July 14th Marks the 41st Year of a Filipino Nurse’s Miraculous Escape from a Serial Killer Print
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Tuesday, 10 July 2007 07:43

The Filipino-American Baby-boom generation remembers the day on July 14, 1966, when news flashed around the nation and then the world of the murders of eight nursing students and nurses near the South Chicago Community Hospital. The killer, Richard Speck, was caught and found guilty. He died in jail. There was one nurse who survived the massacre and she was a Filipino. Her name was Corazon Piezo Amurao and she was then 23-years-old.

To read the massacre’s complete story, as written by David Lohr, please click on, or copy and paste it to your browser, this link:,0820.htm

Some Filipino Americans often use Ms. Amurao’s almost-miraculous escape from the serial killer as proof that the Filipino is a survivor, no matter where he or she might be. But then there was one other Filipino victim, Valentina Pasion, and she did not make it. # # #

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