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Aug 09th
Home Sections NaFFAAgate Now, There Are (Filipino-American) “Barbarians” at the Golden Gate
Now, There Are (Filipino-American) “Barbarians” at the Golden Gate PDF Print E-mail
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Sections - NaFFAAgate
Thursday, 29 November 2007 18:29

It appears that there are also “barbarians” who used to be officers of the Filipino-American Council of San Francisco, California, which has the Golden Gate Bridge as one of its landmarks.


As this writer said, “The ‘barbarians at the gate’ became an idiom after great cities like Rome and Jerusalem were sacked and looted by invaders in ancient times. The idiom became the title of a TV movie that recounted the true-life story of a corporate takeover in the greed-driven 1980s.”

The said article described also how some national executive officers (NEOs) of the National Federation of Filipino-American Associations (NaFFAA) became the Filipino-American versions of the modern “barbarians” by sacking its treasury, including the grants given by the City of San Jose, California. The city funds were supposed to be used by the Northside Community Center (NCC) for the benefit of senior citizens and veterans. Instead the NCC diverted the city funds to bankroll the NaFFAA convention in San Jose, CA, in August 2002.

Editor's Notes: To read the complete story, please go to

The Barbarians at the NaFFAAgate


There are also jokes about the “barbarians” at this link

One-Liners About Barbies and Barbarians

This writer was just provided with a copy of a letter about the audit of the Filipino-American Council (FAC) that was completed last year yet (on Jan 5, 2006) by the City and County of San Francisco's Controller's Office. The audit report can be found in this URL:

According to an officer of the San Francisco Mayor's Office of Housing (MOH), the findings in the said audit noted very-serious violations of city rules and regulations. Unless all of the findings have been fully remedied, the MOH would be unable to even consider granting the request for loan forgiveness, which the new officers of the FAC have requested.

The MOH said that it would need a detailed written report that explains the efforts by the new officers of the FAC to respond to and remedy the findings of the audit.

The MOH will also need to verify that the Controller's Office is fully satisfied with the remedial efforts. The MOH has requested that it be supplied with the name of the staff person from the Controller's Office to whom the new FAC officers have been reporting about the remedial work.

The MOH wants to hear about the work that has been done to correct the problems identified by the Controller's Office.

Like what happened in the San Jose’s Menorgate portion of the NaFFAAgate Scandal, the City of San Francisco is preparing to file civil and/or criminal cases against some of the former directors and officers of the FAC. More details will be published as facts are verified and/or confirmed.

(To be continued . . .)

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