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Sep 29th
Home Sections MiscellaNEWS Bobby Reyes Reaches a Milestone as an Online Journalist (As Updated)
Bobby Reyes Reaches a Milestone as an Online Journalist (As Updated) PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 04 June 2008 15:59

On June 4, 2008, just after 5:00 p.m., the Google/Mambo programs recorded more-than 100,000 readers having read the 321 articles that Bobby Reyes has written for the Reyes started posting articles in this website just before midnight of April 9, 2007. The total of 100,000 readers (hits) came after almost 14 months of publication.

Today, Sept. 21, 2008, the total number of readers of Bobby Reyes' articles totaled 150,132 @ 6:30 a.m. The total number of articles written by Mr. Reyes increased by 58 (for a total of 379). The increase of more-than 50,000 hits came after a period of 3 months and 17 days only.

Readers can look up the MabuhayRadio Reports at the bottom of the Front Page (and after every article read) and see the data as gathered by the Google and the Mambo 4.6.2 program. Here are the eight classifications in the MabuhayRadio Reports:

  • Latest
  • Popular
  • Classifieds
  • Latest Forum
  • Authors
  • Last Read
  • Comments
  • Other News

If you click the “Authors” Category, readers will be able to see the Mabuhay Radio's Top 10 Authors (as of June 4, 2008, 5:04 p.m.):

  • Bobby Reyes has 321 articles with 100003 total readers
  • Romeo P. Marquez has 79 articles with 19963 total readers
  • Senator Pimentel's Press Office has 60 articles with 3589 total readers
  • Jesse Jose has 59 articles with 13386 total readers
  • Allan Albert has 51 articles with 25373 total readers
  • Francis Fernandez has 35 articles with 3597 total readers
  • Dr. S. B. Woo has 34 articles with 3937 total readers
  • Tom Seyer has 30 articles with 15264 total readers
  • MabuhayRadio News Service has 25 articles with 4109 total readers
  • Dr. Cora Claudio has 24 articles with 2586 total readers

This means that an average of 311.54 readers have read each of Mr. Reyes’s 321 articles for the said period of almost 14 months. For Google to be able to record on a daily basis the number of hits, each visit must come from a particular computer hooked to up to an Internet Service Provider (ISP). As a general rule, repeat visitors using the same computer on the same day register only one hit, no matter how many times they visit a particular article on the same 24-hour period. In fact, computers sharing the same broadband connection are read by Google as only one site (one computer).


The top-10 authors of the have written a combined 718 articles as of the time this article was written. All the 718 articles collectively generated 191,807 hits. Bobby Reyes accounted for 44.71% of the articles and 52.14% of the hits. On an overall scale, each of the 718 articles generated an average of 267.14 readers and most of them are actually the so-called “unique users” that the Google and the Mambo 4.6.2 program (software) were able to recognize. This year, the will pass the 2,000 milestone in the number of articles published.


According to Allan Albert, the webmaster, this website now attracts 500 to 600 “unique users” per day. This performance has enabled this website to become the top Filipino community website in the United States. The and the continue to fight for supremacy in the rankings for the United States. The, a mere online publication, is just on its 14th month of existence. The is on its 17th year and counts on its hard-copy editions distributed in Southern and Northern California, Southern Nevada and the New York-New Jersey Filipino markets to promote its website.

Currently, the is ranked by as #74,281 most-popular site in the United States. The ranks the as #77,610 in the U.S.A.

Mr. Albert also discontinued the online counter on Feb. 19, 2008, after it registered 112,786 hits (or visits). Instead he replaced it with the Google and Mambo 4.6.2 programs of monitoring hits, plus the ranking system of Mr. Albert said that the three systems enable him to determine a more-realistic approach of knowing the actual number of “unique hits” generated by the website. After all, nobody can manipulate the three outside programs that the uses, so that the numbers of hits that are shown on the “Mabuhay Radio's Top 10 Authors” reflect the most-accurate recording of visits (readership).


So, who said that “Nobody reads the and Bobby Reyes?” Please visit again this article, FANHS Web Sites Attract Few Readers, wherein one critic of Mr. Reyes said so without any factual basis at all. # # #

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Last Updated on Sunday, 21 September 2008 22:05

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