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Mar 30th
Home Sections NaFFAAgate Do Loida Lewis and the NaFFAA NEOs Think that Filipino Americans Are “Bobos” Like Them?
Do Loida Lewis and the NaFFAA NEOs Think that Filipino Americans Are “Bobos” Like Them? PDF Print E-mail
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Sections - NaFFAAgate
Written by Bobby M. Reyes   
Tuesday, 14 September 2010 15:49


Part Six of the “Butanding Brouhaha” Series


This so-called ‘Consuelo-de-Bobo’ revelation of Ms. Loida Lewis, as to where the money went and how it was spent, is this for the consumption of readers like me, who are ‘bobos’?—Jesse Jose


T hus, Seattle’s Jesse Jose, the coffee connoisseur of a celebrated columnist, pokes fun at Loida Nicolas, the chairman emeritus of the National Federation of Filipino-American Associations (NaFFAA) and her fellow national executive officers (NEOs).


Editor’s Note: To read Jesse Jose’s often humorous but always witty-and-biting commentaries, please click on this link,


Jesse Jose is as irreverent as my literary mentor, Fred Burce Bunao, is. Both of them say that they would not mind being called irreverent for as long as their commentaries do not become irrelevant to the community.


On Jan. 25, 2009, this writer penned: “It will not take a rocket scientist to know why community leaders are avoiding the NaFFAA as if it were a bubonic plague. As Poet-pundit Fred Burce Bunao likes to tell, ‘Mga bubo, ops, bobo raw kasi ang mga NEOs ng NaFFAA.’ The Filipino word ‘bobo’ means stupid.” Readers can browse the entire article in this link,

Why Filipino Americans Are Avoiding the NaFFAA Like It Were a Plague


The NaFFAA NEOs Are the “Bobos” and Not the Fil-Am People


C ertainly Jesse Jose and the well-meaning, if not the hard-working, Filipinos in the United States and American citizens of Philippine descent are not the “bobos.” The NaFFAA NEOs have been exhibiting their talent for stupidity for more-than a decade now.


It was dumb for Attorney Lewis and her fellow NaFFAA NEOs in wasting the contributions they solicited for the Noynoy-Mar slate in spending $8,031 for website operations, which lasted only six months in operation. Lewis and Company could have just piggy-backed on several Philippines- and US-based websites that sprung for the Liberal Party slate in the May 2010 elections.


It was dumber on the part of Attorney Lewis, et al, to spend $200 for the airfare of Eric Lachica, who is another Washington, DC-based “racket (sic) scientist.” To know more about the modus operandi of Mr. Lachica (who has zero credibility in the Filipino-American community), please read this report: The “Peddler on the Roof” of the Fil-Vets’ Lobby


It was the dumbest act of Attorney Lewis and Company to use the Noy-Mar campaign donations to buy a round-trip air ticket for Rev. Rodel Balagtas from Los Angeles to Manila. No matter how reputable the Reverend Balagtas is, there is the separation between the church and the state. To read articles about the good Filipino priest, please click on the following links:


NaFFAA’s Leaders Cannot Help the RP Since They Cannot Even Save Themselves and the Federation


Post Script to the Editorial, Why Not All Filipino Catholics Are Christians


Why Did St. Peter's Chicken Cross the Road?


(To be continued . . . )


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