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Oct 27th
Home Sections Politics Post Script to Mr. Obama’s “State of the Union” Address
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Written by Gerry Garrison   
Saturday, 28 January 2012 19:51



In This Corner

By Gerry Garrison


M ost of you have watched or heard snippets of the State of Union address by President Obama. He gave a flowering speech about how great he thinks his administration is doing. Unless you been asleep for the last three years, y’all know that what left his lips was so untrue as to be ridiculous.  I am not ever sure he believed most of the words that left his lips.


Not to be unfair, some of what he talked about was fair. The fact that on his watch, Bin Laden was killed by our marvelous Navy Seals was a great thing. This evil terrorist got exactly what he deserved. He also noted some positive signs of economic recovery and was very negatively adamant about any idea of America’s decline.


However, the negatives in his speech out weigh any of the positives of the last paragraph.  His speech was more about spending more here, creating a new program there, add another subsidy to the tax code over there, and continue 

on the same “class warfare” on increasing taxes for the rich, so they pay “their fair share”, just like the middle class.


Not one word about the increasing debt at over $1.3-trillion annually. Nothing was said about swelling healthcare costs, along with the silence about his biggest accomplishment – the "Obama Health Care Plan." Not a word about how that Medicare and Social Security will soon be in trouble now that baby-boomers are now retiring.


To be honest with, my faithful readers, there is not much difference between this year’s State of the Union than that of last year. A lot of rhetoric and promises made last year where never fulfilled. Does anyone with any common sense believe those that he proposed will even make it to Congress, much-less pass?


Instead of being all-encompassing in bringing the nation and parties together, most of what he had to say was divisive.  Instead of talking about what we can do as a nation, most of what the president said had to with “I will” or “ I won’t”  There was over 90 references to “I”, “me” or “my” in his speech.  


There less than 10 times where he even referenced “we”, most of those at the end of his State of the Union, clearly indicating a socialist state instead of the great Republic we have in this country.  It was a purely political, campaign speech by Mr. Obama.


Another part of this speech, Mr. Obama bragged about how he bailed out General Motors, making it the “…world’s number one automaker.”  Then later on, almost at the end of this speech, he said, “No bailouts, no handouts, and no copouts.”  Really?  Having a hard time making up your mind, Mr. President?


He also used the tax code to decide how much people can make. He wants to change the tax code so those who make a million dollars pay 30% or more in taxes.  What does he think is going to happen to job growth? With less money to invest in the economy means less money available for job creation. How’s that working for you, Mr. Obama?


Then we come to his solution to fix our economic mess?  Mr. Obama is suggesting a “blueprint” to fix the economy. Isn’t that as just as destructive as doing what his administration is doing to the economy now? The economy is a complicated entity, with so many factors affecting the daily outcomes to its success or failure.


O ne just cannot blueprint our economy.  But he thinks the destruction of free enterprise by way of taxation, regulation and overwhelming debt has been the solution. His so called “blueprint” will continue do the same, probably making it worst.


Normally, a President giving his 3rd State of the Union would be bragging about all his accomplishments. With the exception of getting rid of Ben Laden, Mr. Obama has little to brag about. He has not kept his promise to engage the economy moving and lowering the GDP. Instead all we get is too much political opportunism and the emergence of rank hypocrisy.


So what is the democratic response to the State of the Union? Joe Trippi, is a Democratic campaign consultant, was painting a gloomy picture for the Republicans, stating “blind GOP opposition helps Mr. Obama’s re-election bid. Here is another leftist believing the spin coming out of the White House. I believe the Democrats and the President are in for a big surprise come next November. Better start looking for new living quarters before it’s too late.


Unless one has been living in a cave for the since this man took office, no one with an honest bone in their body can seriously believe this fairy tale of the State of the Union. Time for Mr. Obama to take a self assessment of his own administration and smell the crap this he has been dealing to the people of the greatest country on this earth. That is never going to happen.


The candidates for running for the Republican nomination need to stay on message. They need to continue to place the importance of what the message of the smaller government, lower taxes and a strong defense. This is an election for them to lose if they don’t.


The current vetting that is going on now with all these candidates is actually good for the Republican Party. I believe getting all the “trash” out now will help in future damage control when, whoever the Republican nominee is, goes against Mr. Obama later this year.


As I have said in the past, Mr. Obama has given the Republicans many gifts, not only in his speeches, but in the state of his economy and his lack of leadership during his presidency. This is the Republicans chance to take not only the presidency, but also the Senate, as well.


But what do I know?  Just saying ... # # #



Life is short. Forgive quickly. Kiss slowly. Love truly.

Laugh uncontrollably, and never regret anything that made you smile.


COTA for Cullen Steele


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