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Dec 07th
Home Sections Politics Quo Vadis, Juan Miguel Zubiri?
Quo Vadis, Juan Miguel Zubiri? PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Bobby M. Reyes   
Monday, 19 July 2010 19:12


On Dec. 28, 2009, this writer sent a personal “love letter” to Hon. Juan Miguel F. Zubiri through one of his staff members, with CCs to some mutual friends.


This writer appealed to Mr. Zubiri "to follow whole heartedly the mandate of the people and refuse to accept a tainted political victory, as engineered by the Maguindanao warlords' cheating.”


I said further: “Everybody knows that Aquilino ‘Koko’ Pimentel, III, won that last Senate seat in the 2007 elections. It was not your fault, Mr. Zubiri, that the cheating was ordered by President Arroyo and her Rasputins. But I know you, Mr. Zubiri, whom I met in a community meeting at the Historic Filipinotown District of Los Angeles, California, in 2006. You would not accept a tainted victory. It is beyond your dignity to cling to a seat that was given to you by illegal means, even if you did not participate in the electoral fraud.”


I said in the letter that the Honorable Juan Miguel F. Zubiri “is still young and he is bound to win a national election or several elections provided he faces the truth and gladly relinquishes the seat to Koko Pimentel.”


I cautioned Mr. Zubiri that “if he would insist that you won that 2007 election, I am afraid that you will be branded as a ‘cheater’ by many Filipino voters and nobody will vote for you ever in any national election. If you do not face the truth, you may as well give up politics for you cannot overcome the branding as a ‘cheater’."


This writer ended his “love letter” by extending to the Honorable Zubiri, his family and staff the’s staff’s and his best wishes for the Advent Season and the coming New Year.


Please note that this writer never addressed Mr. Zubiri as “Senator.”


I signed the “love letter” as the Editor, and Prime Mover,

I also said that I was then holding (or held) the following positions:

Member of the Board of Directors, Cebu Brotherhood, Inc.,

Ad-hoc Secretary General, American-Filipino Public-Affairs Council,

Former Chairman of the Board, Leyte-Samar Association, Inc.,

Cofounder, Sorsogon Province Association of the United States,

Former Secretary General and Director, Filipino-American Community of Los Angeles, Inc. (FACLA),

Chancellor, Knights of Rizal-Los Angeles Chapter,

Cofounder, Philippine Town, Inc.

Cofounder, United Filipinos Against Corruption, Inc.

And a Member or Past Officer of 38 Other Filipino-American Associations


Mr. Zubiri did not bother to reply my “love letter” that was sent privately. But then his staff member could have chosen not to forward it to him. But I was confident that one of those who received a CC could have forwarded it to him.


Quo vadis, then Mr. Zubiri? Will you answer my “love letter” at your earliest convenience, now that it has been published online? # # #



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Comments (7)
1 Tuesday, 20 July 2010 22:41
What are you doing in the Senate, Migz?

By John Nery
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 05:05:00 07/20/2010

The 2010 elections, by and large, were a success, a victory that vindicated the Filipino’s bottomless belief in the power of elections to effect change. It is only right, however, to recognize that the reform constituency that laid claim to the elections, especially as reflected in the presidential vote, first re-emerged in the 2007 polls. The overwhelming opposition tide even lifted Antonio Trillanes’ boat—and Koko Pimentel’s too.

Early last month, the Senate Electoral Tribunal issued a shameful resolution, numbered 07-105, that even in its intellectual dishonesty and Arroyo-like going-through-the-motions character could not hide the fact that, as it admits, “the results of the initial revision and appreciation proceedings showed that the 14 May 2007 election in certain pilot areas designated by Pimentel was characterized by proven irregularities.”

