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Written by Bobby Mercado Reyes   
Thursday, 04 July 2013 18:39

By Bobby Mercado Reyes

In the Preface of "One Day in the Life of a Filipino SOB", I said in 1993: “I wrote with humor into both books because of a belief that I share with Simon Wiesenthal, who made a study of humor as ‘the weapon of unarmed people.’ In his book, The Sound of Polish Laughter, Alan Levy added that ‘Polish humor, like Jewish humor, is the humor of a wounded people. It helps people who are oppressed to smile at the situation that pains them . . .

                      “I continue with humor and tell the jokes currently circulating in the Philippines and among Filipinos in the United States. The belief I share with Simon Wiesenthal has been bolstered by Aly Mahmoud, who wrote: ‘. . . Once again, confronted with troublesome issues, the Egyptians have responded with a crop of jokes. They have traditionally coped with problems big and small with bitter jokes, the little man’s defense against overbearing rulers and great events beyond his control . . .’

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So, to honor the Egyptian writer Aly Mahmoud, I posted in the Facebook and in the Shout Box of this website: "Did you know that reports from Egypt say that President Mohamed Morsi sent a last-minute appeal to President Barack Obama for help? That the Egyptian leader made the mistake of sending the message to Mr. Obama by Morsi, oops, Morse Code? -- An exclusive bulletin from the Coconut News Network (CNN Kuno)."

G oliath Letterman, our wit-and-humor columnist, sent in this piece about nine alleged new political jokes circulating in Egypt, in the Overseas-Egyptian community and even among Overseas-Filipino workers (OFWs) toiling in Egypt. He says that there is no truth to the rumors that ...

9. Many Egyptian Coptic Christians allegedly prayed for the Egyptian President's ouster by saying, "Lord, have Morsi ..."

8.  The Egyptian Brotherhood supporters of Mr. Morsi are employing soldiers of fortune to form "Morsinary Brigades."

7.  French citizens of Egyptian descent now say "Morsi," to mean "Thank you."

6. The Egyptian term now for political euthanasia is "Morsi killing."

5.  Egyptian candy makers have come up with the version of the German chocolates and they call it "Morsi chocolates" and they come also in prison bars.

4.  Many want the former President to be banished and probably wish that he could be sent to another planet on a "Morsian exile."

3. The former President's top followers be stripped of their luxury government-issued motorcars, many of which are German luxury vehicles called "Morsides Benz."

2.  OFWs in Egypt crack a joke that a famous street in the City of Manila is now dubbed "Morsirecordia." And ...

1.  Some OFWs not only in Egypt but also in some other countries say that the Philippine President is actually a "Morsiquino," as he has the same degree of competence as the Egyptian former head of state.

(Caution: The jokes, views and opinions of Goliath Letterman do not represent the views and opinions of this writer and the other columnists and staff members of this website.) # # #

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