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Apr 08th
Home Sections MiscellaNEWS "DH" Comedia: A Call for a Measured Response
"DH" Comedia: A Call for a Measured Response PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 17 October 2007 14:11

A Call for a Measured Response

This web site is probably the only Filipino community online publication that has tried to present as many views (even opposing viewpoints) about what we now call the "Desperate Housewives" ("DH") Comedia. Please find this latest article, which the physician-friend of Atty. Linda Sarno sent to us through her.

Happy reading. 


My fellow Thomasians:

Just like most, if not all, Fil-Ams, and especially those in the Medical profession, I am as upset about the racial slur that was directed specifically towards the physicians in that infamous episode of "Desperate Housewives".  Just when I was getting comfortable with the thought that I have given the best of my life in the delivery of quality medical care to my adopted country of which is being rewarded by my grateful patients with an almost inexplicable adulation, now comes the reality that in certain sectors of the country, in this case the powerful media, my efforts are not recognized and, worse, my qualifications are being questioned just because I hail from a foreign country.  I felt a slap on my face and a kick in my rear end.  ABC had accused me of being a fake and an inept provider not worthy of taking care of my chosen countrymen, all under the guise of entertainment.  My initial reaction, like most of you, is anger.  I want to get even at whatever cost. 

I know I am not alone in feeling like this as evidenced by the overwhelming Internet traffic that continues to barrage the cyberspace.  While this points to our strength in numbers, the uncoordinated responses also reflects our weakness.  We do not have a unified organization to quickly respond in unison to a crisis.  There are several groups, or individuals, who are assuming the responsibility of dealing with ABC, and they may or may not truly represent the sentiments and aspirations of the offended parties.  The medical professional was the object of ridicule, and we, physicians, should be leading the charge. However, we are so fragmented that it is almost impossible to come up with a unified stand, unless we can bond together quickly and soon.

In responding to this crisis, we need to set and prioritize our goals.  It appears that the two immediate ones have already been achieved and we just need to make sure they are carried out.  First is the apology that ABC already purportedly offered, though rather a shallow one.  And, second is the prevention of further damage by editing out the derogatory comments in further episodes, replays, or DVDs that can be viewed in the future.

Next step should be to turn this unfortunate event to our advantage.  For restitution, we should use what the media is good for, which is spread information to the public.  Let us have them "put in the good word".  We should demand that ABC develop programs that will feature the sacrifices the immigrant community, particularly the physicians, had gone through. The fact that these physicians who've come to the USA are actually the cream of the crop, a resource drain from their country of origin, have now become a major asset of their adopted country, the USA. In most instances these physicians are over trained compared to their American counterparts.

ABC can accomplish these things at practically no additional cost to them.  This can potentially increase their patronage, thus this becomes a win-win situation for us, as well as for them.  Profitability is pretty much the religion of corporate America.  I seriously doubt that going after their pocket will do anybody any good as I am sure they will not be willing to part with even a single cent without a fight.  Suing them will probably accomplish very little in the long run.  And besides where will the legal fees come from to fight a corporate giant that has a much deeper pocket to dig into.

We indeed have a big challenge in our hands.  While it is right for us to get angry, let us get hold of our emotions and try to think this through.  We need to be cunning and calculating and come up with a measured response that will more likely advance our cause. And even better, let us get united, not only to meet the current adversity but also future challenges that will surely come.  Let us call for a summit of all leaders perhaps hosted by an already established organization like the NaFFAA (National Federation of Filipino American Associations) which already has a head start in dealing with several of the established Fil-Am organizations.  We may even need a "congress of Medical Alumni of Associations" to coordinate physician affairs.

As often is the case, a crisis brings up the best in men.  Our current dilemma certainly deserves our best.


Primo A. Andres, MD, FACC, FSCAI
President, USTMAA Foundation
Executive Director (2008), USTMAAA
455 Hospital Lane, Terre Haute, IN 47802
Office:    (812) 238 1521
Fax:       (812) 232 0341

  Web: Phone: 248-626-1114
  E-Mail: Primo Andres, M.D. Fax:     248-626-3918

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Last Updated on Friday, 26 October 2007 07:49

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