The records show that, as early as June 2008, the SET had already proven massive fraud in four provinces, which cheated Pimentel out of over 250,000 votes net, more than enough for him to overtake Migz Zubiri’s manufactured lead. Before Zubiri and his spokesmen argue ad hominem again, saying my longstanding friendship with Koko has clouded my judgment, let me quote the strongly worded, rigorously argued dissenting opinion of Supreme Court Justice Antonio Carpio, who reminded the SET of which he was chair of the meaning of its previous decision: “In Resolution No. 07-27, the Tribunal found that in six (6) of the nine (9) pilot municipalities in Maguindanao and Lanao del Norte, 98.15 percent of the ballots cast were spurious.” So, as it turns out, Zubiri is not the fake senator from Maguindanao. My mistake. He is the fake senator from Maguindanao and Lanao del Norte.

Against this clear previous finding, what did the majority—consisting of Sen. Edgardo Angara, in my reading the true author of the reasoning behind the decision; Senators Loren Legarda, Richard Gordon and Lito Lapid; and Supreme Court Justices Presbitero Velasco and Teresita Leonardo-de Castro—end up doing? They gave Zubiri more time, to proceed with his counter-protest.

The ordinary citizen, who hasn’t paid this crucial test case of democratic maturity any real attention, may respond: Well, what’s wrong with that? Doesn’t Zubiri deserve his “day in court”?

In fact, Zubiri has had his day in court. That’s what Resolution 07-105 is all about. To Pimentel’s original protest contesting the results of 2,658 precincts in 44 municipalities in seven provinces, Zubiri filed a counter-protest, alleging he was cheated in 73,265 precincts—almost throughout the country! Under SET rules, 25 percent of each party’s estimate of fraud-marred precincts are targeted for initial revision. Pimentel’s initial set proved there were irregularities, and the total count recovered over a quarter of a million votes. The SET resolution in question rules on Zubiri’s initial set, and directs the SET canvassers to begin full revision.

The key passage in the majority decision reads: “The Tribunal’s own examination and appreciation of the ballots resulted in a finding that more than 50 percent of the ballots specifically cited in the revision reports were indeed spurious. Accordingly, the presence of said bogus ballots must be considered as strong indicator that the election in said areas was married by irregularities.”

But in fact, the Angara-led majority, peopled by members of Zubiri’s swing bloc in the Senate, the so-called Magnificent 7, lied. Doing the math that the majority did not even attempt, Carpio pointed out that, “contrary to the majority’s bare assertion,” the appreciation reports for Quezon City, Manila, Batangas, and Bulacan (Zubiri’s pilot areas) show that the number of fake or spurious ballots in these areas does not constitute “more than 50 percent of the ballots” contested in the particular city or province. “IN FACT, THE SPURIOUS BALLOTS CONSTITUTE A MERE 2.2 PERCENT OF THE TOTAL CONTESTED BALLOTS IN QUEZON CITY, MANILA, BATANGAS, AND BULACAN.” [Emphasis in the original.]

Also: “Pimentel’s evidence, consisting of the testimonies of Board of Election Inspectors Chairpersons and Members, disprove the allegation of massive electoral fraud in Quezon City and Manila. Specifically, the BEI’s testimonies established that THE FAKE BALLOTS [in Zubiri’s pilot areas] WERE INTRODUCED AFTER THE 14 MAY 2007 ELECTIONS.” [Emphasis mine.]

Something is rotting in the Senate.
Poor Koko

15 July 2010 No Comment

by Ducky Paredes

“(I)f the Zubiri protest would be heard to its end, there was no possibility that Koko could ever be proclaimed senator since the Zubitri counter-protest could not possibly end before the end of the disputed senate term.” — Ducky

Our Senate is shameless! There is just no other way of looking at our senators. In the face of clear facts that among its members is one who should never have been there from Day One, the majority of the senators would rather keep him on than allow the rightful senator to take his seat.

Koko Pimentel lost in the 2007 elections for the Senate. After a neck-to-neck race, Migs Zubiri was declared as the 12th winning senator, winning by a scant 18,000 votes..

