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Oct 04th
Home Sections NaFFAAgate “Dietzcoveries:” Sex, Lies and NaFFAAgate
“Dietzcoveries:” Sex, Lies and NaFFAAgate PDF Print E-mail
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Sections - NaFFAAgate
Written by Bobby M. Reyes   
Monday, 17 August 2009 20:35

T he term "Dietzcoveries" is a word that I coined to highlight the facts unearthed by Ms. Lorna Dietz – as backed up or confirmed by writers like Romeo P. Marquez, Joseph G. Lariosa and others like this author. She is an attractive-and-sexy Northern-California-based community leader, public figure and budding blogger (online journalist). You can meet Ms. Lorna and read her postings in  


The Menorgate, as part of the NaFFAAgate, is actually a compilation of the adventures and/or misadventures of Ben Menor, who used to chair the National Federation of Filipino-American Associations (NaFFAA) chapter in San Jose, California. He served also as one of the national executive officers (NEOs) of the NaFFAA headquarters in Washington, DC. Readers can check up on the various episodes of the Menorgate in this URL: 


* Here is a recent “Dietzcovery,” as posted by Ms. Lorna in an e-mail forum. (Her entire posting is reproduced at the bottom of this article – in the User’s Comments.) I posted in the same public forum that, “A Ms. Nenita Lumagui who was listed as a payee in the Financial Report for the NaFFAA convention in San Jose, CA, in August 2002, has been confirmed by two of our sources as being the alleged mistress of Ben Menor. She was listed in the Financial Report as having received six checks issued by Mr. Menor for a total of $4,232.09.”


Ms. Dietz corrected me by posting, “(Bobby Reyes could not put) Nenita's name down correctly. Her name is Nita Geda. The crabs had a thing for Nita. They even stalked her and did a stakeout at her home, one of the CRABS told me (Penny Aguila). Poor woman! I don't think her name should be dragged in the trollish home of Bobby Reyes. Imagine, ‘alleged mistress!””


* * Webmaster’s Note: This is the third time that Bobby Reyes has written a parody of the Hollywood flick, Sex, Lies, and Videotape (1989), as directed by Steven Soderbergh. With James Spader, Andie MacDowell, Peter Gallagher. A sexually repressed woman's husband is having an affair with her sister.

Bobby has written Sex, Lice and Videotape and

Sex, Lice and Videotape (Part Two) 


A fter this writer received from one of his Deep Throats the NaFFAA’s 2002 Convention’s “Smoking Gun” (the financial report that the NaFFAA NEOs refused to release to the public), I alerted the NaFFAA leadership, including Ms. Dietz, by posting this finding by the auditor who examined the financial report: “Petty Cash expenses refunded were small amounts except to: Nenita Lumagui who received 6 checks with a total of $4,232.09 – No explanation for payment.”


But Ms. Dietz could be right. The payments could have been made for Ms. Nenita acting as Mr. Menor’s Mistress . . . of Ceremonies (emcee) in the 2002 NaFFAA convention in San Jose. But certainly, Ms. Lorna embellished the report by stating that Mr. Menor’s critics even had a stakeout at Ms. Nenita’s home (presumably to catch Mr. Menor in action?).


* The CRABS. If you did not understand what the CRABS meant in Ms. Lorna’s posting, it is the acronym for “Citizens Rebelling Against Bogus Spending.” The CRABS was formed by several American citizens of Filipino descent who were domiciled in Northern California. Did the CRABS turn into a virtual omelet Mr. Menor and Company by running after their nest eggs?


It was actually a CRAB cofounder, Tito Cortez, who alerted the City of San Jose, California, about the alleged financial scam that happened in the Northside Community Center (NCC), which Mr. Menor headed. Mr. Cortez was Mr. Menor’s deputy executive director at the NCC.


But after Mr. Menor divorced Mr. Cortez’s sister, all hell broke loose. It is said to be public knowledge that a Ms. Nenita Lumagui (AKA per Ms. Dietz’s report, Nita Geda) was the other woman in the break-up of the Menor marriage. This was revealed to the press by Mr. Cortez. Remember the adage, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”? Indeed, hell hath no fury like a scorned woman, who has a righteous brother.


* And while apparently a triangle was the 3-sided “marital” polygon that triggered off the Menorgate in San Jose, it was the “square root” that caused the break-up of the friendship between Romy Marquez of San Diego, California, and Greg Macabenta, the NaFFAA head honcho.


