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Oct 26th
Home Columns JGL Eye Making It Easy to Explain the Hard-to-Understand “Obama Phenomenon”
Making It Easy to Explain the Hard-to-Understand “Obama Phenomenon” PDF Print E-mail
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Columns - JGL Eye
Friday, 06 June 2008 21:25

O Yes!


CHICAGO, Illinois (JGLi) – During the last few weeks, I have many relatives and friends, who were rooting for Hillary Clinton. I just listened to their misgivings on Barack Obama. But I could not tell them that Senator Clinton was going to lose to Senator Obama.


Among their objections to an Obama presidency is that it will give the African-American population bragging rights, at the expense of Asian Americans. “Blacks will take the jobs away from Asians,” one Filipino-American community publisher told me.


Editor’s Notes: Mr. Lariosa is the Chicago-based representative of the National Press Club of the Philippines. He is also the United States correspondent of the Manila Bulletin and the Tempo newspapers of the Philippines. He was one of the 11 awardees of the Media Breakfast Club-Dean Reyes Award for Journalistic Excellence and Literary Distinction in November 2001, where he was recognized for his then 30-year exemplary service as a trained journalist to the Filipinos and American people.

But when I looked at Mr. Obama’s campaign staff, they are made up of Black, White, Asians, Latinos and other nationalities in between. In fact, my press contact in the Obama campaign, Madhuri Kommareddi, appears to be an Asian Indian.


And I considered this rainbow staff of Mr. Obama as a harbinger of the Obama official make-up.


But we don’t know if Mr. Obama would give the African American the majority in his staff, if he takes power.


One other apprehension raised against the Senator from Illinois is that he might turn the United States from a Christian into an Islamic nation.


As to how Mr. Obama will perform his duties as the next President of the United States will be anybody’s guess. There is not much public record of his executive ability – only legislative records.But the latest developments in the Obama campaign will give us a hint on how Mr. Obama will handle this issue. Mr. Obama declined the campaign support thrown behind him by Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan. He denounced the insulting remarks about Senator Clinton by his campaign supporter, Rev. Michael Pfleger of St. Sabina Church in Chicago. He left the Trinity United Church to distance himself from the vitriolic attack of its former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, for “God damning America.”


Not Playing Favorites

These were broad hints that Mr. Obama was not playing favorites with any religious group, particularly the Muslim Faith. But as to what church, Mr. Obama, will likely end up worshipping remains to be seen and will likely be a very private decision. But my guess is, it will not be the Muslim Faith.


As to how Mr. Obama will perform his duties as the next President of the United States will be anybody’s guess. There is not much public record of his executive ability – only legislative records.


But during the campaign, he indicated he will be relying heavily on his trusted staff that will be answerable to him when something goes wrong.


He will need a lot of right intelligence to come to numerous informed decisions.


In my crystal ball, I foresee the drawdown of the troops in the Iraq War as he takes over just as the 52 U.S. diplomats held hostage by students at the U. S. Embassy in  Iran were being released as Ronald Reagan assumed the presidency from Jimmy Carter. As the Iraq War subsides, during the Obama presidency, gasoline prices will also come down.


I really don’t give Sen. John McCain a chance to beat Mr. Obama as the American people are convinced that the McCain presidency will just be the third term of the Bush presidency. The American people would be hopping on Obama’s “Change” Bandwagon instead of McCain’s Straight Talk America Express.


Dog Years Will Hound McCain

As one columnist suggested the job of a United States President is so rigorous and physically taxing that the President advances in age in dog years – seven years equivalent to one year in humans. If Senator  McCain takes office in January (2009) at the age of 72, by the next January (2010), he will be aging like 80-years old in dog years, that is. So, he really needs a Vice President, who is younger, for balance.


In the case of Mr. Obama, if he takes over as President in January, he will be 47 years old. If he ages in dog years, he will only be 54 by the following January (2010).


I don’t know but when I attended the launching of the presidency of Mr. Obama in Springfield, Illinois, in February last year, the 15,000 to 17,000 people who turned up at a very cold morning was telling me that something special was in the air.


Some 523 news reporters and photographers documented how the future President charmed the crowd.


When I attended Sen. Hillary Clinton’s fund-raising campaign last December at Hyatt Regency Chicago, the crowd turnout was a far cry from Obama’s launching in Springfield.


It gave me the feeling that more than just charisma was working in favor of Mr. Obama’s destiny. But it is very hard to explain the Obama phenomenon. (


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