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Tuesday, 10 July 2007 04:09

Ka Tonyang

The original title of this article was: Kababayans' Tributes to Ka Tonyang (Messages Continue to Arrive)

Tonette Binsol (AKA Ka Tonyang) died on July 9, 2007, in Tokyo, Japan. Ka Tonyang was one of the most-active Overseas-Filipino advocates of Filipino issues up to her last day. She was just in her late 30s.

Here is the latest report of Ms. Yuko Takei, a Filipino-Japanese community advocate in Tokyo: Jun Aguilar and Ellene Sana are making arrangements for a special eulogy at a memorial service for Tonette on Tuesday at St. Antony's Church in Singalong, Manila.

**Update** Video of Ka Tonyang interviewed by iTVJapan (provided by Austri G. Basinillo)


Ka Tonette's brother will be arriving in Tokyo today, Friday, July13, 2007. There will be a special memorial service for her at Meguro Church again tomorrow at 6:00 pm. Then on Sunday, the body will be flown to Manila after the usual procedure of embalming the corpse at a hospital here and sealing of the coffin by a Philippine Embassy official. Interment will be on Wednesday, July 18, 2007.

Editor's Note: Per Jimmy A. Cura's advisory, those who wish to get in touch directly with the family of the late Tonette or Ka Tonyang Binsol may send their messages to her brother, Mark Binsol, at or mobile phone # +63 927 431 0712.

Here are some of the tributes posted on the Internet.

This is to inform all those friends, etc. of Tonette Binsol in this list that she passed away today at 10:26 a.m.  She was rushed to a Tokyo hospital last Saturday because of a stroke, and she was given only two days to survive as a matter of fact.

Members of this egroup based in Japan are invited to attend a funeral service for her at 8 pm tonight at the Meguro Church near Meguro Stn. of the JR in Tokyo, Japan.

Posted by
DiYumu Yuko 

* * *

It is with deep sorrow to inform you the passing away of a truly remarkable and unselfish woman that was Tonette Binsol (a.k.a. Ka Tonyang). She died this morning 10:26am (TKY time) at Todai University Hospital due to brain hemorrhage. She had Parkinson's disease.
Tonette was not only a builder of cause-worthy organizations but also a friend and a senpai who inspired others like me to make a difference. A great networker, people-person, and a true Filipina.
And for all of these, I can only say "Thank You and Great Job Done, Tonette!"'s not the time that we spent here on Earth that defines us as a person but how we spend that gift of life to touch other peoples' lives that matters most. You certainly did a great job on that!
May her legacy live amongst us...and not be forgotten in our hearts.
Rest now and be with our Creator, my friend.
Jun Kabigting & The KPFI Scholarship Foundation

PS: Please pray for the eternal repose of her soul.

Founding Chairman, Kabataang Pilipino, Inc.
Block 80 Lot 6 N. Aquino Street, Brgy. Laram
San Pedro, Laguna 4023 PHILIPPINES      Tel.: +63 (0)921 418-4343
Want to make a difference? Visit and take the first step!

* * *

Thanks, Yuko, for the information.

I did wonder how Tonette, so young and strong, could have had a stroke. Was about to ask how health conscious she was, thinking that she might not have been seeing regularly a doctor for her heart. I did see her in a Japan TV interview that she gained so much weight and thought that she overlooked her health. Her sudden death was really shocking. I cried and I thought about my own mortal being.

She will always be remembered and I wish her work could be continued by those surrounding her.