Koko filed a protest that pinpointed where the cheating happened – in the Ampatuan – controlled areas of Mindanao. All Koko asked for was a recount of the pin-pointed 2,600 precincts in 2,600 precincts in Maguindanao, Lanao del Norte and Sur, Shariff Kabunsuan, Sultan Kudarat, Sulu and Basilan.

As early as 2008, the Senate Electoral Tribunal (SET) already knew that Zubri actually lost to Pimentel.

Official SET documents show Pimentel recovering more than 257,000 votes from the protested precincts. There is no way that Zubiri won his Senate seat. That is crystal clear.

What Senator Zubiri did, earlier, was that he filed a counter-protest. He asked for a recount of the votes in over 75% of 73,000 precincts nationwide in the 2007 senatorial elections. Thus, as early as the start of the revision, it was already clear that if the Zubiri protest would be heard to its end, there was no possibility that Koko could ever be proclaimed senator since the Zubitri counter-protest could not possibly end before the end of the disputed senate term that Zubiri is now serving.

Zubiri claimed that he was cheated in more than 73,000 precincts all over the country. How a candidate running with the opposition could do this against a candidate of the administration was not explained.

To discourage protests that are made to prolong the agony of a cheated senatorial wannabe, SET rules require initial scrutiny of 25% of the protested precincts to determine if there is actual basis to proceed with the revision of the rest of the results.

From the results of the recount of the initial 25%, of the precincts identified in his counter-protest, Zubiri recovered less than 12,000 votes and is expected to get not more than 46,000 in all his protested precincts.

In fact, the chairman of the SET, Associate Supreme Court Justice Antonio Carpio says that it is clear from the tribunal’s own tabulation that Pimentel posted an insurmountable lead over Zubiri.

But, the decision, on whether to continue with counting all the votes identified in the Zubiri counter-protest or throw out that counter-protest arrived this week. Under normal circumstances, the SET would have thrown out the counter-protest because it is crystal-clear that Zubiri lost and Pimentel won.

Bur, not to our senators. In a vote of the SET, Seven of the 9 SET members voted in favor of proceeding with Zubiri’s protest. They are Senators Edgardo Angara, Richard Gordon, Loren Legarda, Lito Lapid, and Francis Pangilinan, and Supreme Court Associate Justices Presbitero Velasco Jr. and Teresita de Castro.

Senator Pia Cayetano was the lone senator who voted to throw out Zubiri’s protest.

This means that Zubiri get to finish what should have been Koko Pimentel’s term as the Pimentel protest would have been overtaken by time. The disputed term would have ended before the SET could decide on who won the seat; but Zubiri got to sit as Senator and received all the money and the glory that attached to the position.

According to the SET’s majority members, their revision of the initial 25% of the results showed that more than half of the ballots cast were fake.

Supreme Court senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio disagreed with the tribunal’s ruling. In fact, he says that they only found 2% fake ballots!

So, why this show of gross shamelessness on the part of our senators. For one, Zubiri is an important part of the Angara bloc that will be the main force that will decide on who will be the nest Senate President: Kiko Pangilinan or Manny Villar. That’s also probably why Kiko delivered for Zubiri.

In the end, politics took Koko’s senate seat away.
Electoral Justice

In the May 14 2007 Senatorial Elections the people overwhelmingly voted against the administration. It initially looked like a 9 to 3 victory with Koko Pimentel as number 12.

However, when the COMELEC decided to canvass the Maguindanao votes, Zubiri was in the 12th position with 11,005,866 votes vs Koko Pimentel in 13th with 10,984,347 votes a difference of 21,519 votes.

On July 30, 2007 Pimentel filed a protest before the SET (Senate Electoral Tribunal) pinpointing 2,658 precincts in 44 municipalities and 7 provinces.

Following Rule 79 of the SET, Pimentel designated 664 precincts 25% of the protested precincts for the pilot count.

The revised count in the 664 pilot precincts already gave Pimentel a net gain of 103,812 votes which already overwhelmed Zubiri’s 21,519 lead in the COMELEC canvass.

