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Sep 27th
Home Sections MiscellaNEWS Public Outcry Forces U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to Resign
Public Outcry Forces U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to Resign PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 27 August 2007 15:05

The resignation of United States Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has been made public today. The "forced" exit of Mr. Gonzales brings to mind an Irish proverb, "Victory has many fathers while defeat is an orphan." So many public officials, private concerns and individuals lobbied for Mr. Gonzales’ departure. A bipartisan call for Attorney General Gonzales’ resignation came from many distinguished members of the United States Congress. The legislators listened to their constituents, majority of whom wanted Mr. Gonzales to leave his office. Certainly the American people showed the world what democracy is all about.’s columnist, Jesse Jose, did his part. Mr. Jose wrote on May 22, 2007, in his column, "A Cup o’ Kapeng Barako," the need for Mr. Gonzales to resign. You may read again Mr. Jose’s column at this link:


Even the’s webmaster, Allan Albert, wrote a piece critical of Attorney General Gonzales’ proposal to the United States Congress of "Criminalizing Attempted Copyright Crimes." To read Mr. Albert’s report dated May 16, 2007, please click on this link: 


The departure of Mr. Gonzales is democracy in action. And the "Democracy for America" members played a major role in the battle to return integrity to Washington. Here's what they did in demonstrating the so-called "power of the progressive grassroots":

* Signed over 100,000 petitions calling for Gonzales to go.¹

* Ran three hard-hitting media generating ads.²

* Ran newspaper ads in five major media markets.³

* Delivered powerful messages to Members of Congress by phone, through email and in-person


¹ Impeach Gonzales Petition -
Co-Sponsor Inslee Resolution -

² Gonzales Must Go -
The President won't fire him, but YOU can -
Impeach Gonzales, Part 2: The Crimes -

³ DFA newspaper Ad -

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