Freda Contreras in Kuwait (a cancer survivor)

* * * 

Gil and the rest of us here in cyberspace remember how we met Tonette Binsol amongst the rest in the cyber community when for the first time some OFs who were passionately discussing the state of the country during Estrada's administration? 
She hosted a lot of e-groups. She was very passionate with her work with the Aetas in Zambales. Jun Aguilar was convinced to go with her in one of her gift-giving trips to the community.
She gathered used computers in Japan to be shipped to the schools in Mindanao. She rose to the challenge of registering the first corporation with directors spread all over the world -- OFW IMC with mud-crab farming as their initial project. She was like a fireball jumping from Japan and to the various provinces in the Philippines.
When she launched the OFW Salu-Salo, some of us were there to give her our support. That’s where we met Jimmy Cura whom Tonette admired a lot when she was still a student. Alex Kho attended one, too.
She taught us how to download video clips when she created a website featuring activities of OFs in Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan.
We always looked forward to the next salu-salo. So we were all wondering when there was none. The last time we 'talked' was when another friend, Selina Sayong, the VCO advocate, passed away.
Then I read that she is busy with the cooperative movement in Japan. The last post I have attached in this message.
On 4/17/07, Antonina Binsol <ka.tonyang@...> wrote:
> What about a salusalo and a Fil-IT Job Fair in July?
> Kumusta na kayo at masyado akong busy sa OFW Shien Coop formation sa
> Japan? The details are at .
> Tonette

I pray someone has picked up on what she had left....
Me Ann

* * *

From: Jimmy A. Cura

Dear Danilo,

Thanks for the reply. It was to you that I sent my my query because the first news that got to me about what might have happened to Tonette was fuzzy. It implied, however, that something unfortunate had happened to our friend.

I found your name and email address on the e-bulletin of the Shien Cooperative that Tonette had organized, so I assumed you would be close enough to where Tonette was in order to clarify the initial reports.

Anyway, a lot of information has since been shared by the many friends and admirers of Tonette. To our great grief, it is confirmed that she, indeed, has passed away so unexpectedly and so early in her productive and fruitful life.

We shall await the return of her mortal remains to Manila so that we can pay our respects to this great Filipina before she is interred in her final resting place. Hopefully, more details will be made available through the e-groups regarding her wake and actual interment.

In the meantime, we can only join our voice with those of countless others who knew Tonette through her messages and deeds.

We mourn Tonette's passing but celebrate the love and compassion and fidelity that she showed to her fellowmen and her country of birth. We pray that she be welcomed into Paradise to receive the reward God has promised to those who love Him with all one's mind, heart, and soul, and their neighbor as their own selves. That is exactly how Tonette lived her life. ###

* * *

Naging myembro ako ng OFW-Japan taong 2004, dahil sa kagustuhan ko lang na magkaroon ng mga kaibigang japayuki o higit pa sa kaibigan dahil nga sa akala ko ay ganun ang mga babae sa Japan. Subalit sa aking nasaksihan sa kasalukuyan hindi pala lahat ng Filipino o Filipina sa Japan o kahit na saang bansa ay di dapat pag isipan ng di magandang karanasan... Dahil sayo Ka Tonyang nagising ako sa katotohanan na di dapat bigyan ng masamang kahulugan ano man ang hangarin ng isang tao sa kanyang sarili...

Nakakalungkot ang iyong paglisan, Ka Tonyang. Ikaw ay isang mgandang halimbawa para sa akin...

Maraming nagmamahal sayo, Ka Tonyang. Naway maligaya ka saan ka man naroroon... PAGPALAIN KA NAWA NG POONG MAY KAPAL!!

Josh Barce

* * *

From Lalay Rispens:

Dear Friends,

I was in the middle of the conference in Brussels when Ellen Sana showed to me the shocking SMS message about the untimely death of Tonette. How is it possible for so young, energetic, committed person to die? Heaven knows.

It was a coincidence that I was talking with Manuel Orozco about Tonette last June 9 during the Civil Society Forum on Migration and Development. I connected Tonette to Manuel because she wanted advice on how to help the new coop she was organizing in Japan . They were supposed to have a teleconference.

I came to know Tonette since 2001 when our crossed path while discussing how we can maximize the benefits of migrants' remittances. She attended several conferences organized by Oxfam Novib. The last time I saw her was when I invited her to attend the conference in Zacatecas , Mexico. She had a hard time getting a transit visa from the American Embassy. Tonette who was always resourceful decided to fly via Canada to reach Mexico City .

