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Aug 25th
Home Sections MiscellaNEWS Friend Defends “Fake Lawyer and Bogus Journalist”
Friend Defends “Fake Lawyer and Bogus Journalist” PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 24 January 2011 13:20



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C HICAGO (jGLi) – The dirt being allegedly dug by a Los Angeles, California-based Filipino activist against a “fake ‘lawyer’ and bogus journalist” is just being raised “to cover his own ass.”


Perry Diaz, a Filipino-American community newspaper columnist, coming to the defense of Pacifico “Pex” Aves, told this reporter in an e-mail, “you seem to be trying to beat a dead horse. I can’t believe that you would entertain what Bobby Reyes was saying against Pex Aves. For one thing, Bobby is a libelous person. However, he is not afraid to libel anybody because he is insolvent and, what we call, ‘palamunin’ (freeloader).”


Diaz said, “in the case of Bobby, he was sued for libel and a judgment of $10,000 was ruled against him. He refused to pay the judgment claiming that he was ‘bankarote’ (bankrupt) surviving on handouts from his relatives and friends.”


Editor’s Note: The unkind allegations of Perry Diaz have been refuted in this satire, which contains hyperlinks to other articles that re-stated the malicious attacks by a NaFFAA clique on the person of Bobby Reyes,

which Mr. Diaz plagiarized again:

The Truth Is Lolo Bobby’s Employed as One of the World’s Most-outstanding Multitasking Experts



“I came to know Pex just recently, but I know that he never claimed to be a lawyer in the 30 years he’s been in business,” Diaz said. “He has (a) business that works with lawyers. There is nothing wrong with that. When the court sanctioned him for an ‘error and omission’ case, he was fined together with the lawyer he worked with.”


“It’s unfortunate that his lawyer-partner didn’t have an ‘error and omission’ insurance, which would have covered the case. Since they didn’t have an E & O insurance, the two had to pay the fines imposed by the court.”


Bobby Reyes reported Friday (Jan. 21) in his website,, that Aves was fined $2,000 in 2002 by a Los Angeles Superior Court for “committing a fraudulent, unfair, and deceptive act” of “unauthorized practice of law.” He was also ordered also to return $3,000 that he collected as fees from his “clients” in the instant case. (To read the Reyes report about Mr. Aves, please go to: Superior Court Found Pex Aves Guilty of "Unauthorized Practice of Law" as Early as 2002.)


A Judge Russell found Aves, a bankruptcy-court petition preparer, “engaged in the unauthorized practice of law. The debtor provided details connecting Aves to the bankruptcy filing. The attorney, whose name was on the petition, said he neither signed nor authorized his signature on the bankruptcy documents.”


Presenting the Side of Mr. Aves


R eached for comment, Mr. Aves clarified that “it is not the Superior Court who (sic) rendered the decision but it was the Bankruptcy Court. (B)ut it is not a conviction but it was a sanction. (A)nd the case was not a criminal case but a civil case.


“It started this way. (In) 1995, Atty. John Nordblom (an American lawyer) contacted me, asking if we can work together because he was interested to tap the Filipino community. I already have a Legal Services office then called Lawyer's Support Group, which I opened on (sic) the late 1980's yet. (H)e was interested to work with me because my office was popular to the Filipino community because I have then a bi-weekly tabloid paper.

“So we started working together in Accident and Bankruptcy cases.

  Our set-up then was that I prepare all the papers but Atty. John Nordblom will represent clients in Court because I was not a US license (sic) lawyer.

“Sometime in year 2002, we were working then on a Bankruptcy case, (I already forgot the name of the client). (B)ut I remember that the couple was from
San Luis Obispo, California.

“The papers then that was (sic) presented to the Court was complete. (B)ut as usual the Bankruptcy Court have their (sic) own way to locate or to find out if Bankruptcy applicants are hiding something especially if they are in doubt about the truthfulness of BK applicants.


“(A)nd in this case, the Court found out that our clients did not report that they have a half million fully paid house. (A)nd the Court found this out. (A)nd when they were investigated under penalty of perjury, they told the BK Investigator that our office did not ask them about the list of their properties, of course it was just their alibi because if they did not make that excuses they surely will go to jail.”


Mr. Aves said the bankruptcy court sanctioned him and his lawyer, Atty. Nordblom, to pay $5,000 each, as they were both at fault.


“I was just too trusting with people,” Pex Aves now regrets.


Calls by this reporter to the office of Atty. Nordblum for comment were not answered. # # #


Editor’s Notes:


1.)   To contact the author, please e-mail him at:  (


2.)    To view other articles about the alleged illegal practice of law by Mr. Aves, please click on these links:


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Another Exposé: Aves’ “High-caliber Lawyers” Employed in his L. A. Law Office Are Unknown to the California Bar Association


How Immigrants Pacifico and Porfirio Got to Have Anglicized Names of “Pex” and “Perry”


YouTube Newsvideo of Pex Aves, the Filipino Impostor of a “Lawyer” and “Journalist” in Los Angeles


Los Angeles-based Self-proclaimed “Mediaman” cum “Lawyer” Exposes Self as a “Madman” and “Abogago”




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