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Dec 03rd
Home Sections NaFFAAgate What the New Year Is All About . . . Is It “Almageddon Time”?
What the New Year Is All About . . . Is It “Almageddon Time”? PDF Print E-mail
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Sections - NaFFAAgate
Monday, 31 December 2007 05:01

The object of a New Year is not that we should have a new year. It is that we should have a new soul. -- G. K. Chesterton

On Dec. 31, 2005, I sent an e-mail to Ms. Alma Q. Kern, then the newly-elected national chairperson of the National Federation of Filipino-American Associations (NaFFAA) and to the NaFFAA regional officers with CCs of my New-Year’s message of peace and appeasement. I told Ms. Alma about what G. K. Chesterton said, as quoted above. I said that it was a coincidence that Ms. Kern’s first name is the Spanish equivalent of “soul.” I said that perhaps the NaFFAA would pick up the message of Mr. Chesterton and adopt a new  “alma,” so as to finally do the fundamental structural reforms for the federation.

Nobody even acknowledged receipt of my e-mail. Not Ms. Kern or any of her fellow NaFFAA officers. I sent the e-mail to break the proverbial ice and start thawing the cold, if not frozen, ties between our Los Angeles-based coalition and the NaFFAA national leadership. But if anybody would have answered my message of conciliation, I would send the rest of Mr. Chesterton’s message: That aside from “a new soul and a new nose; new feet, a new backbone, new ears, and new eyes. Unless a particular man made New Year resolutions, he would make no resolutions. Unless a man starts afresh about things, he will certainly do nothing effective. Unless a man starts on the strange assumption that he has never existed before, it is quite certain that he will never exist afterwards. Unless a man be born again, he shall by no means enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Alma Kern and Company Spurn Offer of Peace and Conciliation

After my offer of cooperation and conciliation got spurned by Alma Kern and Company, I continued my online assault on the federation, which refused to release to the public the financial statements of certain NaFFAA events that our coalition has demanded since 2002. Readers may be able to access what I wrote this year about the “Barbarians at the NaFFAAgate” and other exposés at this section,

I even went to the extent of coining a new moniker for Ms. Kern, Almageddon Time on Friday, the Thirteenth, in Washington, DC and her four horsemen of the Almacalypse, oops, Apocalypse insofar as the Filipino Veterans’ (FilVets’) Lobby was concerned. The horsemen were Jon Melegrito, Doy Heredia, Perry Diaz and Eric Lachica. As forecast, the NaFFAA-led FilVets’ Lobby got nowhere because the horsemen leading the foot soldiers of lobbyists looked really like the Filipino version of the Apocalypse riders. Who among the American people, especially American citizens of Filipino descent, would follow the proponents and practitioners of the Almageddon?

O nce again, my supporters and I offer our hands of and for peace and conciliation for the New Year. It does not mean of course that our crusade for the ATIC would be shelved if Ms. Kern and Company would accept this New Year’s message for the NaFFAA not only to have “a new soul” but also “a new nose; new feet, a new backbone, new ears, and new eyes.” This means that the NaFFAA should have a new national vice chair, new executive director (AKA chief operation officer AKA chief of staff), new treasurer, new public-relations director and a new direction. The NaFFAA crooks of course should be prosecuted and jailed once found guilty. Yes, “unless the NaFFAA is born again, it shall by no means enter into the proverbial kingdom of heaven-like bliss, peace and progress.”

The same old horsemen and dwarfs have ruled the NaFFAA national headquarters since 1997. The Filipino-American community – under the watch by, and leadership of, the NaFFAA has not progressed at all. The Fil-Vets’ issues remain unresolved. The Filipino American has not really gained political empowerment, as no American politician of Filipino descent has been elected to the United States Congress or even in the California Assembly or for that matter, in many State assemblies and Senate bodies. To date, Filipinos do not have even a formal museum of their own in the United States. All the NaFFAA produced, to borrow the words of its disgraced Northern-California chair, Rodel Rodis, is a lot of “as_holes” instead of assemblymen, congressmen and other ranking elected officials.

Whether the Kern-led NaFFAA national leadership likes it or not, the criminal trial of its former national executive officer (NEO), Ben Menor, continues on Feb. 19, 2008. It is only a question of time when the NaFFAA NEOs will be held accountable for their past misdeeds. Ms. Kern, whom we have never accused of financial impropriety, has really to come clean in 2008. Otherwise, she could be charged with obstruction of justice. As we said, we have fought for reforms in the NaFFAA since May 2000. The New Year 2008 will see us fight for the eighth consecutive year. Our fight is a never-say-die, never-take-prisoners-alive kind of crusade. In the end, we will triumph because not only is the law on our side, but also time and even poetic justice serve our cause and concerns.

We wish all our readers, especially the peace-loving people and former, if not dual, citizens of the Philippines and foreign friends of our homeland, a very prosperous and peaceful New Year. # # #

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