The people in Bansalan benefited from her computer literacy project and she also sponsored some Moslem children. For those who knew Tonette will agree with that she was a persistent worker who never gives up when the going gets rough.

Tonette will be sorely missed by us Filipinos in diaspora. It will never be the same without Tonette who spent her single free time tirelessly to serve the Filipino community.

I hope we can live up to the legacy she left and our work continues.

Farewell Tonette. It was an honor knowing you. I will miss our email exchanges. May you rest in peace. You led a good life and you have done the best you can. The angels will take care of you.

* * *

From Cesar Torres:

Thank you Yuko. Thank you, Arman.

I have been asking about her for a long time now. She has not been writing, a far cry many years ago when she was a constant and gentle and concerned presence in the Filipino Cyberworld.

When Dr. Abueva was tasked with working on that Draft Constitution, I recommended her and Dr. Edong del Rosario to be members of that Study Group to represent us Filipinos in Diaspora. I think Dr. Abueva must have tried. But he was not powerful enough. And obviously did not make the final decision.

You are in Heaven, Gentle Lady. And for all of us whom Ka Tonyang left behind, we will go on, for as long as our hearts beat to the passion that you were fighting for -- a better life for our people.

We will not forget what you were doing -- sending computers to schools, instituting livelihood programs all over Pilipinas Nating Mahal, helping students study in college, and perhaps like Yuko, Susan, and our leaders in Japan, helping our people in Japan survive with whatever dignity they could muster.

Your memory will be with us, for as long as there are Filipinos on earth, till the end of time.

We will shed a tear for your passing, but we will smile and offer our Thanksgiving too to God for someone who enriched our lives immeasurably.

Goodbye Sweet Lady.

* * *

Salamat Shiela. If we are believers, Tonette must be smiling at you from Paradise.

She will indeed live forever...

Cesar Torres
(of San Francisco, California)

-----Original Message-----
From: Shiela <>
To: Filam Forum <>; Antonina Binsol <>
Sent: Sat, 14 Jul 2007 4:19 am
Subject: [Filam-Forum] Tonnette - A tribute

Actually, I was more on helping my own hometown, but for Tonnette it doesn’t matter which part in the Philippines she has to help, and help she did. I didn’t even know Tonnette’s own hometown, and she was contemplating in doing more for my own home town in Northern Samar.

One of the e-mails of Tonnette to me: "Shiela, we can do the same format as Tulong Aeta Literacy model there. We have the definite project in Botolan and OFWs in Japan through pa-bingo and raffle draws and other sponsorship drives gather funds for the project. How about producing a video to introduce Northern Samar first and how it is like? While poverty is a known reality in Samar, it helps to realize this by OFWs seeing them with their own eyes in a video. I could edit that video. Hope there's a way for you to shoot them... maybe you could assign somebody there. Or maybe Cesar has videos or means? Pictures are useful too. We would be glad to help out... let's find definite targets for now. Our constant exchanges could help us achieve something... do you have NGO links there? Let's not have government affiliations. .. would be difficult to handle from my own experiences.

"Tonette ( Tokyo

"PS The pictures are beautiful... I haven't been in Germany. Would like to drop by when I visit Europe someday again. Maybe if there will be a conference nearby."

Tonnette is like the proverbial biblical single grain which has to be planted in order to grow into more grains. So the challenge is in all of us now to follow her lead. Tonnette is now somewhere there looking at us and smiling; not because she is now relieved of having to do a lot of earthly projects, but because she has accessed now the Universal Knowledge to understand why things have to be the way they are or have to be. It is painful for her family and loved ones not to be able to see and touch her again, for now. I just hope they can find consolation on the thought that she is always here in our midst, so that their pain would be somehow bearable.

Tonnette, the imprints you’ve left will always be visible. My heartfelt condolence to her family and loved-ones.

