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Sep 28th
Home Sections Politics Is There a Visionary Among the 2010 Filipino Presidential Candidates?
Is There a Visionary Among the 2010 Filipino Presidential Candidates? PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Bobby M. Reyes   
Monday, 04 January 2010 18:10


First of a Series on a “ReVOTElution of Hope for the Filipino People”


T he Los Angeles Times Magazine discussed the “Visionary” in its first issue for the New Year yesterday, Jan. 3, 2010. It was quite a coincidence as this writer was starting this series of articles and he saw “Visionary” on the magazine’s cover, as it presented “five catalysts for an enlightened future.” The magazine ( came up with this lead paragraph and probably made the finest definition – to this writer’s limited knowledge – of what a visionary is all about:


In our fast-food, ADD culture, lots of people are labeled visionaries. Truth is, there aren’t that many of them. A genuine visionary is an alchemist, able to synthesize existing information, technology and philosophy and ignite them with a spark of radical genius. It is someone who has the perception to see past entrenched, received ideas about what is possible and conjure revolutionary concepts. In short, it is a person with the power, acumen and artistry to change our world. – Nancie Clare, Editor


Webmaster’s Note: To read the article in its entirety, please click on this link, 


Is there a visionary among the eight major Filipino presidential candidates?


So far, we have not heard any of the leading Filipino presidential candidates talk about his (or her) vision to change for the better the country – from July 1, 2010, the first day of office of the new President, up to June 30, 2016, when the constitutionally-mandated single term of office ends. The candidates are simply telling the Filipino voters their ideas in vague terms, without specifying the details of how to do a particular solution for a particular problem, where to get the funds in doing it and without mentioning time tables.


Our Los Angeles-based coalition of Overseas-Filipino activists and advocates sent to a majority of the said Filipino presidential candidates our idea of a “ReVOTElution of Hope for the Filipino People.”


In our unsolicited correspondence, we told the presidential candidates to possibly consider and perhaps adopt parts of our platform described in the article The OFW-led Political Party's "Vision RP 2021" Master Plan for the candidate’s own socioeconomic platform and program of government.


We have suggested also in our correspondence and website articles that we can make the small province of Sorsogon the pilot site of the “ReVOTElution.” It will essentially be done by a coalition of residents of the province, OFWs and Overseas Filipinos – with little or minimal assistance from the national government. We have published for many years now the various projects, described in the following sections of this website:


We have informed President Gloria M. Arroyo by sending through official channel our visionary ideas on how Overseas Filipinos and OFWs could help her Administration in solving some of the biggest problems that the Filipino people face. But she has ignored all of our communications, except for one letter from the Philippine Department of Health about our idea of helping procure a hospital ship for the country.


Some of the letters are mentioned in these sections:


In fact, we have started to summarize the various pilot projects meant to be launched in Sorsogon Province – after July 1, 2010 – in these articles:


How the ReVOTElution Will “Reinvent” Education and Life in Sorsogon


A Sorsoganon OFW Appears to Be a Bigger Hero than Manny Pacquiao: How the ReVOTElution Will Protect OFWs and their History (Part II)


A Bigger Danger than an Eruption Lurks in Bulusan Volcano

 (Part III)


How to Make a Biblical-based Real-estate Redevelopment the Answer to Global Warming, Starting in Sorsogon (Part IV)


So far, only one major presidential candidate (through his United States-based nephew and cousin) has gotten in touch with us.


Please stay tuned for follow-up articles . . .


(To be continued . . .)


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Last Updated on Monday, 04 January 2010 22:18
Comments (1)
1 Friday, 08 January 2010 04:24
JC de los Reyes is a visionary. we have an accountable platform
perhaps theflyer is available onlineythank you go to you tube, search profiles of che-che lazaro, anc interview of Jc de Los reyes

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