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Oct 25th
Home Columns JGL Eye Revisiting Bubby Dacer: “Nothing Is Impossible”
Revisiting Bubby Dacer: “Nothing Is Impossible” PDF Print E-mail
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Columns - JGL Eye
Monday, 29 November 1999 16:00

Dateline Chicago, Illinois, March 6, 2009,  (JGLi)


S alvador “Bubby” Dacer struck me as a God-fearing man. He even left me his favorite Bible quote that might have guided his career:  “With God, nothing is impossible.”


A few days prior to his disappearance, I called him up in Manila from my Chicago home to alert him that someone very powerful was after his neck.

But he dismissed the threat as nothing to worry about.

While I was talking to him that cold November night more than eight years ago at about 8:00 p.m. Chicago time, which was about 10:00 a.m. Manila time, there were some noises in the background.


If Cezar Mancao keeps his word to Bubby Dacer’s daughter, Karina, that he will tell the truth on what he knows about the murders of his father and his driver, this will send a message that putting the law into somebody’s hands just because he is in power is never an option.

“Joe, don’t mind those noises. They are monitoring our call.. But I have so many cell phones they would not be able to pin me down.” Bubby, in his carefree ways, told me.

Instead of reviewing the book, “The Art of War,” Bubby did not change his movements and other routines that would have confused his enemies.

Bubby kept on wearing the same trademark white bush jacket with matching white pants and white shoes. He never wore any disguise.

“Joe, when I am wearing white, this is a sign of purity in mind, in spirit and in heart,” Bubby would tell me.


T he former provincial newspaperman, who took up a second career as a press and public-relations practitioner, was the envy of his peers because he was a successful “crisis” manager.

He was able to make friends with editors, reporters, photographers and people in high places in government and the private sectors.

And he climbed the ladder of success one step at a time. “Joe, I am now associating with these kinds of people,” even naming names of those elite in the Philippine society, he would tell from time to time.

Bubby’s job was no different from newsmen. While newsmen get their news from equal-opportunity sources, a PR practitioner promotes the interest of sources of his choice.
Problems crop up among PR practitioners when they get a new client who is a competitor of his previous client. Including a “non-compete clause or covenant not to compete (CNC)” in a contract should solve these problems.

Because Bubby never had a “non-compete” terms with his clients, his clients should not have taken it against Bubby as he was only trying to eke out a living. Killing him should never have been an option.

Nor should newsmen be killed if they are trying to present all sides to an issue. If sources want to get positive exposure among hard-hitting newsmen or columnists, all they have to do is to hire the services of a PR practitioners, like Bubby Dacer.


If sources do not appreciate the job of PR practitioners, they can always resort to filing libel suits against newsmen and columnists for redress. They should never misuse their power as to kill the likes of Bubby Dacer when they are too cheaply to hire PR practitioners.

If Cezar Ochoco Mancao will keep his word to Bubby Dacer’s daughter, Karina, that he will tell the truth on what he knows about the murders of his father and his driver, this will send a message that putting the law into somebody’s hands just because he is in power is never an option.

All Mancao has to do is to affirm the affidavit he sworn to in 2007 before Isabel Moreno, notary public of the County of Broward in Florida, where he quoted his fellow officer Michael Ray Aquino of blaming another officer, Teofilo Vina, for sloppily dumping Bubby Dacer’s car into ravine in Cavite where it was easily discovered. There, he said Vina told him Aquino ordered Vina to “get Bubby Dacer.”

He also mentioned about a May 2001 meeting with then Sen. Panfilo Lacson and Michael Aquino where Lacson advised them to leave the Philippines.

Mancao’s testimony should corroborated with that of their fellow officer Glenn Galapon Dumlao, who also implicated Michael Ray Aquino, who was quoted as getting orders from Sen. Lacson and “Malacanang” in going after Dacer.

Mancao, Dumlao and Aquino have all the time in the world to abort the murders of Dacer and Corbito up to that point. But they did not stop their subordinates from carrying out the illegal order – the murders of Dacer and Corbito -- that is why they are being made to answer for the crimes as conspirators.

If this happens, this will not be the first time that a President of the Philippines will be involved in a murder case. As a student, former President Ferdinand Marcos was convicted of murder for shooting to death Julio Nalundasan. Marcos spent six months in jail. Under command responsibility, Marcos was also liable for the assassination of Sen. Benigno Aquino. In the Aquino case, Marcos was forced into exile.

If the suspected top government officials named as masterminds in the murders of Dacer and Corbito are convicted, Bubby Dacer and Emmanuel Corbito will surely be smiling. And Bubby should celebrate his favorite Biblical quote, “With God, nothing is impossible.” (

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