* * *

"Kabaro, kilala mo pa ba si Gabriela ng Himagksikan sa iyong puso? Tayo na at pabangunin natin ang lahing Pinoy! Mahalin natin ang Pinas dahil ito ay ating pinagmulan - dito tayo tumubo..." Antonina Binsol.

And love she did in 2001 since she subscribed to the Romblon listserve. Then she created her own OFW forum that year which swelled to over 2000 subscribers! She never stopped pushing initiatives of help in cyberspace - hope, hope, and more hope. and action!

Ka Tonyang, you will be missed.

Ish (Doc Simp) Fabicon of Chicago and Romblon

* * *

DATE: Tue, 10 Jul 2007 18:00:39 +0300
SUBJECT: FW: [ofwcongress] Fw: [partido-pangdaigdigang-pilipino] Tonette Binsol  is gone

Dear DiYumo, friends of Ka Tonyang and fellow OFWS,

We share in grief the sudden passing of one of great Filcom leaders who exemplified a true Christian believer in words, thoughts and action. We in this part of the world can only wish eternal peace for her soul and that many more OFWs will follow in her footsteps and be a beacon light in the stormy seas across the borders of our country.

Jojie-riyadh Calabarzon Executive Board

* * *

Dear Yuko,

Thank you for the information. Please extend our deep sympathy to her family members. Please take care of your health too.

* * *

I am really so sorry to hear this Yuko and Me Ann.  Napakarami niyang tinulungan.  May her soul rest in peace... She will be in my prayers.

- Si Ka Edong po from Guam, where America's day begins

* * *

Thanks for the information, Sis Y.

Sincere condolences to her families, both immediate and the Fil community, from our end here in Riyadh-KSA.

This is sad news. Tonette Binsol was a valued voice in this forum. In behalf of my family, we extend our most sincere condolences to those she left behind.

Francis Acero

* * *

Dear Yuko,

I am deeply shocked by your news about Ka Tonyang.

I call on all fellow OF's and OFW advocates in praying for her repose. May her soul rest in peace.

Jun S. Aguilar

* * *
To all:







* * *

Dear Daphne and All:

I have copied the messages received here for Tonette's family, and sent through some members of the UPAA in Japan to relay to her parents who are expected to come and fetch her remains.

It happened so suddenly, I am told. She collapsed in a meeting with some Filipinos, and was rushed to the hospital last Saturday. It was a massive stroke and she did not recover. She was put in ICU, and was given only two days to live or die.

The doctor said that if she survived, she would be an invalid for life. They wanted to remove the respirator on Monday but there was no immediate family around so they just waited for her to give up the ghost, and that happened Tuesday morning. Sorry, mistype. The time was 10:26 a.m.

Her death surely was a good reminder of how fleeting life can be and that this life is indeed a probation that we need to take advantage of to be worthy to go back to God. One cannot put off the time to make up for one's shortcomings and be worthy, for it may be too late! May she rest in peace indeed!

DiYumu Yuko

* * *

The news of Tonette's passing away is, indeed, a shocker.

Tonette helped me understand, through her personal emails, the technical aspects of how OF and OFW "news in pictures" are published in the Internet.

She was an indefatigable advocate of many Philippine community development projects. She will definitely be missed.

With sincerest condolences.

Nes Duldulao

Chair, Overseas Filipino Council Secretariat

_www.ofcouncil.org_ (

* * *

This is so sudden and such sad news. Our condolences to her family, will be
praying for her. Tonette was a mover and active in a number of yahoo groups. I
hope they too can be informed.


* * *

Hi fellow OFW,

I was so saddened with the death of Tonette, I have not met her personally but we've been good friends thru the Internet because of my website,

She helped me several times to give some advice or assistance to other OFWs who got an inquiries or have asked some help thru my site...

I also remember that she invited me a lot of times to attend the OFW gathering, which is always held every December in Manila but unfortunately, I was unable to attend any of that gatherings...

Yes, she's truly one of the OFWs who is really dedicated to help and assist her Kababayan, not only for the OFWs but to those poor Filipinos back home too...

