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Jun 09th
Home Columns Making It in the USA Call To Action: Send a Protest Fax to Senator Obama (Now Updated With Copies of Faxed Letters)
Call To Action: Send a Protest Fax to Senator Obama (Now Updated With Copies of Faxed Letters) PDF Print E-mail
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Columns - Making It in the USA
Monday, 17 December 2007 10:07

All prominent Democratic presidential candidates, including Senators Clinton and Edwards, have replied to 80-20's questionnaire with all YESES, except one, Senator Obama.

When a presidential candidate replies to each of the 80-20's questions with one-single word: YES, it means that she/he is giving Asian Americans an iron-clad commitment. That is, as the President she/he will help us achieve equal opportunity in workplaces and a fair representation in the Federal judiciary.  Equal opportunity is America's core value. BUT Senator Obama dares not stand up for that.

Mr. Obama talks about change. But Senator Obama is for the status quo, which is to keep a very-low glass ceiling for Asian Americans (See footnote 1).

Mr. Obama talks about wisdom. But he is afraid to stand up for America's core values. (See footnote 2) Wisdom without the courage to act is just imagination.

Mr. Obama and his staff are fond of saying to Asian Americans that when he becomes the President, Asian Americans have a better chance to become a US President. If he is even afraid to stand up for our equal opportunity in workplaces, what is the use talking about equal opportunity to be an American President? Senator Obama utters sweet words that defy logic.

   Is Senator Obama's political inexperience showing? He imagines an ideal world but is afraid to stand up for America's core value of equal opportunity in the real world.

   Fax a strong message to Senator Obama via (312) 819-2088/9 ! Copy me in via , if you like. Use your own ?words. Please include the following central message:

   Dear Senator Obama:
    Please answer 80-20's questionnaire with all yeses.
    Otherwise, I'll ask all my friends and relatives to defeat
    your candidacy in Iowa, New Hampshire and the California
    Democratic Primary.
    Name: ?
    Address: ?
    Title (optional, specify "for ID purposes only").

We are counting on you. Please to do your share to gain equal opportunity for our community. Fax it now.

Best regards,

S. B. Woo
Executive Committee member and Founding President, 80-20 PAC, Inc. ?
Lt. Governor of Delaware (1985-89)

Footnote 1: Based on publicly available government statistics, Asian Americans have the least. opportunity to enter management when compared with Blacks, Hispanics and women; the slowest rate of progress toward equal employment opportunity in spite of having the highest-educational attainment. See a full-page color ad in Washington Post on this matter which contains the complete documentation: .

Footnote 2: Senator Obama's campaign maintains that "Obama is more vulnerable to attack in standing up for equal opportunity because he is Black," although his Democratic opponents, Senators Biden, Clinton, Dodd, Edwards, and Gravel have already replied all YESES. Is Obama the kind of person we want to be our President?

NOTE: 80-20 is highly political but truly NON-partisan. It is equally tough on both Democrats and Republicans when they fail to share our concern about achieving equal opportunity.

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