At that point simple logic would dictate that Pimentel was the winner.

The SET proceeded to revise the remaining 75% of the precincts contested by Pimentel at the end of which Pimentel’s net gain was 257,401 votes.

If justice and reason prevailed in the Senate Electoral Tribunal Koko Pimentel should have been senator.

However, Zubiri filed a counter protest questioning the results in 73,265 precincts in 25 cities and provinces.

This was clearly a delaying tactic. The Zubiri contested precincts are about 1/3 of the 224,682 total precincts nationwide.

Zubiri’s justification for his protest was that in the areas selected only one or two administration candidates won.

After nearly 3 years the revisions of Zubiri’s pilot precincts have been completed. Zubiri had a net gain 11,948 votes in 18,227 precincts a gain of 0.65 (less than 1) votes per precinct.

In a midnight resolution dated June 4, 2010 the SET against plain common sense ordered that the remaining 75% of Zubiri’s contested 70,607 precincts be revised.

A grade six student could easily say that this does not make sense.

In the same resolution the majority made up of Senators Angara, Legarda, Gordon, Lapid and possibly Pangilinan with Justices Velasco and de Castro stated that there were more than 50% spurious ballots!

Fortunately, we have Justice Carpio who dissented and computed that only 2.2% of the total contested ballots in Quezon City, Manila, Batangas, and Bulacan were spurious.

Justice Carpio states,

“In Zubiri’s pilot precincts, consisting of 18,227 precincts, he was able to recover only 11,948 votes, subject to adjustments, translating to 0.66 average vote recovered per precinct. His projected total recovery is only 33,794 votes in his remaining 75% non-pilot protested precincts, or a total projected recovery of 45,742 votes in all his 70,607 counter-protested precincts.

On the other hand, Pimentel’s net recovery in all his protested precints is 257,401 votes. Even if we deduct the number of votes contained in the fake ballots, Zubiri’s projected net recovery can not successfully overcome the net recovery posted by Pimentel.”

Pimentel has filed a motion for reconsideration let us hope that the new members of the Senate Electoral Tribunal have a sense of justice and love of country, a little logic and a little arithmetic. And decide to proclaim Koko Pimentel as the duly elected senator.

To waste more years counting Zubiri’s 52,000 contested precincts would be foolish and unjust!

Justice delayed is justice denied, not just for Pimentel but for the Filipino Nation.
When will it ever end?

I am a Dual, an OAV, based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I voted for Koko Pimentel.

Cesar Torres
Very soon Miguel Zubiri will no longer be worthy to be called Honorable, if he persist to stay on the senate seat that truly belongs to KOKO PIMENTEL.

Instead of living a legacy of a true statesman, an honorable public official, and a worthy citizen, he will be remembered as one who usurped and stole the senate seat that he knew the people did not vote for him to hold.

The electoral protest filed by KOKO clearly showed that the result of the recounting sustained the claim that the votes obtained by KOKO has become irreversible in his favor. The opinion penned by Justice Antonio Carpio is one that is not tainted by political consideration, unlike those of Lito lapid, Eduardo Angara, Loren Legarda, who belong to a political block in the senate.

Besides KOKO is a firm believer in Jury and Grand Jury Judicial reforms.
6 Saturday, 24 July 2010 10:00
Hi Cita,

I agree with your comments 100 per cent.

Based on the reports gathered, The Tribunal ruled in July 2008 "that there was solid evidence of fraud...." This being so, Zubiri never had any right at all to stay in office after this discovery. If a person has integrity and decency, the best thing he could have done was to give up his seat to the rightful winner, Koko Pimentel.

