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Sep 30th
Home Sections MiscellaNEWS Digerati's UAE-Wide Computer Knowledge – Filipinos Positive Counter to the Global Financial Crisis
Digerati's UAE-Wide Computer Knowledge – Filipinos Positive Counter to the Global Financial Crisis PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Filipino Digerati Association's Press Office   
Monday, 30 March 2009 09:53

Dateline Dubai, 30 March 2009

T he Filipino Digerati Association undertakes an effort to provide a UAE-wide presence to reach more Filipinos and spread the much-needed computer skills, in a large-scale basis, to prepare these Filipinos to counteract further work displacement in the UAE. This is the Filipino Digerati Association's response to today's global recession. It wants to do a positive counteraction by arming the less-fortunate "Kababayans" with the right tools and keep them abreast with computer expertise and personal-and-professional development.      

The Digerati is the solid assistance of the Philippine Government in spreading free computer literacy in UAE. Its wide presence will mean computer knowledge to every Filipinos in UAE. The Digerati is serving Filipinos in the following areas, Sharjah,
Ajman, Dubai and starting on 22 May 2009, new branches will be opened in Al Ain and Abu Dhabi and soon, they will be opening in Ras Al Khaima, Fujeirah and Umm Al Quein.           

Filipino learners will discover the basic and advanced level of all computer-desktop applications, computer networking, assembly, designing a personal and business web, web programming and manipulating pictures using various tools and software.            

Maria Lani B. Braga-Reyes, one of the founders and Board of Trustees, said: "This is the right time to reach out to our dear fellow Filipinos, in Al Ain and
Abu Dhabi
; broaden the computer literacy all over the UAE. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the incumbent EXECOM for this wonderful project."          

"This endeavor to move from one emirate to another is a clear manifestation that there is a great camaraderie within the organization. Each individual share bountiful pie and I know we will succeed as the forces behind our processes tell us to go forward and lift the lives of all these Filipinos. The spirit of Digerati is nothing but pure and noble" said the founder and valiant team leader of Sharjah Angels, Rizzy Abuel. She also congratulates the incumbent EXECOM headed by its very conscientious and energetic President, Arnel G. Ramos, for a great job done.         

O ne of the Board of Trustees and Team Leader of Al Ain, Engr. Lilian
Bautista, said that, "Digerati is moving so fast with well organized plans to execute our vision of computer literacy to each Filipino in UAE". "One of the core values of Digerati is to educate these less-fortunate Filipinos and moving from one emirate to another is a very positive response to our genuine advocacy; that is to prepare them to become globally competitive in today 's working environment" she added. Engr. Bautista will lead the team in Al Ain, assisted by a computer-engineering graduate, Ms. Lovelyn Guyo, her loving sister Diane Guyo, a Business Administration graduate.             

Jennifer "Lucky" Guevarra-Jimenez and Zeus "Zhey" Zalzos, both holding Digerati's key positions accepted the offer to reach out in
Abu Dhabi. They will manage the pool of professional trainers headed by Ms. Rowena Miranda-Afan, a former teacher and a UP-Los Banos alumna together with her husband an engineering consultant in one of the biggest engineering companies in Abu Dhabi
, Mr. Donald Afan. A Filipino engineer named, Analiza Binondo will complete the brave trainers who will handle basic computer courses.             

Arnel G. Ramos, the incumbent president, would like to express his deepest gratitude to the team leaders and team officers of newly established Digerati locations. When asked about, his views with the current occurrence of global credit crunch and sudden loss of jobs, he firmly said "Computer literacy opens a lot of doors for opportunities, Let us not waste time, this is the start, we will move swiftly but surely, we will reach you, we will model the way, we will give you all our bests and together Filipinos will win the battle of global recession". # # #

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Last Updated on Monday, 30 March 2009 18:55

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