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Jun 09th
Home Columns Making It in the USA Asian-American Reaction to Call for Action Against Senator Obama
Asian-American Reaction to Call for Action Against Senator Obama PDF Print E-mail
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Columns - Making It in the USA
Saturday, 29 December 2007 14:44

"Is ‘defeat’ too strong a word?" a supporter e-mailed this rhetorical question.

"The Democratic primary is an elimination process," I answered. "If Senator Obama wins, then the candidates, who made iron-clad promises to use the power of the President to help us, will lose. Consequently, we'll lose our historic chance to finally get our equal opportunity. That is why we MUST defeat Senator Obama's candidacy."

Politics is a serious matter. Asian Americans have in the past been too scared and/or too wishy-washy in dealing with politicians who ignored our rightful concerns. See how much the 80-20 has already gained for our community when it practices politics the American way!

Beyond the above worthy question, see reactions to 80-20's Call To Action -- Defeat Senator Obama:

1) Well done. Mr. Woo . . .

     Cam Tongs

2) I strongly support your timely decision. We cannot support an minority candidate who ignores the basic rights of another minority.

     W. Yan, Washington D.C.

3) Thank you for all your efforts . . .  I've sent the following message to Senator Barack Obama . . .

"… I wish to bring attention to an issue that requires an affirmative response forthwith by Senator Barack Obama to '80-20', the Asian-American online political voice/organization. As soon as I discovered that Senator Obama had not responded to the 6 questions posed to all those aspiring to be nominees for election, I felt compelled to point out this gaping void which I felt was shameful . . . Only an unequivocal set of "yes" answers by Senator Obama in the next few days will right this serious procrastination."

      Tim Nakayama.
      The Rev. Canon TIMOTHY M NAKAYAMA Retired Seattle
      2317 N 56th St Seattle WA 98103-6211 (206)524-5965

      Diocese of Olympia + The Episcopal Church U S A---
-1998-2000 NSKK-St Andrew Aomori-Tohoku Diocese Japan
-1991-1997 NSKK-All Souls Chatan Okinawa Diocese Japan
-1966-1991 TEC--St Peter Seattle Olympia Diocese U S A
-1962-1966 ACC-Lamerton Parish Mirror/Calgary Diocese
-1958-1962 ACC-So Alberta Mission Foremost/Calgary Diocese
-1956-1958 ACC--St Barnabas' Calgary Diocese Canada
-1950-1956 ACC--Dioceses: Calgary & New Westminster

4)  I just faxed my Dec 15, letter to Obama for the 5th time including your "Defeat Obama" email. I cannot understand his logic for not responding all YESES. Is it inexperience or he has something against 80- 20?

           Kam Liu, Chicago, IL

5) Dear David (Apparently a person who works for Obama's campaign),
I'm inclined to support Barack Obama, and would like to help. But . . . until Barack responds with an unqualified "YES"…. I will be working to support another Democratic candidate . . .

            Peter Lee

6) Dear All (apparently she is forwarding 80-20's email)
     Obama had been my candidate until I read the attached about his stance towards Asian Americans.            

           Beverly Hong

7) Dear SB, We both sincerely appreciate the efforts you have put in all these years, and your contributions to Asian Americans.


8) Thanks for this very informative "Call to Action"…. I had been debating about whether to support Obama over Clinton . . .  It . . . leads me to support Clinton, who I actually think will be the better candidate anyway, given the experience factor . . . appreciate the political leverage that 80/20 is giving to the Asian American community.

           Tishan Hsu, New York, NY # # #

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