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Aug 09th
Home Columns JGL Eye Why President Noynoy Needs the “Wang Wang”
Why President Noynoy Needs the “Wang Wang” PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, 08 July 2010 08:09




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Why President Noynoy Aquino Needs the “Wang Wang”


C HICAGO (JGLi) – It was a dog day afternoon in the early 1980s along Rizal Avenue in Santa Cruz, Manila, when a man with a gun sprinted towards a luxury car idly waiting for a traffic light to turn green. Then he pumped about three bullets on a tinted rear right passenger window and afterwards raced back against the traffic heading north.


When I got off my car to check on his prey on board the car just ahead of me, I saw a middle-aged Chinese with blood flowing from his head, lying slumped on his passenger seat.


His shocked driver appeared motionless and holding the steering wheel but managed to blow the horn to get the attention of the policeman, manning the nearby traffic stop.


I was heading southbound on my way to the Manila Bulletin, where I was a police reporter at that time. I, myself, was in shock but I did not bother to alert other people who could stop him because the shoulder-length haired man in his thirties was armed and dangerous.


This scene of danger lurking on traffic stops is one of the strongest arguments for President Noynoy Aquino to reconsider his non-use of sirens when he is traveling around Metro Manila.




P resident Noynoy will be an easy target by his enemies out to sabotage his administration.


He should remember that President John Kennedy was a moving target – his limousine was traveling an average of 11.2 miles – when he was hit by two of three bullets from what the Warren commission believed were all fired by Lee Harvey Oswald, who positioned himself 100 yards (about 100 meters) away.


I am making this plea not only because I myself was a witness to a broad daylight murder committed on board a car religiously observing traffic rules. But also because I voted for him and even contributed to his campaign through the U.S. Pinoys for President Noynoy Mar. U.S. Pinoys for President Noynoy Mar convenor, Atty. Loida Nicolas Lewis, told me she wired the $100,000 contribution to the Liberal Party thru President Noynoy's private treasurer, Mr. Jaime Lopa, on or before the May 10, 2010 elections. Mr. Lopa, however, has yet to publicly acknowledge receipt of our contribution or report the contribution to the Commission on Elections.


I want President Noynoy to fulfill his campaign promise he set out to do for the next six years.


I want him to make history, and not to be a footnote of history.

Political leaders, like his father, Ninoy Aquino, are not immune from assassination. In the U.S., four of the eight presidents, who died in office, were assassinated. Even, a pope, an unlikely victim, had also become a victim of assassination attempt.


I don’t want President Noynoy to start a trend in the Philippines, where at least three presidents, including Manuel L. Quezon (tuberculosis), Manuel Roxas (heart attack) and Ramon Magsaysay (plane crash), had died in office.




P resident Noynoy should take exception to his own rule, banning the “wang wang” (sirens). The exception should extend to the Vice President, Senate President, Speaker of the House, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, fire, police and ambulance emergencies. After all, emergencies are meant to save a life. And saving a life of a President is just as important as saving the life of ordinary citizen in an emergency.


I just hope firemen should respond to real emergencies. I remember businessmen in Chinatown had to raise money to put up their own private fire station as the Manila firemen were too slow in responding to fire alarm, unless would-be fire victims gave grease money to responding firemen.


On the other hand, if President Noynoy would insist on not having sirens, blinkers and whistles, his presidential security guards should surround his limousine and should be on full alert and be ready to take a bullet for their commander-in-chief every time they stop in traffic.


If not, President Noynoy’s convoy should be discreet, by not drawing too much attention to themselves on the road. If they can travel incognito, by not carrying plate No. 1, it will be a bit less edgy for his security.


Or if they travel with the No. 1 plate, President Noynoy should be riding in a decoy car from time to time. Or President Noynoy should always change his travel routes to confuse his enemies as Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” suggests. # # #


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