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Jun 01st
Home Sections Philippine Presidency Why the Arroyo Family and Its Rasputins Will Meet General Noriega’s Fate
Why the Arroyo Family and Its Rasputins Will Meet General Noriega’s Fate PDF Print E-mail
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Sections - Philippine Presidency
Written by Bobby M. Reyes   
Monday, 18 May 2009 10:46

P resident Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and her husband, the First Gentleman, and their Rasputins will eventually meet the fate of Panamanian Dictator Manuel Noriega for the same reasons. Like General Noriega, the Arroyos and their favorite Filipino generals have been looting the Philippine treasury, controlling the illegal gambling-and-drug syndicates, racketeering and money laundering.


The United States government has documented the illegal diversion (to the Arroyos’ and Filipino generals’ pockets) of the American economic-and-military aid that it has given the Philippines. Especially after the collapse of the Lehman Brothers and the near-bankruptcy of the American Insurance Group (AIG), federal treasury officials have obtained documentation of the money laundering that the Arroyo Family has been doing. The Arroyos invested hundreds of millions of dollars in both companies. This is the reason First Gentleman Mike Arroyo cannot now set foot in any American territory as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) will immediately take him into custody.


President Arroyo actually faces the fate of Saddam Hussein or Manuel Noriega. Either way, her fate and those of her ilk and kin is sealed. It is only a question of time before she and her corrupt entourage will be arrested and tried in the United States. This is the reason almost all of the Filipino traditional politicians will abandon Mrs. Arroyo and Company to their fate, just like the way rats abandon a sinking ship.


* Editor’s Note: For an update of the Philippines-United States Relations on mutual defense and a report on the recent visit of US Defense Secretary Robert Gates, please go to


Recent accounts of the theft of American military aid have surfaced in some of the major newspapers of the Philippines. American funds destined for joint military exercises have been stolen allegedly by corrupt generals, who would never have done so without the apparent connivance of the First Family.


To read more about the corruption that the Arroyo Family and its Rasputins have been doing, please read again these reports:



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P oor Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, Mike Arroyo, their sons and Rasputins. Once a new Philippine President is elected next year, the incoming Dispensation may simply turn them over to the American federal authorities for trial a la General Noriega. This is why President Arroyo will exhaust all avenues to remain in power, as she knows her and her family’s fate. But the United States will never allow the Arroyos and their Rasputins to flee to a country that does not have any extradition treaty with the Philippines and/or the United States.


This writer was the first Filipino journalist to report that President Arroyo’s full-blooded brother, Diosdado Macapagal, Jr., has immigrated to Canada. Why would a brother of an incumbent Filipino President would want to move to a foreign country? And why Canada? Because Canada does not extradite criminals who flee to its territories. You can read more of this report in this hyperlink: The Filipino First Family Prepares to Move Allegedly to Toronto, Canada  



If readers are not yet familiar with General Noriega, here are some data about him:


Manuel Antonio Noriega (born February 11 1934)[1] is a former general and the military dictator of Panama from 1983 to 1989.[2] He was never officially the President of Panama, but held the post of "chief executive officer" for a brief period in 1989. The 1989 invasion of Panama by the United States removed him from power; he was captured, detained as a prisoner of war, and flown to the U.S.[not specific enough to verify]. Noriega was tried on eight counts of drug trafficking, racketeering, and money laundering in April 1992. Noriega's US prison sentence ended in September 2007;[3] pending the outcome of extradition requests by both Panama and France, he remains in prison as of May 2009.


Source: Manuel Noriega - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 


* Here is a Philippine Daily Star report about the “alleged misuse of some P46-million for the 2007 RP-US Balikatan exercises:”


MANILA, Philippines – The Department of National Defense has confirmed an ongoing probe into the alleged misuse of some P46 million for the 2007 RP-US Balikatan exercises, but said it is keeping its hands off the case of the whistle-blower – a female Navy officer – who is reportedly facing summary dismissal proceedings for another offense.


“I understand that she is now facing an investigation before the Philippine Navy’s Efficiency and Separation Board (ESB) and I will have to wait for the results of this probe before taking any action,” Defense Secretary Gilbert Teodoro, Jr. said.


Teodoro was referring to the case of Lt. Senior Grade Nancy Gadian, who is under investigation for alleged insubordination and for lavish spending during her term as head of the Western Mindanao Command (Westmincom)’s Civil Military Operations based in Zamboanga City.


Gadian had claimed that her then immediate commander, former Westmincom chief retired Gen. Eugenio Cedo, misused the P46 million provided by the United States for the Balikatan exercises.


She claimed that of the amount only P2.7 million went to Balikatan’s CMO projects.


But Cedo, in an interview over radio dzRH yesterday, belied the allegations, saying he never benefited from the funds and instead accused Gadian of trying to get back at him because he ordered her investigated for her failure to account for the Balikatan funds in her care. Cedo retired in 2007.


