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Aug 17th
Home Columns JGL Eye Taming the Tiger
Taming the Tiger PDF Print E-mail
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Columns - JGL Eye
Written by Joseph G. Lariosa   
Thursday, 25 February 2010 10:13


JGL Eye 


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C HICAGO, Illinois (JGLi) – When Tiger Woods delayed by three months his public appearance to apologize after crashing his SUV on a fire hydrant and a tree, it merely confirmed rumors that his wife must have hit his face so hard with a golf club, he had to buy time to hide his facial plastic surgery.


But the best golfer in the planet should realize by now that by engaging in sexual peccadilloes, nobody, even a superman like him, can defy the law of gravity – the bigger and higher you are, the harder you fall.


A man of Tiger’s talent must be all too familiar with what poet Edward Young (1683-1765) had said “a fool at forty is a fool indeed” if we consider that Tiger is short of six years before he reaches the age of 40.


But there is a saying among the Jesuits that if you entrust to them a young boy in Catechism, they can make a man out of the boy at seven years old. This simply means that by the age of seven, a child who completed Catechism class can already tell right from wrong and good from evil.


But Tiger would argue that he could never be blamed for violating one of the Ten Commandments for coveting women other than his wife because he is not a Christian but a Buddhist.


But one learns that under the Buddhism’s five precepts, which could be akin to the Ten Commandments of the Judaism and Christianity, the fourth precept says: “Do not misuse sex. For monks and nuns, this means any departure from complete celibacy. For the laity, adultery is forbidden, along with any sexual harassment or exploitation, including that within marriage.”


So Buddhism will not be a good cover for his redemption.




B ut we can also possibly tolerate Tiger’s behavior because in Thailand, where his mother comes from, wealthy or upper-class Thai men were allowed multiple wives and children in the same residence until outlawed by King Rama VI who died as recently as 1925.


At the rate of $100-M a year in endorsement that he earns, Tiger could possibly support a harem of 100 wives or more. Only if Tiger has his wife's permission.


As he lives a structured life, Tiger must have been so secretive of his passion for sex. Or he might have made known his sexual addition to his caddy or confidante, who should have tolerated him like a pimp, instead of reining him in.


Instead of undergoing counseling, Tiger took matters into his own hands by going on a sexual spree without counting the cost on his career and his family.


If it was all his undoing, I can just surmise that Tiger must have nearly mastered the art of hiding his trysts. But he knew it was just a matter of time when everything would explode into his face.


I am not an athlete. But I think Tiger’s success turned against himself – he became a victim of his own boredom. And satisfying his sexual addiction is a form of his escape, although a pleasurable one for him, no doubt. I just hope he did not catch sexually transmitted diseases.


But Tiger must not be reading the headlines that public figures like him have to take big risk if they cannot resist temptation of creeping away from a monogamous or monotonous relationship.


For such a long time, public officials, like President Bill Clinton, Senators Gary Hart and John Edwards, Gov. Sanford, etc., have elbowed Hollywood celebrities out of the cover of tabloids for having sexual relations outside marriage. Alas, Tiger must have thought they were choirboys of good behavior.


Without thinking of the career-ending consequences of what his lusty thoughts would bring, Tiger had cut loose all his moral bearings.


Perhaps, if he were a Muslim, which allows polygamy up to four wives for as long as he can afford to equally shower financial support to each of his wives, which he can, Tiger can still be acceptable to society. But he would have to do this into the open.




S exual conquest maybe a virtue among masochists but it is a vain among the feminist movement.


But for his profession whose earning capacity depends largely on public perception, Tiger is someone, who cannot survive to live in a glass house.


Because endorsements depend on his public image, Tiger cannot afford to engage in sexual peccadilloes without being pursued by the prying public, among them the paparazzi.


I just hope Tiger’s sudden fall from grace will serve as loud warning to celebrities, who are carrying secret affairs and yet are expecting to get away from them.


These celebrities should realize that if they ever violate the natural law of karma – you reap what you sow mantra– they could not run for cover under Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism or other “isms” because nobody escapes natural law.


And I hope, celebrities, like Filipino boxing champion Manny Pacquiao, who was earlier linked to be carrying an affair with a Filipino movie starlet, will look up to the lessons that bedeviled Tiger.


I can forgive Pacquiao fathering a child out of wedlock at the time when he was still a nobody because the mother of that child could be looking at Pacquiao’s heart, not the stomach.


But with his international reputation on the line, Pacquiao could not afford to have sexual trysts with his fans, who are not really looking at his heart but are really picking his pocket.


Like Tiger Woods, Pacquiao should realize that no amount of money could ever repair a soiled reputation. ( # # #


© opyright 2009 The Journal Group Link International. The contents provided in the JGLi may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or otherwise distributed without the prior written authority of the Journal Group Link International.


(Editor’s Note: Watch out for the upcoming outlet-oriented, subscription-based website of Journal Group Link International that guarantees originally sourced stories, features, photos, audios and videos and multi-media contents.)




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