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Feb 07th
Home Sections Obituary-Memorial Park Tim Russert (1950-2008) Will Always Be Remembered on Father's Day
Tim Russert (1950-2008) Will Always Be Remembered on Father's Day PDF Print E-mail
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Sections - Obituary-Memorial Park
Friday, 13 June 2008 08:41

On June 16, 2007, at 01:08 PM, I posted an article in this website’s Obituary and Memorial-Park Section and it contained the phrase: “Without Apology to Tim Russert”. Less than a year later, Mr. Russert becomes the subject himself of an obituary. Such is life because death really is “like a thief that comes in the night.”


The June 2007 article has this lead paragraph: “Yesterday was Father’s Day. One of the best tributes to American Fathers is broadcast journalist Tim Russert’s book, ‘Wisdom of Our Fathers (Lessons and Letters from Daughters and Sons).’ The book is available in most bookstores and of course at”


To read again the article about Mr. Russert’s book and our piece regarding a similar publication on the wisdom of Filipino Fathers, please click on this link:

Wisdom of our Filipino Fathers (Without Apology to Tim Russert)


We e-mailed the office of Mr. Russert and told him about the article. We also asked if he might like to consider writing the foreword to the Filipino version of his book. He did not accept nor reject our invitation. (Our letter to Mr. Russert is reproduced in the Users' Comments, just after the 2007 article.)


To read the details of Mr. Russert’s demise, please to this hyperlink:

NBC's Tim Russert Dies From Heart Attack at 58

Political talk show moderator was the Washington Bureau chief for NBC News.


On behalf of the staff of the, its webmaster and columnists and the officers and members of the Media Breakfast Club of Los Angeles, we extend our deepest sympathy and our collective condolences to the Russert Family and the NBC. All of us will miss Tim Russert but he will surely continue to "live" as we leaf through the pages of “Wisdom of Our Fathers,” which book will make readers remember him most every Father’s Day. # # #

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