What Koko did when he found out about the alleged fraud, he a filed a protest. The protest was granted, and the result of the recount shows that Koko Pimentel has established an insurmountable lead of about 300,000 over Zubiri, who had usurped and stole the senate seat (if I may borrow your own words) from Day 1 up to the present. Zubiri had spent the budget that could otherwise have been allotted to Koko Pimentel. But that is not that important. What is more important is for Zubiri to relinquish his seat ASAP so that the person whose constituents gave Koko their full trust and confidence to represent them in the halls of Senate,
should be allowed to take over his seat gracefully so he could discharge his functions based on the will of the people.

In the exercise of fairness and justice, this pending issue must be resolved at once so that Koko Pimentel, the rightful winner, could assume his post and serve the people of the Philippines in his capacity as senator-elect.

Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, MANLA-U.S. TMES
7 Sunday, 25 July 2010 08:28
Let me report to you that we had a very memorable night last July 22, 2010, at Patrick Pantaleon’s house. There, people from different organizations attended the event called in by Patrick for the purpose of discussing JUSTICE FOR KOKO JUSTICE FOR ALL and the campaign for the establishment of JURY SYSTEM in the Philippines.

Atty. Cita “Mama C” Borromeo Garcia representing Worldwide Filipino Alliance (WFA) was there, as well as Atty. Koko Pimentel, his mother Bing Pimentel, his partymates from PDP-Laban, Pasay City Councilor Onie Bayona, Jack Wong, me (Toto Causing) and several members of Hukuman ng Mamamayan Movement Inc. (Ronald Herico, Jun Valdecantos, Asher Bueno, Elmer Rodriguez), Louie Zuce the whistleblower in “Hello Garci” scam and Jong from Davao, Manu Alcuaz who was there as coming from the Tita Cory Movement and many other email organizations is the elder brother of Linggoy Alcuaz, Dr. Ener Sampang and his wife Rona who battled GMA for the congressional seat of Pampanga’s District 2, the chief of staff of Col. Ariel Querubin, Jun Pascual, the pastor who is a congressman-in-waiting of ARAL Partylist, Madam Elvie Medina, Jun Aguilar who represented Partidong Pandaigdigang Pilipino (PPP) and WFA, and many others whose names escape me.

Of course, the groups of the gracious host and excellent organizer Patrick were represented: COMPACT (Compassionate Patriots for Accountability and Transparency) and La Salle Ateneo At Lahat Na.

These attendances of people from different groups were sufficient to live up to the purpose of mustering a coalition for good governance.

By the way, the foods served that night were so delicious and I have to thank Mama Cita and Leah Pantaleon (wife of Patrick) for the sumptuous dinner.

That was really a very productive meeting.

The meeting resulted in the following:

1. Staging of Rallies on Monday, July 26, 2010, in the Senate to pressure the Senators to speed up the resolution of the protest case of Koko Pimentel where he should be declared the winner of the 12th spot of the Senate’s election in 2007 by a margin of more than 200,000 votes;

2. The rallies shall be in two groups: (a) the “organized” rally where Councilor Bayona and I would be among those who would march from Cuneta Astrodome to the Senate; and (b) the “lightning” rally where Jun Aguilar and Mama C will be among those who will steal the lightning from the rest of the field by raising from nowhere placards just after the flag ceremonies;

3. Ma’am Elvie Medina was tasked to cause the printing of tarpaulins, banners and streamers to be used for the two rallies;

4. Funds of P50,000 was agreed to be raised for the rallies and many chipped in funds to be supplemented by Jack Wong;

5. The JURY ADVOCACY was presented to the new faces and new groups that included Koko Pimentel, Onie Bayona, leaders of PDP-Laban; and

6. After I spoke on the Jury Advocacy, I convinced Atty. Koko Pimentel and Bayona that they committed to me their support (that if Atty. Koko is seated he will be our No. 1 campaigner for Juryism in the Senate).

AS USUAL, Mama Cita acted as one of the most gracious ladies that night. She scribbled down the minutes of the meeting.

Jun Aguilar acted as the presiding officer with intermission help from Patrick.

We will report what happens on Monday, July 26, 2010.

Patriotically yours,

Toto Causing

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