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Apr 04th
Home Sections MiscellaNEWS Readers’ Feedback: Opposing Views on the “Desperate Housewives” Comedia and Proposed Boycott of ABC
Readers’ Feedback: Opposing Views on the “Desperate Housewives” Comedia and Proposed Boycott of ABC PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 14 October 2007 03:05

 As Updated on Nov. 25, 2007:

The best reward for writers and journalists is a well-written feedback from a reader, whether pro or con. Well, this writer has received so many comments, some of which have been posted in the "Users’ Comments" section that appears at the end of the article. Here are some of the best comments. The adverse commentary comes from Atty. Linda Sarno, a former president of the Filipino-American Chamber of Commerce of Orange County (Southern California). The first and third commentaries are in support of this editorial staff’s position. The third letter comes from Ms. Danita R. Soriano, an executive in a Pasadena, California-based advertising agency. The letters are published unedited. We are publishing the comments of San Diego's veteran journalist, Romy P. Marquez, about the proposed boycott of the ABC Network and the Disney conglomerate, including the Disneyland resorts and the Disney stores.


* * * * 

To the Chair of Filipino American Leadership Council,
If Presidents Reagan, Bush and Clinton could trust Filipino physicians with their health, and million more Americans that our 22,000 Filipino physicians attend to and serve in their most needy moments, why be bothered by the ignoramuses at ABC?
My unsolicited opinion is that your group should capitalize on those facts you mentioned and which I repeat here. They speak solidly about Filipino doctors, their knowledge, expertise and skills.
Boycotting Disney, ABC and what else does not help the cause much. On the contrary, that only trivializes the issue and reduces your group to petty, vengeful, desperate types.
If it is, to quote you, "incumbent upon us to contribute to the ideals of America because there is still more work to be done – more hearts to convert, more minds to enlighten" then let the sun shine on your members' achievements in making America the healthy country that it is.
The most notable that comes to mind right now is Dr. Connie Mariano, the personal physician of President Clinton who also served under President Bush. Then there's Dr. Maria Lourdes F. Reyes, the first Filipino to become president of the American Cancer Society in California. I'm sure there are more.
Perhaps your group would contribute a lot to the education of these ABC bigots, and that is a mental health concern, too, isn't it?, than just mounting a boycott.
Evidently, those behind the sitcom and the role layers are not only ill-informed, they are also utterly ignorant of much of the world. I doubt if they knew where the Philippines is geographically or that Spanish is also one of our languages.
Would an apology salve our wounded pride? Look, those people also have rights to express themselves in whatever fashion they want. If they decided to look and appear stupid, fine. That's a First Amendment guarantee. I mean, don't begrudge them for exercising what essentially is their freedom of speech.
Happy Thanksgiving to all. Thanks and best regards,
Romy Marquez
Philippine Village Voice (San Diego)

* * * * 


I respectfully disagree with your position.  Fiction or no fiction, the Filipinos who contribute superbly to the medical and healthcare arena in this country do not deserve that comment.  We have to start getting united or we can be taken for granted - how about that comedian who made a racist joke?  Are you going to say that the group he made a racist comment was also making a mountain out of a mole?  That comedian had to eat his pride and surely had a good lesson.

Let me share with you a comment I received from a medical doctor (chosen because it details what a Philippine medical doctor has to go through to practice in this country which I personally know having a sister who is a doctor here as well). ----------


There are Americans and other Filipino doctors (who are brown-skinned but think they are white) who don't understand why the fury from us escalated to this level.  First, Filipinos are over dramatic, over patriotic, and will die for a cause . . . They don't understand how we were able to practice Medicine in the US.  First, we had to pass our own 3 day-Philippine board exams, then we had our Philippine 4-year residency, then we had to go through US application for another residency inter-matching program.  When accepted, we had to pass the FMG's (Foreign Medical Graduates) exam and then go through another 3-4 years of US residency program.  The finale is the passing first time of the 3-day US board exams.  That means, well . . . proud to say, if one practices Medicine in the US . . . she/he is smart.  Of course, there will always be bad apples . . . as there are STUPID American docs as well.  I would like to invite you to access the open-to-the-public registry of revoked licenses and see how many American sounding last names there are.  I also noticed that most new docs now have Chinese, Middle Eastern, Russian, Indians and Filipino last names, so the discriminatory writer of the show had no clue of the medical community nowadays.

ALL FOREIGN graduates and ALL US graduates are DUMB without knowledge of the REAL MEDICAL WORLD after graduation from medical schools, whether the medical schools are from the US, Caribbean, India, Middle Eastern or the Philippines. We came out really good ONLY after the residency programs. 

The bottom line is real, the racism is here, I went through the grueling years of proving myself in the medical community, and I tell you what . . . I fought and stood tall . . . to name a lot, they are the doctors and patients who believed in me to get me to where I am today—practicing for 24 years without any malpractice suits.  So, WHAT's the big deal with the line "I want to make sure that your diploma is not from some med school in the Philippines" discriminating us doctors who graduated from the Philippines?  A LOT . . . for me.  UNQUOTE.

Thank you,

Linda Sarno, esq.


* * * *

Here's what I can say regarding your editorial on Desperate Housewives’ Brouhaha.

Bobby, thanks again for your very cerebral, thought-provoking editorial.  You should publish it in all the Filipino newspaper to open our kababayans’ eyes. Of course, we all felt uncomfortable with the comment but, hey, that is just another immoral TV show that smart women should not even watch. (I never saw an episode of that show). That is why I just knew all about this from my brother, who happens to be a seasoned, intelligent doctor from the 60's who has a very successful practice in Illinois. Somebody else sent it to him.

All I can say is discrimination will live forever.  Let us take it with a grain of salt and move on.  How often have we laughed at Polish, Jewish, Hispanic, etc., jokes?  Just because it is about us, Filipinos, we are affronted? Isn't it true that we love to tell jokes? Now the joke is on us and we are offended?  What happened to our sense of humor? The action of these Filipinos who are trying to sue ABC is so preposterous and inane that we will end up with eggs on our faces, more ridicule, and like you said be the butt of the joke in all talk shows.  Instead of encouraging our professionals to do better and prove everyone wrong, they are showing their ignorance, close-mindedness, and their greed for money. Here is a typical comment one hears in gatherings of hot shot Filipinos, "Pare, pagkakataon na ito para magkapera tayo nang walang pagod!"  Nothing but a bunch of crooked Filipinos na makakapal ang mukha, garapal at ganid sa pera! Let it rest, guys, before you bury yourselves deeper into a life of shame and embarrassment.  Show some class, not ignorance. Suing is not going to solve this issue. If they have nothing else to do, they should go back home and help our poverty-stricken country.

Oh, I forgot to share this observation:  Whenever these Filipino hot shots get ill-gotten money in their pockets, they fly home to the Philippines and brag how they got rich. They are ever so proud of how they tricked the American System.  This incident that is happening is just one excuse of the typical sleazy moves of Filipino crooks to gain wealth without sweat!  Have they forgotten karma. What goes around, comes around.

I enjoy reading your editorials as I like your unbiased thoughts of sensitive issues that need to be addressed in an intelligent manner. Keep it going. They are superb!

I just don't read any Filipino editorials, but I find your website to be one of the most-honest and humble sources of information that I can laugh and cry at the same time, chuckle over some ridiculous comments and sometimes get my dander up but all I can say is it keeps me informed of "what's brewing in the Filipino-American community." Thanks for sharing.  Life is all about sharing and you are doing a great job.

Danita R. Soriano

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Last Updated on Sunday, 25 November 2007 10:29

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