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Jul 30th
Home Sections MiscellaNEWS Gus Mercado Reports on the Texas Trade and Investment Mission to the Philippines
Gus Mercado Reports on the Texas Trade and Investment Mission to the Philippines PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 26 November 2007 13:42

The Trade Mission was so successful beyond words, so I will just let others and the photos speak for themselves. The most flattering comment came from our guest delegates from nine other states who categorically said that this last Trade Mission was "the best organized U.S. Trade Mission to the Philippines, ever!"  Wow!  We will take the compliment, but we are sharing it with all the hardworking members of our Organizing Committee.


To read more data about the Trade Mission, as published on Oct. 2nd in this web site, please click on Texas Chamber Sends Special Trade Mission to the Philippines.

The Office of the Philippine President issued an official press release that was published in all newspapers in the country. (It is published at the end of this article.) Copies of the PowerPoint presentation that I made were sent to all the VIPs who attended, which included President Arroyo, VP Noli de Castro, Senators Loren Legarda, Dick Gordon, Mar Roxas, Speaker Joe de Venecia, etc. and of course our  very  lovely Batangas Governor Vilma Santos-Recto, and  all five other Calabarzon governors  -- Governors Maganda, Maningning, Maliksi, Matalino at Masipag.  It is 3.5 MB in size.  

On top of the super-receptions that we received, another best thing that came out of this is the fact that our Chamber made approximately $10,000 net income from this huge project.  We owe that to our Chamber President Ethel Mercado's responsible fiscal planning and management of the project, and to having learned from mistakes of past Trade Missions that we participated in. 


To read more data about the Trade Mission, as published on Oct. 2nd in this web site, please click on Texas Chamber Sends Special Trade Mission to the Philippines







** * *

Texas Chamber Sends Upbeat Trade Mission to RP

Manila -- Gus Mercado, chairman and CEO of Datalogix Texas, a thriving high-tech company in Texas, and head of the Texas Trade and Investment Mission to the Philippines has announced the arrival of 50 top executives and entrepreneurs from Texas and other parts of the US and Canada for a special Trade and Investment conference from October 22nd to the 27th, in response to the call of Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo for US businessmen to do business in the Philippines.

33rd Philippine Business Conference Expo

Photo shows members of the Texas Trade Mission signing historic memoranda of agreements (MOA) with the top business and government leaders of the Philippines. The MOAs are about the Chamber Federations in both countries working together on high-profile programs, for the economic empowerment of Filipinos in America and in the Philippines. From Left to Right: Ramon Valera and Samie Lim, past president and current president of PCCI; Yolanda Stern, FPACC chairperson; and Gus Mercado, Texas Head of Mission. Shown witnessing the signing are U.S. Ambassador to the Philippines Kristie Kenney and Minister of Foreign Affairs Albert Romulo, Mario Panoringan, president of PACC Washington State,  PACCNT President Ethel Mercado, Consul General Mary Jo Bernardo Aragon of the Philippine Consulate of Los Angeles and Philippine Chamber of Industry leader Donald Dee (standing).

The trade mission focused on IT/Telecom outsourcing and Joint-Venture opportunities, as well as pursue business partnerships in finance, legal services, medical tourism, export and real estate.

"This special mission to help boost the economy of the Philippines will go on as scheduled", announced Mercado. "We are saddened but undeterred by the recent news about peace and order and the political storms hovering over our trip. We are used to these and have been bringing investment groups to the country for many years, even during the dark days of martial law," Mercado added. "When you have a sincere desire to help the country and its people, you should be impervious to the political climate and resolved to welcome all the challenges that come your way."

Ethel Mercado, president of the primary sponsoring group, the Philippine-American Chamber of Commerce of Texas, said: "Regardless of our current status in the U.S. or how long we have been gone, we are Filipinos, first and foremost, and we will keep coming back to pay tribute to our homeland, without being discouraged by whatever circumstances prevail during our visits."

The Texas Trade Mission's activities consist of high-level business forums on investment and joint venture opportunities in the Philippines and on international best practices on the focus sectors, business matching and visits to call centers, BPO shops and industrial parks.

As a former U.S. colony and long-time ally, the Philippines enjoys tremendous advantages over other countries that also provide outsourced services.
According to overall Mission Coordinator Gus Mercado, it is envisioned that the mechanisms for bilateral exchange will be institutionalized to facilitate the business relationships between business people of both countries through the chamber network. "TexasPhilippines' biggest trading partner among all the states, with electronics, energy, aircraft and technical services as the leading exports," adds Mercado.

"IT outsourcing is a new frontier that U.S. corporate giants like Sprint, IBM, Convergsys, Verizon, Microsoft, T.I., DELL and a host of smaller U.S. companies are finding to be very worthwhile and appealing in the Philippines from cost and quality standpoints. As a former colony and long-time ally of the U.S., the Philippines enjoys tremendous advantages over other countries that also provide outsourced services. Unlike other countries that have British orientation, the Philippine educational system, legal and political system, accounting practices and business protocols are patterned after the U.S. "

Highlights of the Trade Mission include: Tours of the five CALABARZON provinces; visits to call centers and BPO shops and wellness centers for Medical Tourism; exploration of real estate for investment and/or retirement purposes; and one-on-one meetings with potential Philippine partners, suppliers/clients that have been arranged by the group's host organizations, including the CALABARZON Regional Development Council, the Philippine-U.S. Business Club of the PCCI, and the Pasay City Chamber of Commerce with whom the Philippine-American Chamber has signed a Sister City Chamber agreement. In addition to exploring the CALABARZON region for possible investment opportunities, the visiting business group will also participate in this week's 33rd Philippine Business Conference at the Manila Hotel, meet with the country's top business and government leaders and have a private audience with President Gloria Arroyo and the five CALABARZON governors. (PIA-MMIO)

(Originally released on 10/22/2007.)

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