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Jun 09th
Home Columns Making It in the USA Victory Now – Senator Clinton Wins Nevada and Has A Big Lead in California
Victory Now – Senator Clinton Wins Nevada and Has A Big Lead in California PDF Print E-mail
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Columns - Making It in the USA
Monday, 21 January 2008 04:47

Sen. Hillary Clinton beats Senator Obama in Nevada by 51% to 45%. The Los Angeles Times poll of Jan. 15th showed Mrs. Clinton leading Mr. Obama in California by 16 points. Chances are Senator Clinton will get the nomination after Super Tuesday on February 5th. While that is good, it is NOT good enough!


Victory for Future Generations – We have a historic mission

  The battlefield conditions are ideal* for the Asian-American community to use the California Democratic primary as a vehicle to become a big political force nationally. We'll use the occasion to prove that we are a cohesive political force to be reckoned with! After all, California has the largest number of delegates in the national conventions of both Parties and in the Electoral College!

   Once the Democrats and Republicans both get that message, our legitimate concerns in equal opportunity in workplaces and college admissions, in immigration, in anti-hate crime and in equal justice will ALL BE TAKEN CARE OF!

After the 80-20 endorsed Senator Clinton for the California race, "Clinton-campaign spokesman Luis Vizcaino said Friday that Senator Clinton ‘is honored to have the endorsement of 80-20. The Asian-American and Pacific-Islander community has a critical voice that will never go unheard when she is President.’" 

-- The Oakland Tribune, 01-19-2008 issue.

Victory for Future Generation – What We Need To Do Now

1.   Nationwide, each of us needs to email our friends and relatives in California to ask them to support Clinton on 2/5. Donate to Clinton**. The 80-20 Board Members have donated to her already.

2.   If you live in California,

   a) If you've not registered or is registered as a Republican, go register as an Undeclared/Independent or a Democrat by Jan. 22 (Tuesday) so that you may vote in the Democratic primary for Clinton on 2/5.
   b) If you have registered as an Undeclared/Independent or Democrat already, go vote for Clinton on 2/5 (Tuesday). However, an Undeclared/Independent needs to first ask for a Democratic ballot at the polling place on 2/5.
   c) Whether you can vote on 2/5 or not, use every chance to talk to every Asian American in California. Let them know: 

"The 2/5 California Democratic Primary is much bigger than helping Senator Clinton win. It is to help ourselves become equal citizens of America."

* Six factors converge to form the ideal battle condition for us:

1. California has the highest % of voters who are Asian Americans, 6 to 8% in a General election.

2. In most primaries, only half the voters normally come out to vote. But the 80-20, using its huge email list and political ads, can keep the fraction of Asian-American voters much higher.

3. California's Democratic Primary allows Declines/Independents (D/I) to vote. This gives Asian Americans a huge advantage. 43% of Asian Americans are registered as D/I, while 23% is the average of all other communities. Hence, we estimate the % of Asian-American voters in the California Democratic primary to be 16%.

4. It is very easy for D/I to vote in the Democratic Primary. Any D/I can go to the polling place on the polling day [2/5, Tuesday] to ask for a ballot from the Democratic Party to vote.

5. California's Asian-American voters have a tradition of voting 70/30 for 80-20's endorsed candidate.

6. Senator Clinton has the endorsement of most Asian-American elected officials in California, while Senator Obama has one or none. The combined influence of those elected officials and 80-20 will bring you the "equality" you are looking for through this HISTORIC fight.

** Make checks payable to "Clinton for President." Mail to Ms. Kathleen To, P.O. Box 1769, Alamogordo, NM 88310. She will bundle the checks and send to Senator Clinton days BEFORE 2/5. The maximum is $2,300 per person per election. Since Sen. Clinton faces a primary and a general election, each person may give $4,600. A couple may give $9,200. If a candidate fails to be the Nominee, $2300 per person for the General election MUST be returned to the donor. As announced nine years ago: Former Delaware Lt. Governor S. B. Woo pledged: "For the rest of my life, I shall not run for public office; I shall not accept any Federal government appointment, I shall be registered as an Independent." # # #



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