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Oct 01st
Home Columns JGL Eye Erap vs. GMA, One-on-One for Veep in 2010?
Erap vs. GMA, One-on-One for Veep in 2010? PDF Print E-mail
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Columns - JGL Eye
Written by Joseph G. Lariosa   
Wednesday, 28 October 2009 18:52





C HICAGO, Illinois (JGLi) – If I were my friend, former President Joseph “Erap” Estrada, I am going to take the line of least resistance.


Ever since, he hoofed into politics, Erap has been getting mixed rulings from the Philippine Supreme Court. And Erap should not push his luck too far.


When incumbent San Juan, Rizal, Mayor Braulio Sto. Domingo blocked Mr. Estrada from taking over, Erap waited two years before the Supreme Court gave Erap the blessing that he won his electoral protest in 1969.


Thirty-one years later on Jan. 20, 2001, the same Supreme Court dealt Erap a knockout blow when it declared the presidency vacant following the EDSA II Revolution, paving the way for the upward mobility of his erstwhile Vice President, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.


Given his track record with the Supreme Court, it would not be a hard decision for Mr. Estrada to make – he should reconsider his plan to reclaim the Philippine presidency.


Why not take a gravy train with the least of baggage?


Why not run for Vice President? Winning the vice presidency will yield the same result that he primarily hoped to earn if he wins the presidency – vindication with capital “V”!


After all, if he wins the vice presidency, para na rin siyang Presidente! (He is just like an elected President), that is, if his presidential tandem wins with him.



By running for Vice President, Mr. Estrada will be less defensive in his campaign. This will give him and his running mate a chance to tell the people how their political team will improve poverty and the people’s living condition.


He should look up to the vice presidency as a half-full glass, instead of half-empty as when he pouted after his bosom friend, Fernando Poe, Jr. initially left his son, Jinggoy, out of the senatorial line-up.


Erap could have easily counseled Jinggoy to accept Mr. Poe’s decision after all had Fernando Poe, Jr. won or was not cheated, para na ring Presidente si Jinggoy! (Jinggoy was just like an alter ego of the President.)




E rap can just ask former US Vice President Dick Cheney, who crafted his own policies on national security (warrantless domestic surveillance), economy and environment and still got away with them!


But I would rather that Erap clears his plans first with the next President before implementing them!


If Erap will carry the President with him during the election, he will not only be the Vice President, he will also be the kingmaker. And like, Mr. Cheney, Erap could be the “most influential and powerful man ever to hold the office of the Vice President," according to Washington Post.


By running for Vice President, Erap will cancel out all the cases that are waiting in the wings to be filed against him before the Supreme Court when he files his certificate of candidacy on Nov. 20.


In the first place, the Philippine Constitution does not bar him from running for Vice President.


This early, a lawyer, who gained the reputation of filing nuisance suits, has already filed against Erap a flimsy and frivolous suit that favors Erap but will never enrich jurisprudence!

Why let some lawyers capitalize on certain situations at Erap’s expense?


By running for Vice President, Mr. Estrada will be less defensive in his campaign. This will give him and his running mate a chance to tell the people how their political team will improve poverty and the people’s living condition. This way, if less mud is thrown along his way, Erap, as well as his running mate, will be more straightforward and clearer on issues. And, therefore, people will be more appreciating his platforms that can translate into votes.



Why will Gloria Arroyo run for representative if she can run for Vice President? Why wish for the moon when she can shoot for the stars?


And in an unfortunate event that the Dacer-Corbito murders case will prevent him from running for office, Erap can always insert Jinggoy as his last election day substitute while his running mate will be carrying his fight behind a massive sympathy vote.


Despite the scuttlebutt being promoted by Mrs. Arroyo’s minions that she is running for Congress in her Pampanga district, I don’t buy their smokes and mirrors.


My reading of events is that Mrs. Arroyo is not running for Congress but for Vice President! Her factotums are just waiting for the proper timing to make the announcements.




W hy? Like Erap, GMA is not barred by the Philippine Constitution from running for Vice President. But in doing so, she will be barred from keeping the presidency if she runs for Vice President. She can only hope and pray that when she cedes her power over to Vice President Noli de Castro, a President De Castro will not be using his power against her.


Why will GMA run for representative if she can run for Vice President? Why wish for the moon when she can wish for the star?


Besides, GMA is not sure if the next President can lead a successful charter change (cha-cha) campaign from presidential to parliamentary. What is the use of being a representative if she is not shoo-in to be a prime minister? Isn’t it that you only cross the bridge once you reach its foot?


Of course, if Noli runs for President, Noli will not be able to take over as President from GMA. At the same time, Noli will also be giving up his vice presidency. It will be another story if Noli runs for re-election as Vice President because he can keep his vice presidency.


But why will Noli run for re-election for Vice President if he thinks he does not have the wherewithal to beat either Erap or GMA for the vice presidency?


So, if Noli wants to have a taste of the presidency for seven months as care taker of the government, all he has to do is to do nothing. He can just wait for the mind-boggling developments that will unfold in the next three to four weeks.


If my hunch checks out that GMA is running for Vice President, it will be a sweeter victory for Erap if he is able to beat her on a one-on-one. Just like in the movies, Erap and the moviegoers do not relish the idea of letting his sidekick beat up the anti-hero on his behalf! ( # # #



C opyright 2009 The Journal Group Link International. The contents provided in the JGLi may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or otherwise distributed without the prior written authority of the Journal Group Link International. 


(Editor’s Notes: Watch out for the upcoming outlet-oriented, subscription-based website of Journal Group Link International that guarantees originally sourced stories, features, photos, audios and videos and multi-media contents.)


Last Updated on Wednesday, 28 October 2009 18:57

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