Contrary to reports that it was just one woman (allegedly Mr. Macabenta’s girl friend who tried to flirt with Mr. Marquez), there was another girl. Proof? Mr. Macabenta sent this nasty e-mail to Mr. Marquez:  “. . . your sordid lovemaking with a poor defenseless woman. Screw you . . .” (To read the Macabenta e-mail in its entirety, please go to The Bottle, oops, “Battle of the Bulge” Now Looms for the NaFFAA’s Midwest Convention in Chicago)


So, per the educated guess of Poet-pundit Fred Burce Bunao, whose “eyes and ears” in San Diego reported that there were allegedly two girls that were the root causes of the Macabenta-Marquez break-up. It is easier now to believe the claims of Mr. Bunao because Mr. Macabenta himself mentioned in the said e-mail about the “sordid lovemaking . . .” Remember that the first girl in Mr. Bunao’s report was merely flirting with Mr. Marquez, ergo . . . Is this the Filipino-American version of the “Hollywood Squares”?


* Here is another “Dietzcovery.” Ms. Dietz said in her posting: “Ben Menor, in his capacity as the event manager of the NaFFAA 2002 Conference, delegated certain tasks to certain employees and volunteers at Northside – including me! I had to buy 400 candles in San Francisco for the final ceremonies of the convention. I was empowered to shop, too!”


Wow. Four-hundred candles. Now maybe Mr. Lariosa will now revise his oft-quoted cliché “Pinabili lang ng suka at pagbalik ay journalist na.” (He/she is sent merely to buy vinegar and he/she becomes a journalist upon his/her return.) Perhaps the adage should now read, “Pinabili lang ng kandila (candle) at pagbalik ay journalist na.”


Well, according to Mr. Bunao (again), Mr. Menor and Company allegedly wanted to have the 400 candles so that the 150 delegates (per the count of Ed Navarra, the NaFFAA Midwest-region chairman, who attended the 2002 NaFFAA convention in San Jose) could participate in a ritual of “sauli-an ng kandila” (returning the candle to end relationship, like ending his in-law ties with Mr. Cortez?).


Mr. Bunao said that the band apparently played a song of Elton John, as the candles were lit. Elton John’s song? It was the “Scandle in the Wind” . . .


* The “Smoking Gun” also contained these auditor’s notes about the 2002 NaFFAA convention in San Jose in August 2002:


“Charges which appear quite high     

a. labels & stickers   $7,134.75 

b. souvenir program   $4,330.00 

c. miscel charges - balloons, markers   $1,234.90 

d. banners   $1,360.70  . . .”


A NaFFAA co-founder, Apo Ernie Gange (the Filipino-American pundit of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), opined that the expense for labels (140 delegates tags) could be justified if the convention committee, as headed by Mr. Menor, printed the tags on fifty-dollar bills. LOL.


Poet-pundit Bunao said also that the charges for the balloons and markers were justified, as it included supplies of “small balloons” to any convention delegate who requested for them. He said that a synonym for the “small balloons” is “condoms” . . . More LOL.


(To be continued  . . .)



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Last Updated on Sunday, 12 September 2010 11:19
Comments (3)
1 Monday, 17 August 2009 21:12
Hello, folks!

(please note that my email response is not for publication or cannot be quoted in, or any of Bobby Reyes's sleazy tabloid arenas --- and of course, let's remember to include Romy Marquez in this circus of clowns and trolls for non-publication! For other journalists, you can contact Ben Menor for comments)...

First of all, why are you listening to this Bobby Reyes, who has been charged and convicted of libel (being a liar)? He has absolutely no credibility. Mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha... If you believe this pseudo-journalist, then I don't know what to think of you.

And Lourdes Ceballos, remember when we met at a Fil-Am Chamber meeting somewhere here in Chicagoland and I told you that Ben Menor was most likely going to be found innocent of all charges? Imagine that. Many people had told me that your group of alleged Fil-Am media practitioners in Chicagoland had already been a lynch mob (lynching Ben Menor, crucifying him with irresponsible journalism) for many years when this case first came up --- because to this date, there are friends in Chicago who still approach me to ask if the Ben Menor case, indeed, is over. In other words, Lourdes, can you really tell me straight to my face during the upcoming NaFFAA R3 Conference that your colleagues treated Ben Menor fairly?

So, let's stick to the facts.

It's over, the Ben Menor case is over.

These trolls (check the slang dictionary online for the meaning) have nothing better to do than cast stones on a person who has truly exemplified true servant leadership in community service.

Since this troll, Bobby Reyes, insists on rehashing a dead case (with the help of the Silicon Valley CRABS who know they cannot contest my facts because I was there with them, hahahaha!), let's give you the REAL DETAILS:

1. Ben Menor, in his capacity as the event manager of the NaFFAA 2002 Conference, delegated certain tasks to certain employees and volunteers at Northside --- including me! I had to buy 400 candles in San Francisco for the final ceremonies of the convention. I was empowered to shop, too!

