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Jun 24th
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NaFFAAgate: Articles and opinions about the crusade launched in May 2000 by Bobby Reyes and his friends for reforms and the ATIC in the NaFFAA. ATIC stands for accountability, transparency, integrity and credibility. The NaFFAA is the acronym of the National Federation of Filipino-American Associations, which is based in Washington, DC.
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21 Protest Sent to The White House Over the Appointment of NaFFAA’s Rozita Lee to the President's Advisory Commission 1201
22 Do Loida Lewis and the NaFFAA NEOs Think that Filipino Americans Are “Bobos” Like Them? Bobby M. Reyes 862
23 Loida Lewis Finally Sends in “Consuelo-de-Bobo” Financial Reports But Move Opens Can of More Worms Bobby M. Reyes 1270
24 How the NaFFAA Clique “Outsmarted” Mike Arroyo in 1998 and Continues to Scam the Community Bobby M. Reyes 749
25 Loida Lewis Is Actually the Legendary Baroness of the “Buta-butandings” Bobby M. Reyes 1037
26 Loida Lewis Refuses to Account for Fil-Am Donations to Noynoy Campaign Kitty and Calls Bobby Reyes a “Fool” Bobby M. Reyes 1879
27 Loida Lewis, the NaFFAA NEOs, Et Al, Must Account Properly for the Fil-Am Contributions to Noynoy Aquino’s Political Campaign Bobby M. Reyes 1412
28 Is the NaFFAA Already Dead or Still Dying? 810
29 “Jellygates” Will Boycott the 2010 NaFFAA National Convention in Bay Area Bobby M. Reyes 1105
30 A Brave Voice from the Land of Lincoln Tells NaFFAA National Leaders to Go Jump into Lake Michigan Bobby M. Reyes 900
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