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Dec 05th
Home Sections NaFFAAgate The Modern-day Makapilis in the Filipino-American Community
The Modern-day Makapilis in the Filipino-American Community PDF Print E-mail
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Sections - NaFFAAgate
Friday, 20 July 2007 09:45


Dr. Eddie AAA Calderon of Minnesota has raised a good point. He posted online this question: "I could not believe that the issue of Filipino Veterans has degenerated into non-related topics such as immigration issues."

The "immigration issues" that Dr. Calderon referred to was the online posting of Perry Diaz, to wit: "You put all your apples with Romy Marquez.  Don't you know that Romy Marquez has been charged with criminal offense by the Immigration?  He has a pending case which if found guilty is deportable.  His next hearing is on September 17, 2007 at the sala of Judge William at 401 West A Street, Suite 100, San Diego 92101.  He is out on bond."

One of the lowest forms of human conduct was exhibited by some Filipino collaborators who joined the Japanese Imperial Army during World War II. The collaborators were called the "Makapili." The Makapilis put on hoods (often times buri bags) over their heads as they identified to the Japanese soldiers the Filipino guerillas. The Filipinos guerillas were then taken away by the Japanese and were usually executed without even the benefit of their version of the Kangaroo Court. Being termed a "Makapili," therefore, is equivalent to being called a Judas or a traitor.

The exposé written by San Diego, California-based veteran journalist Romeo P. Marquez about the case of Eric Lachica and his American Coalition for Filipino Veterans (ACFV) just boiled down to one simple message: "Where is the financial statement about the contributions that Mr. Lachica and the ACFV collected from the veterans themselves and the public?" To read Mr. Marquez’s article, please go to

Perry Diaz, et al, immediately rose up to defend Mr. Lachica and run after the person of Mr. Marquez. What the Diaz-led group did was to make a follow-up of a Makapili-type of action they did to Mr. Marquez earlier. A few years back, several national executive officers (NEOs) and the chapter officers in San Diego, CA, of the National Federation of Filipino-American Associations (NaFFAA) reported Mr. Marquez to the immigration authorities as an alleged "illegal alien." All because Mr. Marquez reported in his newspaper the financial scandals in the Council of Philippine-American Organizations (COPAO) that the then-NaFFAA chairwoman for San Diego, Mrs. Aurora Cudal, headed. The COPAO scandal is still being reported by Mr. Marquez. To read the latest article, please go to:

The more the NaFFAA ruling clique went after Mr. Marquez when he wrote about the fundraising in October 2003 that Mrs. Cudal and the NaFFAA national Chief of Staff, Doy Heredia, did supposedly to benefit the brushfire victims in San Diego. Mr. Marquez asked for a financial report of the funds raised by the NaFFAA, which were supposedly to be turned over to the American Red Cross (ARC). The local chapter of the ARC denied to Mr. Marquez that it did not even know of the said NaFFAA fundraiser, as chaired by Mrs. Cudal and Mr. Heredia.

The NaFFAA NEOs went after this writer also and they reported me likewise to the immigration authorities, starting in 2002. They wanted to have this writer deported, so as to silence his demands for financial reports about the NaFFAA events in San Jose, CA, and other NaFFAA-sponsored Filipino Global Networking Conferences in Manila, Cebu, Chicago and Honolulu. The NaFFAA NEOs and yes, Mr. Diaz, thought that my immigration documents were not in order. People started to call these NaFFAA NEOs and Mr. Diaz as the "modern-day Makapilis." And to think that these NaFFAA clique members proclaim themselves as the number-one advocates of Filipino-American empowerment and of immigrants’ rights.

It is high time for the Filipino-American community leaders to put a stop to these abominable acts by some of the NaFFAA NEOs and Mr. Diaz in going after the persons of journalists who demand that they comply with the tenets of accountability, transparency, integrity and credibility (the ATIC slogan that this writer coined). The community must simply ask these NaFFAA characters and their allies like Messrs. Diaz, Lachica, et al, to produce the requested financial reports or ostracize them if they continue to refuse to make them public. # # #

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Last Updated on Thursday, 09 August 2007 07:24

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