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Friday, 25 May 2007 03:01
There was once an old man named Spencer (picture him like a Tracy), nay, a senior citizen (to use a politically-correct term) who liked to fish in a small lake. Even if the lake was more of a pond, this fisherman bragged that he caught like 3,000 fishes a month when the truth was that he managed to catch like 167 fishes in a year. And so on and so forth, as every fisherman loves to describe a typical catch as this big and that long. Soon the senior citizen of an angler established a reputation in the entire county, if not in the whole of the country, as the best big fisherman in a small but golden pond. One day while Spencer was on his fishing boat that was anchored near the shore, a small boy started throwing pebbles into the water. The old fisherman shouted at the kid to stop throwing because he was scaring the fishes. The kid did not stop but continued to throw a pebble at a time until his mother called him to come home. The kid stopped throwing and walked back to his home.

After he finished fishing, Spencer went to the bar and related the incident to his drinking buddies. But the bartender said, "Since you are catching fishes like this big and this long, how can a small pebble scare away the fish?" Another old fisherman was kind enough to explain to the crowd: "It is not the pebble that is causing the fish to go away. The pebble creates ripples when it hits the water and the ruffling of the surface of the lake may indeed scare the small fishes, and sometimes the big fish, away."

Another friend told Spencer that perhaps he ought not to shout at the kid but explain to him how a small pebble could indeed create ruffles on the surface of the water. The friend said, "Why don't you make peace with him, invite the kid to join you in the boat and teach him how to fish?"

Spencer said that his boat was not big enough, especially when his sidekick, Mac, was on board. The others in the bar suggested that Spencer should make his boat bigger for him to accommodate the kid and perhaps other wanna-be anglers. But Spencer said that he would not waste his resources in accommodating additional people go fishing in his golden pond. He even brushed off the suggestion that he (Spencer) should only fish if the boy was not around.

And so day after day, the confrontation between the kid and the old angler and his sidekick became heated and heated. Spencer and Mac called the kid so many names such as "a fool raving and ranting nonsense, a crazy troublemaker out to destroy the tranquility of the golden pond, as_hole, parasite, rat, worm, idiot, etceteras and etc." The kid retaliated by inviting in turn his friends to cast more and more pebbles at the same time. All of these of course created bigger and bigger ripples that drove away nearly all the fishes, big and small.

Spencer complained to the parents of the other boys but not to the mother of the kid, whom he totally ignored. And so the kid became again a solitary thrower of small pebbles at the surface of the lake. Spencer said that he would not mind even if day after day this kid bothered him because he could do nothing to his boat and the big fishes that he was after all catching.

Then one day it so happened that Mac was on board Spencer's boat and the two were fishing. The kid came again and started to throw small pebbles, one small stone after another, into the water. Mac, who was again drinking, shouted at the kid to stop, and bluffing, said that he would shoot him. The kid stopped, became afraid and ran up the hill. He was running back to his home. But the boy noticed that he was still holding a small pebble. He stopped and threw it at the water, barely hitting it.

Spencer and Mac laughed and laughed so hard. They were laughing because they managed to scare him. And what would a small pebble do to their boat? Yes, how could a tiny piece of a rock that hardly touched the water sink the boat and scare the fish?

But just as Spencer was to do a high-five to Mac, he froze. For he saw a big wave about to swallow his boat. The wave hit the boat and sank it. Spencer and Mac drowned. They did not know that at the other end of the lake, just as the kid was about to throw the last pebble on his hand, an earthquake burst underneath the water and created a Tsunami. # # #

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1 Saturday, 22 August 2009 12:21
What happened to the kid?

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