May GOD welcome her in Heaven and I wish that there are lots of Kababayan or OFWs out there who are willing serve others too like the way she's doing when she was still with us...

Please send my condolence to her Family and Friends...


* * *

Thank you, Yuko, for letting us know. Pls. let us know how we can help Tonette's family.

This is a sad day for all of us in the advocacy. The indefatigable Tonette has done a lot of things that we can only dream of doing. She's one of the few that fully understand and HAVE PRACTICED what "technology for the masses" is all about, corporate finance and
micro-financing, suffrage and socio-politics, and the new reality of a globalized Filipino citizenry, among others.

We will surely miss her. We pray for the eternal repose of her soul.


* * *

From Austri G. Basinillo of Metro Manila, Philippines: 

Tonette , a one of a kind cyber and real life NGO, passed away on July 10th,

Let us all pray for the repose of her soul to Heaven,
  ". . .As a person of faith, of resurrection faith, I see death as a friend, not a foe; and the experience of death is, I am convinced, a transition from life to life, from grace to glory."
My Jesus have mercy on the Soul of TONETTE.
  O Gentlest heart of Jesus,
  ever present in the Blessed Sacrament,
  ever consumed with burning love for the poor captive souls in Purgatory
  have mercy on the soul of Thy departed servant.
  Be not severe in Thy judgment but let some drops of Thy Precious Blood fall
upon the devouring flames,
  and do Thou O merciful Saviour send the angels to conduct HER to a place of
refreshment, light and peace. Amen.
  Incline Thine ear, O Lord, unto our prayers,
  wherein we humbly pray Thee
  to show Thy mercy upon the soul of Thy servant TONETTE, whom Thou hast
commanded to pass out of this world,
  that Thou wouldst place HER in the region of peace and light,
  and bid HER be partaker with Thy Saints.
  Through Christ our Lord. Amen.
  "We have loved HER during life,
  let us not abandon HER,
  until we have conducted HER by our prayers
  into the house of the Lord." Saint Ambrose
  Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord,
  And let perpetual Light shine upon them.
  May their souls
  And the souls of all the faithful departed
  Through the mercy of God
  Rest in peace.

* * *

Tonette Binsol studied and lived in Japan in the late 80's when we first met in the Internet. She created the scholarship program for several indigenous children in the Zambales and Sierra Madre and later spread to other indigenous peoples all over the country. Her love for her ancestral countrymen was genuine and her knowledge was shared to all.
Ka Tonyang was synonymous to 'Mother Theresa' when compassion and kindness to those suppressed and in need. She championed the 'working Pinays in Japan' and created a network of worldwide concerned OFC through Fil-IT which later on expanded to other egroups of OF/OFWs.
We worked together since 1995 creating several 'Internet Cafes' in the provinces and remote locations allowing students and kids access to the free yahoo email and communicating concerns and issues on livelihood, education, communication, elections, entrepreneurship, and the advancement in technology.
Tonette has helped thousands of indigent children especially the Aetas and other indigenous tribes in realizing their dreams to elevate themselves to a higher and rewarding way of life. She gathered used computers from Japanese banks and financial institutions and crate them in shiploads to various locations in the Philippines. Her dreams of generating a new breed of Filipinos came true from every individual she touched.
I recommended her for a University of Stanford Grant in 1999 but her commitment to the far reaches of the OF/OFWs has consumed her time managing dozens of egroups and websites, seeking financial assistance and investors to assist the less fortunate and those that were neglected by OWWA left on their own at the mercy of their foreign employers.
Tonette pioneered the OF/OFW empowerment through self-reliance with the generosity of the Japanese people and the contributions of the worldwide audience of concerned citizens.
Ka Tonyang will always remain in the hearts of our people. May her tribe flourish from those who believe in her cause.
Goodbye my good friend, hope to see you soon.
Nathanael John Duenas

* * *

From Apo Satur (Satur Z. Respicio, Jr.) of Hercules, California:

Nat (Duenas) wrote such a good tribute. I never corresponded much with Ka Tonyang. First time to hear of her good deeds. We need more like her in Diaspora, as well as at home.
Trouble is, back in the Home Islands, folks who should be in the position to render aid, for social and societal services, are behind gated compounds, particularly around metropolitan communities.

