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Mar 25th
Home Sections Politics Rx for Mike R. Bloomberg's Platforms (Part I)
Rx for Mike R. Bloomberg's Platforms (Part I) PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Bobby M. Reyes   
Tuesday, 28 January 2020 08:50

Rx for Mike R. Bloomberg. (The first in a series of unsolicited suggestions for inclusion in your platforms of governance and socioeconomic development.)

A mong the Democratic presidential aspirants, you are the paramount, long-tenured, and most-prominent opponent of the NRA for sensible reforms for gun ownership and safety.
We at the "Baby Bloomers for Bloomberg" respectfully submit this suggestion on how to help your decades-old crusade for gun reforms.
As a backgrounder, the U.S.A. took over the Philippines (PH) as a colony from Spain (after the Spanish-American War of 1898). Eventually the American civil government -- under the first Civil-Governor William Howard Taft -- permitted Filipinos (who were then American nationals) to resume owning firearms but they had to be registered with law-enforcement agencies. The then-PH Commonwealth government required gun owners to post also a bond to obtain said license to possess firearms.(The "gun-ownership bond" was the equivalent of a mandatory third-party liability insurance policy for motor vehicles, when cars became popular in the PH archipelago).
To date, some states like Florida impose a form of a bond requirement to own guns. Pls read:

P erhaps, a Mike Bloomberg Administration may like to push nationally this "bonding requirement" as mandatory for gun ownership and registration -- without violating the Second Amendment.
The federal and/or state governments may not even have to exert efforts to weed out those not qualified to own guns like the under-age prospective gun owners, the mentally-infirm or those with criminal records. How? The insurance companies will do the screening of those who apply for the required bond for gun ownership or possession. It is the same standard-operating procedure (S.O.P.) of screening and credit-checking the firms do when they accept applications for life, accident, motorcar and/or home-owners's insurance coverage.

This bonding requirement will bring hundreds of millions of dollars in premiums annually to the insurance companies. And the insurance-firms's lobby -- with its huge budget -- can defeat the NRA lobbyists.

(To be continued ...)

Last Updated on Tuesday, 28 January 2020 09:06

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