peter Sartain, vehemently opposed this legislation and an ala-Cardinal Sin's "pastoral letters" (y'all remember our own Filipino Cardinal Sin during the time of President Marcos, right?), had also wrote his own pastoral letter, that approved the gathering of signatures that would UNDO this law of our state.


Our governor said that passing this law is a "milestone for equal rights."  I agree. 


And that this law, as clearly explained by The Seattle Times would not, should not and does not "INTERFERE with the exercise or proclamation of Catholic religious values, sacraments or practices."  That's a fact! 


And that this law allowing same-sex couples in the state of Washington "to raise families, as recognized within the rights and responsibilities of state marriage laws would promote social stability" something devoutly desired by many Catholics and by majority of the residents of Washington.  Yes, indeed!


Several parishes in our diocese, notably St. James Cathedral and St. Joseph's have expressed that: "We are a diverse community that welcomes, accepts and celebrates the differences we all bring."


Yes!  Amen!  Amen to that!


BUT our good archbishop, said, "Ain't no way, Hosay!"  He said all good Catholics MUST sign the petition to undo the law and called on all the Knights of Columbus in every churches to spread out and seek signatures that will overturn this law.


I suppose I am not a good Catholic for I vehemently refused and disobeyed this commandment of Archbishop Sartain.  So, I've been ganged-up by fellow Knights and past and present Grand Knights and Advocates of our Council. 


I fought them hard and argued like "hell" ... so to speak 


I argued that the ESSENCE of Referendum 74 is not within the teachings of our Lord Jesus.  I argued that Lord Jesus IS the Lord of COMPASSION and INCLUSION.  And that one of Lord Jesus's most important commandments is: "Love your neighbor as you love yourself."


I described a scene in the Bible where the "children" tried to come close to Jesus, the apostles drove them away, but Lord Jesus said, "Let them come to me."


That "neighbor" and those "children" could be those gays and lesbians Archbishop Sartain and Referendum74 are excluding, I said. 


My fellow Knights fired their volleys that "marriage is only between a man and a woman."  They quoted verses and passages from the Old Testament and the New Testament that read, "marriage is only between a man and a woman."  They picked out verses for me to see from the Genesis and the Corinthians and the Ephesians and such.


HOMOSEXUALITY AND PEDOPHILIA: They said homosexuality is a sin.  I fired back that pedophilia and the rape of innocent children that numerous Catholic priests all over the world have committed, tolerated and tried to bury under the Church's rug, is a MORE EVIL SIN than homosexuality.


Back and forth, on and on, we went.  Finally, I said, we are "talking in circles."  So, someone named Fred suggested and offered his "closing thoughts.," excerpts of which, reads:


Jesse .... My Archbishop has asked me, in good faith, to sign this Referendum as he is my local point of contact with the Magisterium which is the Teaching Authority of the Church....  Please no more name-calling or accusations of the Brotherhood of Believers.  Fred 


Here's mine:


Hello Fred ... Good morning.  How are you?  Thank you for your closing thoughts on Referendum 74.  I, too, have my own closing thoughts.  May I also say mine?  But I need you to get off your high horse first and talk to me on level ground, with an open heart and an open mind.  That way we can really understand each other and see clearly each other's thoughts.


And if you don't mind, may I ask this question: Who is this person that you referred to as, "MY ARCHBISHOP"?  Your own Archbishop?  Yours and yours alone?  Oh, please! 


Well, in that case, I, too, have my own Archbishop and his name is Elijah.  You know him, don't you?  He was also called, Elias. 


Another thing: What's this "Brotherhood of Believers"?  Who are they?  The KKK is also a BROTHERHOOD of Believers?  And, what names did I call this "Brotherhood of Believers" of yours?  What did I accuse them of?  In fact, you're the one who had accused me of accusing your "brotherhood of believers" of I don't know what!  I merely stated my opinion, and stating one's opinion is nowhere near the definition of the word, "accusing."


May I veer away from that subject for a moment?  Have you heard of Galileo and about his persecution by the Catholic Church?  He was persecuted as a HERETIC because the mighty Catholic hierarchy in the 1600's LITERALLY interpreted from one of the Psalms of David, Psalms 104:5 that reads:




We have to put in mind, Fred, that the Psalms are poems and songs of praises that David wrote and sang to the Lord.  And poems and songs are metaphors!  In that verse, David was praising the Lord for the beautiful world the Lord had created for us. 


But it was this particular verse of metaphors that shackled the minds of men for thousand of years and held back the advance of science.   


It was this verse that was used as evidence against Galileo, who argued for the theory of Copernicus, that the EARTH IS NOT IMMOVABLE, BUT ROTATES AROUND THE SUN.


CRIME OF HERESY BY GALILEO: It was for contradicting this verse that Galileo was called to Rome in 1663 and tried for the CRIME OF HERESY.  Galileo, in his 70's then, was taken down into the dungeons of the church and shown the instruments of torture that were going to be used on him if he did not recant what he wrote.  Fearing torture, and fearing that he might end up sharing the fate of Giordano Bruno, whom the Church BURNED at the stake a generation earlier for the CRIME OF HERESY, Galileo recanted the truth that the earth was NOT "fixed" and flat ... and he was confined to his home under house arrest, neither allowed to leave or to receive visitors till he died.


Robert Bellarmine, the Cardinal then of the Roman Catholic Church said:


"To affirm that the Sun is really FIXED in the center of heavens and that the earth revolves very swiftly around the sun is a very "DANGEROUS THING ... INJURING OUR HOLY FAITH, making the SACRED PRINCIPLES FALSE.  He added, "Freedom of belief is pernicious.  It is nothing but the FREEDOM TO BE WRONG."


In 1864. Pope Pius IX wrote:


.  The Divine Revelation is perfect and, therefore, it is NOT subject to continual and indefinite progress in order to correspond with the progress of human reason.


.  No man is free to embrace and profess that religion which he believes to be true, guided by the light of reason.


.  The Church has the power to define dogmatically the religion of the Catholic Church to be the ONLY TRUE RELIGION.


.  It is necessary even in the present day that the Catholic religion shall be held as the ONLY RELIGION of the state, to exclusion of other forms of worship.


.  The Roman Pontiff cannot and ought NOT to reconcile himself or agree with progress, liberalism and modern civilization.


Dear Readers, can you imagine that kind of thinking by a Pope of the Roman Catholic Church?  Susmaryusep!  Daig pa ang Taliban.


In 1992, hallelujah and praise the Lord, Pope John Paul II, with all HUMILITY, formally apologized for the persecution of Galileo, as a heretic. 


So, what am I saying, Fred? 


That nobody is INFALLIBLE, even that person you have referred to as "My Archbishop."  Lord Jesus is the only Perfect One "on earth as it is in heaven."  And, if I may I say again: He is our mighty God of Inclusion and Compassion, and I believe with all my heart and soul, that Referendum 74 is NOT within his teachings! 


Thank you, Fred, for hearing me out ... and if I have offended you and the Brotherhood of Believers within our church, please forgive me.  Res Ipsa Loquitur. 


And to all of you, my Dear Readers, thank you, once again, for reading my story.  That's all.  JJ


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