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Jun 01st
Home Sections NaFFAAgate Loida Lewis Finally Sends in “Consuelo-de-Bobo” Financial Reports But Move Opens Can of More Worms
Loida Lewis Finally Sends in “Consuelo-de-Bobo” Financial Reports But Move Opens Can of More Worms PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Bobby M. Reyes   
Sunday, 12 September 2010 10:20


Part Five of “Butanding Brouhaha” Series


H allelujah! Finally after nearly a decade, Atty. Loida Nicolas-Lewis caves in to a demand sent by this writer for a financial report about a fundraising spearheaded by her group. She sent the requested documents through Chicago-based journalist Joseph G. Lariosa, who is serving like then State Secretary Henry Kissinger in performing “shuttle diplomacy.” Ms. Lewis does not now talk by phone or e-mail directly to and with Bobby Reyes. She has been coursing all communications through Joseph “Kissinger” Lariosa.


But one Filipino-American CPA made a cursory look at the financial reports sent by Ms. Lewis and the accountant said that they are like consuelo-de-bobo types of reporting. The “INCOME” part of the report does not contain itemized details as to where, for instance, the funds came from.


The CPA also said that the expenses for the website amounted to $3,805 paid to Harmony Business Solutions and 109,200.00 pesos (approximately $2,400) paid to Webmaster Rom Flores. The website expenses will certainly raise eyebrows because the website, www.NOYMAR2010.COM, appears non-operational due to “technical difficulties.” Then there is another bill by DK Jennings Consulting, Inc. for “Website setup-Philippines (RP) for $1,826.00."


Perhaps now that Attorney Lewis has complied initially with the request for accountability and transparency, she may now provide the missing data and the other details of the financial transactions undertaken by the NoyMar2010 organization that she spearheaded.  





INCOME:      TOTAL FUNDS AS OF AUGUST 2010           $111,443.46



Check #  Date    Payable to                          DESCRIPTION         Amount


0126    1/21/10      Harmony Business Solutions  Website setup              $396.00

0127    1/28/10      DK Jennings Consulting, Inc.   Website setup-Phils.   1826.00

0128    3/2/10        Loida N. Lewis                         Payment to Pinball       5000.00

0129    4/21/10      Harmony Business Solutions   Website                            VOID

0130    4/21/10      Mae Paner & JJ Samuel Soriano  Juana Change               VOID

0131    4/21/10      Mae Paner & JJ Samuel Soriano  Juana Change           1500.00

0132    5/1/10        Loida N. Lewis                                                                   VOID

0133    4/29/10       Harmony Business Solutions                                           VOID

0134    5/14/10       Harmony Business Solutions      Website                   1583.00

0135    5/18/10       Loida Nicolas Lewis                    reimbursement        6000.00    (see memo from Bimal Amin)

0136    6/9/10       U.S. for Noy-May – (NorCal)         reimbursement          950.00

0137    6/9/10       Rajah Tours International    Eric Lachica-(paid in cash) 200.00

0138    6/11/10      Rajah Tours International   Rev. Rodel Balaglas stop payment

0139    6/24/10      Lillibeth Aristorenas            Refund Juana Change        527.00

0140    7/29/10      Rev. Rodel Balaglas            Refund for airfare              700.00

              5/5/10                 Wire Transfer to Noy-Mar (Philippines)         89,000.00  Mrs. Lewis Account      


TOTAL EXPENSES PAID:                                                            $107,722.00


BANK FEES (non-sufficient funds/stop payment)



                        1/13  Checkbook charge         $ 77.73                       

1/10  January Bank charge        50.00

                        3/10  March Bank charge          85.00

                        4/10  April Bank charge           120.00

                        5/10  May Bank Charge           795.00

7/30  stop payment fee             25.00


TOTAL BANK FEES:                                           $1,152.73




TOTAL Funds as of 8/5/10                           $  3,135.73


T he second report sent by Loida Lewis purportedly comes from a Karina David, who is described as the “Pnoy Pinay treasurer.”



From Karina David, Pnoy Pinay Treasurer:

   PnoyPinay -                          P3,000,000.00

   Odette Ong -                          2,000.000.00

   Loida Lewis -                          4,562,000.00

   Total                                     P9,562,000.00

   Less: Expenses:                      7,656,334.50

   BALANCE                             P1,905,665.50

Returned to Loida Nicolas Lewis, the amount of P905,665.50

From Grace Enriquez, Mrs. Loida Nicolas Lewis' Treasurer  P905,665.50

Less: Expenses     

        Remuneration to Liza Soriano

       P20,000 x 8 months (Dec 2009 -July 2010)                      P160,000
       Bonus  to Liza Soriano for July 1 & 2  50,000                  P210,000.00

       Payment to Webmaster, Rom Flores (up to July 2010)   109,200.00


       Balance                                                                              P586,465.50


(Series to be continued . . .)



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Last Updated on Monday, 13 September 2010 15:06
Comments (1)
1 Monday, 13 September 2010 15:11
LOLO Bobby,

This so called "Consuelo-De-Bobo" revelation of Ms. Loida Lewis, as to where the money went and how it was spent, is this for the consumption of readers like me, who are "bobos"?


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