2. You can't even get Nenita's name down correctly. Her name is Nita Geda. The crabs had a thing for Nita. They even stalked her and did a stakeout at her home, one of the CRABS told me (Penny Aguila). Poor woman! I don't think her name should be dragged in the troll-ish home of Bobby Reyes. Imagine, "alleged mistress!" Bobby Reyes, you really have a flair for comedy! Mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha!

3. In the 2002 NaFFAA Conference, I was wondering why Tito Cortez, the ugliest CRAB of them all, at then-Northside wasn't around much. When I was employed there, I noticed that Tito was mostly nowhere to be seen while eight employees (including me) were working their derrieres off, each one of us doing the work of eight people.

To continue: Tito's actions were so inept that his grantwriting couldn't bring in any grants. So, Cheryl Platon, another employee, had to take over. I helped out, too, when I wasn't doing my regular responsibilities. His reporting to the City of San Jose sucked --- and to this day, I really perceive that he sabotaged the reporting so the accusing fingers would go to the accountable Executive Director of the center, Ben Menor (his ex-brother-in-law).

The reasons why Tito Cortez and his gang of CRABS existed:

a. Jealousy
b. Greed
c. Self-Righteousness

4. This is directed to Joseph Lariosa's irresponsible journalism --- for not being a true journalist (Many people told me that he is the "tuta" of Bobby Reyes; BR, is that true?)

- Joseph Lariosa's brand of journalism (like BobbyReyes and Romy Marquez) was very unfair and one-sided when it came to Ben Menor. It almost felt as if Joseph had a political agenda. Maybe Joseph, you and I can clear this matter up. I hate having to discredit your work.
- Ben Menor and many of those who had been employed at Northside were under a gag order during the investigation. The NaFFAA National and NaFFAA Region 8 officers were also bound by a gag order. So, every time well-meaninged people like Dr. Joy Bruce asked the national officers about what was really happening, these officers couldn't say anything.
- What Joseph could have done in his "articles" about the Ben Menor case was to say: "Ben Menor was not available for an interview because he was bound by a gag order." Joseph, give it up! Ben couldn't talk, no one could talk, period.

5. In a nutshell, this is what happened to Ben Menor:

- the two charges involving fraud and embezzlement were dismissed.
- the third charge of "overstating the hours served" at Northside was reduced to a misdemeanor after restitution was paid by Ben Menor --- and after this, the misdemeanor was expunged. In other words, "expunged" means everything pertaining to this case was removed, as if nothing had happened.

If I understand this correctly, since I'm not a lawyer, the evidence that the District Attorney gathered did not result in a conviction for Ben Menor. INNOCENT, THAT'S MY WORD.

And, let's set the record straight. It was the District Attorney who asked for a plea bargain, not Ben Menor. "No contest" was the agreement.

Why don't we leave Ben in peace --- and allow him to continue serving his community?


6. Bobby Reyes, Romy Marquez, and other trolls believe that they can spread lies on the internet, pretending that they are the harbingers of truth.


Lorna Dietz


On Sun, Aug 16, 2009 at 5:13 AM, wrote:

Dear President Ceballos, DOMs Don and Joseph and Friends:

1.0 Thank you, Ms. Lourdes, for you press club's intention to stay the course of fairness. This is all that our group wants to ask of the community -- whether they are members of the NaFFAA or not. We will follow to the letter the ATIC tenets. ATIC, as I coined, means accountability, transparency, integrity and credibility.

1.1 We may publish piece by piece the NaFFAA financial documents in our possession in the, so that the Filipino people, especially the Overseas Filipinos may know how some of the NaFFAA national executive officers (NEOs) have apparently turned the federation into a milking cow. If any individual feels that he or she is being defamed, he or she can sue us for libel.

1.2 Those who are not really well versed with the computer and could not access attachments may request to receive Xerox copies of the documents that we have.

1.2.1 This is why I will send by slow mail copies to the Comandate General of the Truth Brigade, Apo Ernie Gange, by Monday. He said that his computer is unable is open the attachments that I sent him. Apo Ernie, as cofounder of the NaFFAA, has to be given the utmost courtesy of receiving information so that he can protect better the interests of the federation and its honest members.

2.0 FYI.

2.1 People do not necessarily have to members of the NaFFAA to complain to federal and/or state officials about perceived anomalies in any public-benefit corporation. Any member of the public has that right to report anomalies in a not-for-profit entity like the NaFFAA.