* * *

Ecolink moderator <> wrote:

I am so sorry to know this. May her soul rest in peace.

* * *

The news about Tonette's "departure" was shocking.  For an energetic person like her, who was so active in the community, advocating for a number of things designed to benefit the less-privileged ones, we have never expected that she would be leaving so soon.  She had started many projects, and let us hope that she had trained someone who could pursue her unfinished projects.
The Management and Staff of the MANILA-U.S. TIMES join me in conveying to the bereaved family of the late Tonette our deep condolences.  We are praying for the eternal repose of her soul.
Johnny M. Pecayo, MBA
Chairman-Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, MANILA-U.S. TIMES .

* * *

Maraming salamat po Dr. Cervix, et al.  Biro niyo, nauna pa siya sa akin.
Eternal repose grant unto her O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon her,
May she rest in peace.....Amen
-  si Ka Edong po sa Guam, where America's day begins

gino 510 <> wrote:
hello ka edong,
kindly visit this site regarding tonette and pray for her,

1-36 Kita-20 Nishi-7, Kita-ku, Kopo Niwa #17
Sapporo City 001-0020 Hokkaido Japan
Mobile Phone: +81 903 7783510
"Challenge trendy ideas with timeless classics." - Me

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Last Updated on Sunday, 10 July 2011 10:27
Comments (3)
1 Friday, 24 July 2009 19:33
Dear Bobby,

Thanks for your continuing efforts to let our kababayans
and the whole world know of what Tonette (Ka Tonyang)
Binsol did for her needy compatriots both in her homeland
and in the diaspora, as well as the quiet, selfless, self-effacing,
but total, consistent, and passionate manner by which
she rendered service.

As the days pass since Tonette died, I cannot help but
wonder why our government does not seem to have heard
at all about this modern-day "Mother Teresa" in cyberspace.
So far, I have not heard nor read any news from any of the
agencies which are supposed to assist, monitor, and recognize
the accomplishments of our Overseas Filipinos.

We all know, of course, that recognition from government
or from anyone else was the farthest thing in Tonette's mind.
As she set about conceptualizing, mobilizing, looking for
partners, leading, and implementing the diverse projects
that she launched, it was the urgency of the need of the
beneficiaries that was always uppermost in her mind.

Sometimes, she felt some impatience with the pace of
government response. But she chose not to dwell nor harp
on this. Instead, she went on to identify other resources
that could be tapped, wherever they could be sourced.
And when help came, she was supremely generous
with her recognition and praise for those who gave

For those who have worked with Tonette, this attitude and
mindset of selfless service to those in need is probably
her greatest legacy, even more than the type, number, and
diversity of projects that she helped launch durng her all-too-
brief sojourn on this earth.

If only for this, Tonette Binsol deserves to be recognized
and held up as a true role model for all Filipinos (and other
citizens of the world) who strive in their own way to respond
to the volunteer task of service.

It would be nice if some institutional recognition (government
included) could be given to someone like Ka Tonyang.

It would be a testimony to the Filipino's capacity for true greatness
that is not sought nor contrived but which springs from genuine
love of God and one's neighbor.

Jimmy A. Cura
2 Sunday, 10 July 2011 21:09
As Posted by Tamoy Garra on Facebook:

Pleased to read the linked article on Ka Tonyang's exemplary life. Very inspiring.
AS Posted by Bobby M. Reyes in Facebook:

‎@ Tamoy Garra We are glad that you liked the obituary piece on Ka Tonyang. We have never deleted any of our articles published since April 9, 2007. And we bring them back to the Front Page when the occasion calls for it. Yes, Ka Tonyang led indeed an examplary life, all for the greater glory of God and
MabuhayRadio Comments
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