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Mar 27th
Home Sections Philippine Presidency An Open Letter to President Gloria M. Arroyo from the Farmers Without Land, Masses Without Food
An Open Letter to President Gloria M. Arroyo from the Farmers Without Land, Masses Without Food PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 28 July 2008 00:39

An Open Letter to President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo from the Farmers Without Land,

Masses Without Food on the Table   


On the occasion of the 8th State of the Nation Address of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo on July 28, 2008, this Open Letter is sent to Her Excellency:

Dear Mrs. President:



We are called tillers of the land. From our sweat and blood, from our wrinkled hands comes the food that feeds this nation.


Or at least, this should be the case.


What has happened to the tillers of the soil, to us you fondly called the “masses”?


Farmers we may be called but we have lost our lands to corporate greed. Our dignity has been stolen over years of servitude to landed elites who flank this government’s ring of power and influence.


What now Mrs. President of your SONA promises wherein you promised cheap rice and a prosperous farmer, rice self-sufficiency, and the increased income and harvest of the rural folks?


This regime did nothing to alleviate poverty wrought by centuries of landlessness. Band-aid solutions and dole outs did nothing to realize your promises of prosperity. You lifted not a finger to change our pitiable situation under a fake-and-deceitful Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP). Instead, you have allowed the small percentage of rich-and-landed families, with whom you belong, the monopoly of vast tracks of lands.


CARP beneficiaries has been tied to their necks paying for high amortization rates while those who acquired small parcels of land are left without government subsidy as millions of supposed loan fund for farmers such as the P700-Million fertilizer fund scam and the P3-Billion grand swine scam have been used to oil electoral campaign machineries or to bribe the gluttons in government and military, the only people whom we say you have protected and served.


Seven years under your regime has made CARP instrumental in the swift disenfranchisement of peasants’ lands. Plunder of our lands and resources exacerbated under Arroyo, “the economist’s” Medium Term Development Plan, the local expression of a neo-liberal policy dictated by the GATT – WTO and other capitalist countries and institutions.


Your administration has encouraged the stagnation of the country’s agricultural industry which has slackened to a more appalling condition as the country’s dependence on importation and reliance on exportation heightened, primarily on the importation of rice and the export of cash crops intended for the foreign market.


You have been the primary agent in the surrender our lands and patrimony to foreign plunder as your flagship development program, clearly marked with dogged obeisance to foreign interest, has hastened and become more blatant.


We have lost our lands to plantations now owned and run by multinational and transnational companies –-- of bananas, pineapples, rubber and jathropa --- which have transformed thousands of hectares of rice lands, thereby dislocating farmers and indigenous folks and destroying farmlands.


Land use and crop conversion, which is the core of the highly-denounced Japan-Philippine Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA) which your administration is then again insisting on in the Senate despite the peoples’ opposition, has turned farmers into paid farm laborers who have been rendered to abuse and the exploitation due to extremely low wages.


At the wake of the national economic crisis your administration has brought this country into, your iron-fisted policy has mercilessly snuffed out the voices of resistance from among us who dare to speak, who dare to fight for land, for what is due our toil.


Since 2001, 105 farmer leaders under KMP have been slain by your mercenaries in the military. Until now, we grieve and draw strength from the death of our leader and colleague Celso Pojas, former KMP Spokesperson.


As we clamor for justice over his death, and the death of hundred others whose lives were unjustly and brutally taken, mark our words when we say that the millions of farmers whose lands, their blood and soul, you have sold to the devil, will claim their just retribution.


Farmers, we urge you, with your hunger, your grief, your will to fight for what is rightly ours, join the Filipino peoples’ fight for genuine democracy and freedom.


Defend the farmer’s rights to land and genuine land reform!

End the repression against farmers, and the rural poor!

Justice for peasant martyr Celso Pojas and all victims of extrajudicial killings under this dangerous regime!


Very respectfully yours,


Pedro Arnadao


Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas – Southern Mindanao Region

(For and on behalf of the KMP Executive Council)
Maa Rd., Davao City


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Last Updated on Monday, 28 July 2008 00:49
Comments (1)
1 Saturday, 12 September 2009 02:46
Magandang araw po sa ating Presidente ng Pilipinas Gloria Macapagal Arroyo,

This is my first time that I visit this site of our President Gloria Arroyo. I was so shock sa mga nabasa ko, ( sa mga text message sa inyo pong official website) hindi kasi ako sanay sa ganitong mga salita and sa palagay ko how good or bad ng isang individual ay hindi naman dapat binabastos ng ganito lalo na at isang Preidente ng pilipinas. This is show na napakababa naman natin, nangyayari lang ito sa ibang bansa at sa mga walang pinag aralan. Pero tayong mga pinoy ay pambihirang talino at lakas ng loob, hindi tayo basta-basta sumusuko at nawawalan ng pag asa, iba ang pinoy... wika nga...
I was stay in Malaysia for almost 17 years, bihira ring umuwi, every two years kaya siguro hindi ko na rin alam ang nangyayari talaga sa Pilipinas. Marami akong nababalitaan against the Present President pero come to think of it, kahit saang parte ng mundo, bagsak ang economy, This is a global crisis, ito ang tinatawag na kanya kanyang problema at kanya kanyang pagsisikap. Hindi natin dapat isisi ang mga paghihirap natin sa iba lalo na kung hindi naman tayo kumikilos para may mangyari sa buhay natin.
Hwag po sana magalit ang tinamaan pero sa palagay ko, dapat magkaisa tayong mga Pilipino para sa kaunlaran ng ating sarili at ng ating bansa, kasi kung hindi natin tutulungan ang sarili natin paano natin maasahan ang tulong ng iba. Kailangan munang itayo natin ang ating sarili, mag sikap, magtiis para magtagumpay.
Dito nga sa abroad, halos wala na akong itulog, puro trabaho para lang mabigyan ng magandang buhay ang aking mga anak, pero kahit na anong gawin, kulang at kulang pa rin, maliit lang kasi ang sweldo, from hand to mouth. Pero ako yung laging tumitingin at nananalig na ang lahat ay may kalutasan.
Basta huwag lang tayo makalimot magdasal. Ang panginoon Dios andiyan lang SIYA sa tabi natin. Nakikita niya lahat ng mga gingawa natin at pati laman ng ating isipan. Basta we keep on going and we keep on praying na kasabay ng pagpupunyagi, pagsisikap at pagtitiis, mararating din natin ang buhay na hinahangad at pinapangarap.
Malapit na tayong umunlad. Ang mga Pilipino ang isa sa pinaka matalinong tao at makabuluhan sa buong mundo.
Dahil lahat tayo ay may prinsipyo, may mataas na pinag aralan, respeto sa sarili at nasa tamang pagpapasiya. Matalino ang mga Pilipino, kahit saan pumunta at kahit saan makarating. Number sa katalinuhan at number one sa kalokohan. Ganito kasi tayo, ito ang ating mannerism, pero nasa puso at isip natin ang pagmamahal sa ating sariling bayan at kapwa.
Mapalad tayo dahil mayroon tayong mga namumunong hindi naman masyadong gahaman at sakim kumpara sa ibang bansa na wala ng pakialam sa nagyayari sa kanyang kapaligiran. Lagi tayong magdasal at maanalig sa panginoon. Ipag dasal natin ang ating mga Lider at ang ating bansa. Nasa ating mga kamay at sarili ang ating iaangat. Magtiwala tayo sa ating Pangulo.

Salamat po,
Ester Mercado
OFW Malaysia
Skype: enchanteurz

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