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Aug 13th
Home Sections MiscellaNEWS German Seeks Assistance for Philippine Music Research Project
German Seeks Assistance for Philippine Music Research Project PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 29 January 2008 16:00

Here is a posting sent by Hans Brandeis datelined Berlin, Germany, Jan. 29, 2008:

I've been quiet in this list during the past months. I made another research trip to the Philippines last year and, after that, somehow I was not able to return to my daily e-mail and yahoo-groups routine like before . . .  


As some of you might remember, I am conducting a thorough research on the Philippine boat lutes (kudyapi, hegelung, kuglung, etc.).  For those who don't know me yet, here is a link to my website about Philippine traditional music:  

In my research, I also want to include musical instruments, which are stored in several museums around the world and which I would like to visit.  At this time, I am planning trips to the following places (among others):    

Chicago, US Barcelona, Spain Madrid, Spain Leiden, Netherlands   (I have contacts in Paris and within Germany... If you still know of any other places, where I can find boat lutes, outside of the Philippines, I would appreciate, if you could send me a message...)   

My main problem is that my research has always been self-financed, from my own pocket, so that I actually cannot afford these trips at all... The prices for the trips themselves I will still be able to handle, but accommodation goes beyond my means. For example, to document the instruments at the Field Museum for Natural History in Chicago will probably take me three weeks. I don't know how the prices for hotels are in the US, but certainly not below $100 per night, for an ordinary room... For the same amount of money, I would rather go to the Philippines for another two months to go on with my research there...     

Therefore, I am asking you for some assistance. I would like to know, if you know of any cheap kinds of accommodation in the cities mentioned above. I hope there will be a way...    

Editor's Note: Hans ends his posting by wishing one and all a nice day.  


Hans Brandeis, ethnomusicologist, Berlin, Germany. 

E-Mail: Homepage for Ethnic Minorities in the Philippines:  

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 29 January 2008 23:42

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