2.2 We will inform the public and our website readers of our moves, even if some of our allies think that we are (purposely) telegraphing our moves. We are doing a War of Attrition and making our version of online poker with the suspected culprits. Let us see who blinks first and who will call bluffs, if they want to play a game of chicken.

2.2.1 During the nearly two-year pre-trial hearing and actual jury trial (September 2000-August 2002) of the libel case filed against me by a NaFFAA cofounder (over the stolen donations for the Filipino floats at the 1997-1998 Pasadena tournament of Roses) we were posting in an e-group the status of the case and our moves in reporting the plaintiff to the Criminal Prosecution Division of the IRS and other federal offices. Eventually, the plaintiff testified in court that her husband (who was her co-plaintiff) suffered allegedly a stroke and could not attend the trial. She claimed that his stroke was due to the pressure of the libel case and the combative conduct of the respondent. The plaintiffs were said to have spent more-than $70,000 in legal fees while I acted as my own counsel (In Propria Persona). And I won five out of the seven issues.

2.2.2 We will see whether those who fear that they have incurred criminal liability can withstand the pressure. Crusaders and Don Quixotes like me don't feel any pressure, as we simply seek to find, and write about, the truth. We are not afraid of any threat, as we are working within the legal framework. Besides we are on the side of the People and the prosecutors. We will not spend any dollar for legal representation.

2.3 Here's the latest finding. A Ms. Nenita Lumagui who was listed as a payee in the Financial Report for the NaFFAA convention in San Jose, CA, in August 2002, has been confirmed by two of our sources as being the alleged mistress of Ben Menor. She was listed in the Financial Report as having received six checks issued by Mr. Menor for a total of $4,232.09.

2.3.1 We will, therefore, list now Ms. Lumagui as a possible participant in the conspiracy to defraud the NaFFAA and the City of San Jose, which incidentally is running after the residence of Mr. Menor, the ownership of which was allegedly transferred illegally to Ms. Lumagui.

2.3.2 Yes, the case is getting exciting and more and more individuals may be dragged into the case. Will they have more sleepless nights? Perhaps, but we think that some Filipino-American leaders will start to consume more sleeping pills, aspirin or Tylenol.

2.3.3 And as we have been saying, those who feel that they will be included in the complaint by the federal prosecutors should start now to raise a modest legal-defense fund (and bail-bond money, too), as being a defendant in a criminal case (especially in a federal court) is not a walk in the park. People should consider turning into state witnesses, even if they have all the money in the world. Martha Stewart, despite her fame and fortune, went to jail.

2.3.4 Our allies in San Jose (who belong to the Citizens Rebelling Against Bogus Spending) will redouble their efforts to compile the needed documents and pieces of evidence, so that when we are asked by the federal agencies for proofs, we can submit them in due time. The Menorgate files now involve more-than 300,000 pages of documents.

As I have been saying, this a fight to the finish. This is a crusade for reforms in the NaFFAA and our community -- no matter how long it takes and no matter who is brought to court. We, as journalists, look forward to covering, and/or testifying as witnesses in, the criminal-and/or-civil cases, as they unfold and the legal process moves on to its successful conclusion.

Atty. Rodel Rodis, whom I faced in four deposition sessions at the Los Angeles Superior Court, has seen my training in the legal process and my skill in addressing him and the presiding judge on legal matters. He did not succeed in his deposition effort to collect even one dime from me. We look forward again to our next encounter at the court of law but hopefully, you, Atty. Rodis, will be the defendant or respondent this time. And he knows that I have all the time in the world to seek justice for our people.

Mabuhay and peace be with you all,

Lolo Bobby M. Reyes
2 Monday, 17 August 2009 22:17
In a message dated 8/17/2009 11:57:56 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it writes:

"Bravo, Eliza!" Thank you, Lorna, for exposing these Trolls. Tama na, sobra na sila. They have no constructive cell in their DNA. God have mercy on their souls. LL
3 Monday, 17 August 2009 22:19
The entire posting of Atty. Loida Nicolas-Lewis can be an additional piece of evidence in the proceedings pursuant to the criminal-justice and/or civil-justice systems of the United States.

Now, more than ever I was right in describing my childhood family friend and favorite manay, Loida Nicolas-Lewis, as the "Snow White(wash)" and her "alipores" the Seven Dwarfs." The seven dwarfs (intellectually and not necessarily physically) were Alex Esclamado, Greg Macabenta, Jon Melegrito, Doy Heredia, Rodel Rodis, Ben Menor and Superior Court Judge Ron Quidachay.

Then I called Ms. Lewis also the "CinderLoida," per this article, How Loida Lewis Got Dubbed “Snow White(wash)” and then “CinderLoida” in Ongoing NaFFAA Soap Opera


Lolo Bobby M. Reyes

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