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Oct 27th
Home Sections Politics Gloria Arroyo Could Have Been the Greatest President Had She Followed Lolo Bobby’s Suggestions Sent in Several “Love Letters”
Gloria Arroyo Could Have Been the Greatest President Had She Followed Lolo Bobby’s Suggestions Sent in Several “Love Letters” PDF Print E-mail
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Sections - Politics
Written by Bobby M. Reyes   
Tuesday, 22 November 2011 12:34


By Lolo Bobby M. Reyes of Sorsogon City


‘Your wife can be the greatest Filipino President if she follows even half of my suggestions stated in this correspondence,’ Bobby Reyes tells Mike Arroyo, as he hands him a 3-ring binder containing a cover letter plus attachments


It was on Nov. 21, 2002, when Lolo Bobby met then-President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (GMA) in a private reception at a hotel near the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). He was one of 30 community leaders from Southern California chosen by then-Consul General Marciano Paynor, Jr., to meet with President GMA at the said reception. After the photo ops, Lolo Bobby handed to then-First Gentleman Mike Arroyo, his acquaintance and former classmate at the Ateneo de Manila College of Law. He handed Mr. Arroyo the 3-ring binder and told him the message as quoted above.


But the Office of the Philippine President never bothered to send even an acknowledgment letter of receipt of said “love letters.”


In that correspondence handed to then-First Gentleman Arroyo, this writer restated the “Unsolicited Advice” that he has been sending to the Office of the Philippine President, as described in these articles and other essays:


Love Letters Sent to President Gloria M. Arroyo


Another Love Letter to President Arroyo (Part II)


Why Philippine Presidents Refuse to Answer Love Letters that Discuss the I2D2 Option


The I2D2 and New EEA Proposals Sent Again to PGMA


A fter the Katrina tragedy in New Orleans, Louisiana, in August 2005, Lolo Bobby sent another “love letter” to President GMA, as described in this essay:


Gloria Arroyo Misses a Golden Opportunity to Create a World-class Legacy of Leadership in Disaster Relief by Operating Hospital Ships


Lolo Bobby also sent to President GMA copies of his series on the need to prepare for earthquakes and other calamities that would surely hit the Philippine homeland, as stated in this article:


A Series of Temblors Is Coming Nearer to RP and Gloria Arroyo Remains Indifferent to Plea for Earthquake-preparedness Program


On Sept. 23, 2009, this writer sent another “love letter” that suggested respectfully how Gloria and Mike Arroyo, their family, et al, could seek redemption. Here’s the article, a copy of which was sent through channel to the Office of the President:


Why Gloria and Mike Arroyo, Et Al, Perhaps Are Not Even Christians But There’s Hope for Redemption


U nfortunately, all my suggestions and “Unsolicited Advice” fell on deaf ears. Former President GMA, her husband, family members, et al, chose not to seek redemption. They chose to ignore suggestions that could have changed for the better the destiny of the Filipino people, all for the greater glory of God and country. # # #



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