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Jun 29th
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Vacations, Family and the Fourth of July PDF Print E-mail
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Columns - Op-Ed Page
Written by Gerry Garrison   
Thursday, 07 July 2011 23:08


In This Corner

By Gerry Garrison


It has been awhile since I have written anything for this column. Part of the reason is because I was on vacation with my wife and three of my grand children.  I can’t think of a better way to enjoy a vacation than with those close to you.


We spent a great ten days in Central Florida, partly to get some down time from work, partly to take care of some business with our house in a small little town called Merritt Island. But mostly, to spend some quality time with our grandchildren. 


Being with one’s family on vacation is one of the greatest moments in one’s life.  Quality time is often hard to come by with one’s family and I try to take whatever moments I can to treasure for as long as I can.


We took our grandchildren to Disney World, Universal Studios and to the beautiful beaches of Cocoa Beach. They had a grand time and I probably spent more money than I should. I figure it was worth it, as there may not be another opportunity for this to happen anytime in the near future. We have to take those treasured moments when we can, regardless of cost.


So why am I tying this to the 4th of July? Well, my friends, I wanted to talk about family, as family ties into one of the many reasons we celebrate the 4th of July.  Our Founding Fathers had a strong belief in God and the foundation of the family.


F amilies take time to celebrate the 4th by hosting barbeques, going to picnics, often taking advantage of the long weekend to get together with relatives to celebrate this national holiday; to celebrate the founding of these United States. Most of us cannot think of a better way to celebrate this holiday than with our families.


As I sit here and think of the many blessings our Heavenly Father has given us, freedom from tyranny, in the quest for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, I am so grateful for the time He has given me in this wonderful American nation.  If not for the American Revolution, beginning with the Declaration of Independence, the American family would not be able to enjoy the freedoms we have today.


I wrote this column in celebration of family and our Independence.  May God bless us all. May He also bless these United States of America, especially in these times of economic crises. But most of all, may He bless the family, which is the foundation of all that we do in this wonderful Republic.  Without His blessings, were would we be?


I could be wrong.  Who knows? I am certain that I do.  Just sayin … # # #


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