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Mar 26th
Home Sections NaFFAAgate NaFFAA NEOs in Collision Course with Consul General Paynor Over President Aquino’s Visit to Northern California
NaFFAA NEOs in Collision Course with Consul General Paynor Over President Aquino’s Visit to Northern California PDF Print E-mail
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Sections - NaFFAAgate
Written by Bobby M. Reyes   
Friday, 17 September 2010 15:51


T he Northern California-based national executive officers (NEOs) of the National Federation of Filipino-American Associations (NaFFAA) feel that they are not being given importance by the Philippine Consulate General of San Francisco in preparing for the arrival of Philippine President Noynoy Aquino. The Philippine leader is scheduled to be in Northern California next weekend.


In fact, reports say that the NaFFAA NEOs want to take over the Host Committee organized by the Philippine Consulate General to manage the Philippine-presidential visit to Northern California. They refuse to acknowledge that the top diplomat assigned in a particular area is the true representative of the Philippine government and, therefore, automatically gets to call the shots.


The NEOs are up in arms and they want the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs to recall Consul General Marciano Paynor, Jr. He is a career diplomat and a graduate of the Philippine Military Academy. Mr. Paynor, who actually carries the rank of an ambassador, was also the concurrent Head of the Protocol Section of the Office of the President during Mrs. Gloria Arroyo’s tenure. He was also previously the Filipino consul general in Los Angeles, California.


Reports say that some Filipino career diplomats in Manila do not want the Philippine President to be rubbing elbows with the NaFFAA NEOs during his coming visit to the United States. The NaFFAA NEOs have been accused, if not painted, as plain-and-simple crooks. In fact quite a few Filipino-American community leaders are accusing them of pocketing some of the campaign donations that they obtained for then presidential candidate Noynoy Aquino – as discussed in the “Butanding Brouhaha” series in this particular section.


People Are Now Making More Fun of the NaFFAA NEOs


M ore jokes are now proliferating in the Bay Area about the NaFFAA NEOs. One exercise of Filipino humor involves NaFFAA Chief Legal Officer and Counsel Rodel Rodis, who was touted to be the next Philippine ambassador to the United States. Now wags and pundits say that Attorney Rodis may be named the new Filipino envoy to Afghanistan. Reports say that Mr. Rodis will be sent to Kabul without a helmet, bullet-proof vest, armored car and bodyguards.


Another joke says that the other members of the NaFFAA’s "Golden-gate Gang" would be appointed as new Filipino diplomats and assigned to Iraq. The humorists claim that current NaFFAA national chair Gregorio Macabenta would be named the new Filipino ambassador to Iraq with Ben Menor, Lorna Dietz and Perry Diaz becoming new consuls general for Baghdad, Basra and Tikrit, respectively. Like “Ambassador” Rodis, the NaFFAA NEOs will also be fielded in Iraq without helmets, bullet-proof vests, armored cars and bodyguards.


Last night several of the NaFFAA NEOs conducted a teleconference with some of their NaFFAA regional officers, as they were in a quandary on what to react supposedly to Consul General Paynor’s actions.


As of press time, it has been verified that Consul General Paynor has not chosen to emulate NaFFAA Co-founder Ernie “Ganges Khan” Gange and tell the NaFFAA NEOs to go jump off the Bay Bridge. More details on Apo Ernie Gange’s proposal are contained in this article, NaFFAA Cofounder Tells Ruling Clique Members to “Jump Off the Golden Gate Bridge”


(To be continued . . .)


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Last Updated on Friday, 17 September 2010 16:09
Comments (5)
1 Saturday, 18 September 2010 09:48
FYI NAfffa is an unfamiliar to me.... Just because Rodel was part of it it does not mean he still active with the group. It so happem Souther California US Pinoy worked with Rodel and I do not appreciate us being drugged into INAFFA....
I was Charman od the Ninoy Aquino Movement for 10 years ands our record is untarnish. We have made many sacrifices to fight the Marcos regime and get some consciousness in Ninoy Aquino Assasination... Many of us as just Filipino-American who love our people want peace, prosperity and growth of the economy...
Constructive criticism are welcome...

Thasnk you


Andrea aquino
2 Saturday, 18 September 2010 09:53

I am a cousin of the President and this no leverage.... but just the same we want his administration to succeed... again solutions, assistance and welcome... Join us in welcoming the First US Visit of President Benigno Aquino III.

I am also the eldest sister of Ted Aquino who had a failed attempt to run for senator in Manila.... That is passed. Now we must move forward.
3 Saturday, 18 September 2010 10:03
Where was the Consul General when we were campagining for NoyNoy Aquino?

Is this not a country of freedom to wish to relate to all factions. The info I received should a decent approch to work with the Consul General... there were no rule broken here... Again there is freedom and that waht Nonoy and all peoples in the worls want to protect and oursue for all good....

Let us go the for the success of uplifting our Filipino people here and abroad...
4 Saturday, 18 September 2010 13:26
When Noynoy Aquino was campaigning for the presidency, all Filipino career diplomats including Consul General Jun Paynor, were apolitical. They were supposed to be neutral and indeed they were.

It is the consul general's job to be apolitical and Jun Paynor followed the rule to the letter.
It is high time that the NaFFAA leadership formally face the issues raised, rebutt the allegations and move on.

The NaFFAA leadership should also embrace an all-inclusive stance in dealing with the community -- with the end in view of evolving cohesiveness.

A prominent NaFFAA official recently berated the Philippine Consul-General in San Francisco for not following his advice about arrangements for the visit of PNOY. The Con-Gen meekly commented that he was simply following orders from the Palace.

The NaFFAA official involved should exercise diplomacy, especially since he is aspiring to be appointed as Philippine Ambassador to the US. He can no longer return to a public post in the US after alienating many of his compatriots and constituencies.

NaFFAA has potential in mobilizing the energies of Fil-Ams but its leaders should recognize the sensitivities of the Filipino community and the need to be selfless.

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