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Jun 29th
Home Columns Making It in the USA Senator Clinton's Statement Versus 80-20's Six Questions
Senator Clinton's Statement Versus 80-20's Six Questions PDF Print E-mail
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Columns - Making It in the USA
Saturday, 01 December 2007 05:56

Background Briefing. After a candidate gets into the White House, the only promise that he/she can't wiggle out of will be the ones answered with YES/NO. Hence, the 80-20's questionnaire sets are very reasonable goals -- asking for basic rights already enjoyed by ALL other Americans, but requiring YES/NO answers. In 2004, ALL Democratic presidential candidates answered ALL Yeses, except for Al Sharpton.


(A) 80-20's questions: For the complete questionnaire and its cover letter, click on .

Rationale for Asking these 6 questions:

     (i) Exec. Order 11246 is a law that sets an effective penalty for any one not giving any American equal opportunity in the workplace. It has been enforced for all Americans except for Asian Americans.
     (ii)There are more Asian-American lawyers than African-American and Hispanic lawyers combined. However, Asian Americans have only 1/20 the number of Federal judges of those two groups.

(1) If elected, will you direct the Labor Secretary to hold public hearings regarding the validity of the huge amount of statistical data strongly suggesting discriminatory practices against Asian Americans in workplaces today? (Yes/No)

(2) If the data were shown valid, will you issue a directive to the Labor
Department asking it to focus on enforcing Executive Order 11246 on
behalf of Asian Americans, since in the past similar efforts have already
been made on behalf of women and other minorities?

(3) Two years after you have issued the directive described in item 2, will
you meet with a group of Asian American leaders, put together jointly by
80-20 and the Labor Department, to review the progress in extending
equal opportunity to Asian Americans?

(4) If elected, will you within your first term of office increase the
nomination of qualified Asian Americans to serve as Article III life-tenured
federal judges, such that the number of such judges is proportionate to
HALF the number of Asian Americans in the United States?

(5) If elected, will you nominate within your first term of office qualified
Asian Americans to serve as Article III Circuit Judges?

(6) If elected, will you consider nominating a qualified Asian American to the Supreme Court, when a vacancy occurs? Two years upon your taking the office, will you meet with a group of Asian American leaders, put together jointly by 80-20 and other Asian-American national organizations to review the progress in adding Asian-American Federal judges? (Yes/No)

(B) Sen. Clinton's statement to 80-20.

"As President, Hillary Clinton will be strongly committed to ensuring that Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) are well represented throughout her Administration and in the nominations she makes to federal judgeships. She recognizes that AAPIs have historically been underrepresented, especially in federal judgeships, and as President she will actively seek out qualified AAPIs for these important roles. She will also ensure that the federal government works to extend equal opportunity to all AAPIs. She will use all the powers of the presidency to ensure that discrimination against AAPIs is prosecuted, including the use of Executive action. Hillary Clinton looks forward to working with groups in the AAPI community like the 80-20 Initiative to further the promise of equality and inclusion."

Any presidential candidate will give our community such a statement without batting an eye, because it is full of sweet words, signifying nothing.

Is Sen. Clinton afraid to stand up for America's core value -- equal opportunity? Where does her triangulation (fudging) end? Remember the four reasons for targeting her? Please send to Senator Clinton a FAX that carries a strong message. Dial & FAX 703-962-8600. Tell her that you are outraged.

The 80-20 is only as strong as you are. Stand up and fight for your equal opportunity. # # #


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