However, military records showed that Gadian had been cleared of any accountability by the military’s internal audit on Balikatan funds, except for an unaccounted P2,500 in hotel expenses.


The charges of insubordination reportedly stemmed from her refusal to face a probe for her lavish spending in a hotel in Zamboanga City. It was not clear if the investigators were referring to the P2,500 unaccounted hotel expenses.


On the other hand, the Navy urged Gadian to formalize her charges of corruption against Cedo.


Navy spokesman Lt. Col. Edgard Arevalo asked Gadian to support her allegations against Cedo by filing appropriate charges.


“We urge her to come out in the open, formalize her complaint, adduce evidence by attaching documents that would substantiate her complaint or her claims of corruption and then the Navy is willing to help her clear her name,” he said.


“We are not saying that she is right or wrong. What is important here is for her to formalize her complaint because we will not conduct investigation based on mere allegations,” Arevalo added.


“It is also important for us to protect the name and integrity of one of our colleagues in the Navy,” he said, referring to Gadian.


“What we were saying is she is an officer. She has served the Navy for 12 years, so being an officer, we know that she understands what she is saying and she knows, she appreciates the repercussions of what she’s saying, so we urge her to come out in the open,” Arevalo added.


Arevalo maintained that the junior officer is still a member of the Navy, despite having filed her resignation last April 16, because her papers have yet to be evaluated.


He admitted that Gadian might also be held liable for airing her charges in public and not going through the Navy’s internal grievance mechanism.


Senate sets probe


S enate defense committee chairman Sen. Rodolfo Biazon vowed to have Gadian’s allegation investigated.


“Make your report official and address it to the Senate, to the chairman of the defense committee,” Biazon told Gadian in an interview over dzRH.


“If you can give me (an) official report, I will have a basis to act. If this is the fund from the Department of National Defense or the Armed Forces of the Philippines, this is within my jurisdiction,” Biazon, a former armed forces chief, said.


Gadian earlier said the funds that had been misused might have been bigger.


She also chided Armed Forces public information office chief Lt. Col. Romeo Brawner for allegedly ignoring her grievances and for wanting her dismissed for alleged malversation of funds.


“It’s always the little guy who gets fried, and the big guy is covered. From the very start I was prejudged,” she said in Filipino.


Earlier, Brawner said the Navy’s Efficiency and Separation Board started the proceedings against Gadian last Thursday but she did not appear.


Gadian also said in a radio interview that she feared for her safety after her exposé.


“I’m not discounting the possibility that something will happen to me,” she said.


With Christina Mendez  - By Jaime Laude (Philstar News Service,



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Last Updated on Monday, 15 June 2009 07:04
Comments (4)
1 Monday, 18 May 2009 14:30
Re: Fearless Forecast of GMA Becoming the Filipino Noriega

Dear Friends:

I have just written a fearless forecast of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (once she is no longer the Philippine President), her husband, sons and Rasputins being arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and tried in a U.S. federal court on charges similar to those filed against former Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega. To read my forecast, please click on this link:
Why the Arroyo Family and Its Rasputins Will Meet General Noriega’s Fate

Or copy and paste to your browser this URL:

The problem of a former President Arroyo lies in the fact that the new Philippine President (who will be elected in the May 2010 elections) cannot grant her pardon for her presumed conviction by a U.S. federal court on charges stemming from stealing American economic-and-military aid, money laundering, etceteras, etc. Getting elected as members of the Philippine House of Representatives will not help Mrs. Arroyo and her sons who are now congressmen. Proof? Remember Philippine Congressman Mark Jimenez?

My report should change the dynamics of the 2010 elections, as the traditional politicians and The Imperial Manila -- once they realize the "American" problem of the Arroyo Family and its Rasputins -- will abandon her like rats do on a sinking ship. The vested interests in the Philippines cannot antagonize Uncle Sam, as the United States is still the world's biggest market, financial capital, home of the world's biggest and most-productive Overseas-Filipino communities, aside from being the only superpower in the world.

Hala bira, hala bira, to borrow the words of Doc Simp of Romblon and Chicago,


Lolo Bobby M. Reyes
2 Wednesday, 20 May 2009 11:50

It's a very powerful perspective. If our kababayans only have the guts, this couple should be tried and shot like what the Romanians did to their brutal President Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife, Elena. Or, better yet, for their unbridled corruption, should be beheaded.
3 Monday, 25 May 2009 07:07
Dear Bobby,

Lt JG Gadian's family is from my island province of Guimaras. I hope she is not liquidated. She is trying to fry some big fish. Her late uncle was also a Reserve Officer in the Philippine Army.

Apo Ernie
4 Monday, 25 May 2009 07:08
Fearless, great writing, Bobby.

I forwarded it to kin and friends here in US and in the Philippines.

But they do know the GMA administration stinks to high heavens propped up by the military.

Thank you much.


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