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Thursday, 31 May 2007 00:59

There was once a drunk who approached an elderly man on a street. The drunk told the man that he (the former) was often called “Jesus Christ.” To which the old man laughed off.

The drunk asked if the man would buy him a drink if he could prove that indeed he is called the Redeemer.

The elderly man agreed, probably just to humor him. In fact, the man said that he would buy the drunk a bottle if he could show that any man would call him “Jesus Christ.” So, the drunk led him to a bar on that street. As soon as the bartender saw the drunk, he exclaimed, “Jesus Christ, you are here again?”

 The elderly man lost the bet and bought the drunk a bottle of whiskey.

The moral of this story? It is better to employ a Born-Again Christian as bartender.

Why? It is better to hear the name of the Lord, instead of hearing phrases like, “Sh_t, you are here again?” Yes, we will drink to that. Amen.

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