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Sep 15th
Home Columns Making It in the USA How the Asian American Can Be the David in a Land of Goliaths
How the Asian American Can Be the David in a Land of Goliaths PDF Print E-mail
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Columns - Making It in the USA
Thursday, 08 November 2007 08:41

All presidential candidates yearn to win in Iowa and New Hampshire primaries. Why? Because these victories give the winner(s) a great momentum to become the next President of the USA.

Therefore, if we are to win equal opportunity through the 2008 election, we must find a way to either reward or punish those candidates in the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries. When we possess that ability, each of the presidential candidates will give us iron-clad commitment to help us win equal opportunity in workplaces.

Hence, we need the email addresses of Asian Ams in those two states. in order to get them to vote our interest. Then the presidential candidates will take our rightful interests seriously. Please look up your address books. and send me their names and email addresses. The 80-20 uses the e-addresses for 80-20 business only!

Counting on you! We'll overcome, when everyone will help.

You are the David who will beat Goliath. The email addresses you'll send to will be the slingshot. The presidential candidates who ignore Asian-American concerns are the Goliaths. Our children's destiny brightens when you join the rank of DAVID. DO IT NOW please.

One day, the 80-20 will have tens of thousands of Asian-American e-addresses from those two states -- powerful tools to win our equal opportunity.

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Last Updated on Sunday, 27 January 2008 16:50

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